ROIAF - Pregnancy 

This is not required in ROIAF, it just adds a bit of fun for players who want to use it.

This game is based off of the Game of Life that was created by TheSmithGod Resident (original by Bolkral Steerpike). While many of the questions are the same, we’ve added/changed the outcome of them and feel as if it’s not only simplified but more realistic and suited for our sim.  

In addition to these changes, we’ve also brought in the use of our Story Team.  These members will help you keep the realism by rolling certain questions for you and waiting a designated amount of time before informing you of it.  Not only will it add an element of surprise to your roleplay, it will also give you as the player a more immersive feel within our sim.  We highly encourage the use of our Story Team Members throughout the use of this document, but it is not a requirement. 

Note: Some very wealthy smallfolk (or those classified as smallfolk) may wish to use NOBLE rolls, to reflect their enhanced means and resources.

  OPTIONAL: Fertility Complication rolls are for those who wish to add additional realism into their pregnancy.

We hope you enjoy!

-The ROIAF Admin Team