WBS Move Guide

Hello you warmongers!

As we all know, WBS movements are currently taking place and while we're all anxious to get our movements to take place at the right time or at least the time we designated to be right for them, these movements have to be made correctly and submitted via KL-SL.com or they will not be counted. This is to ensure fairness and transparency and to avoid OOC conflict.

You can find the form here: http://kl-sl.com/Applications/WBS-Submission

If you are moving multiple banners: Please do them all in one single WBS move. It's easier for us to track that way. You don't want to put in a million WBS moves and we certainly don't want to read through them. However, when you do, please specify exactly how many of each house you're taking so that we can mark that down too! 


There's also a number of details that need to be included in any troop movements you send in. These details are required to determine the time it takes to have this force travel and how this force will react in the event of an encounter. The latter is especially important when a force is not controlled by a Player Character and will have to react remotely.

Please include the following information in each movement that you send in under "Movement Description":

Type of troops: (What kind of forces are moved and how many. Example: A total of 700 men is moved, 200 on horseback, 500 on foot)

[Default: All men on foot]

Starting Location: (This is where those troops will assemble to start their movement. Remember that mustering a force takes time. The larger the army, the longer they take to get ready)

[Default: If no starting location is specified, a WBS admin will contact you to ask for one]

Target Location: (This is where those troops will be sent to)

[Default: If no target location is specified, a WBS admin will contact you to ask for one]

Route: (Any particular way/route you want the men to take)

[Default: The fastest, most direct path]

Orders: (This is what these troops are told to do once they reach their target destination. Example: The 700 men of House Iceaxe are ordered to set up camp outside of Castle Black in order to besiege the stronghold. OR Once the 700 men of House Iceaxe reach the Neck, they immediately begin to blockade the Kingsroad and attack the men stationed at Moat Cailin)

[Default: If no orders are specified, a WBS admin will contact you to ask for one]

Stealth: (Smaller groups are harder to detect than larger armies but are your troops trying to move undetected or are they marching your banner openly?)

[Default: Marching openly]

Encounter Orders: (This is what your men are ordered to do when they encounter another army during the move and will have to react to this encounter on their own. This does not apply when a Player Character is in command. Example: The 700 men of House Iceaxe are told to ignore any opposing force but to fight back should they be engaged by an opposing force)

[Default: Don't engage, report details back to their commander]

Add Roleplay Log if Appropriate: (A letter or log that this move has been ordered ICly needs to be included, especially if NPC Lords are used)

If your character has access to a skilled NPC Commander, please state if this Commander is assigned to one of the armies in this movement or not.

After your movement has been sent in, a time of arrival will be determined. During the time they move, their location and thus, an encounter with other forces stationed on the way or on the move on a route that'd cross with that of your troops will be determined by me. You will receive an IM should this happen so WBS actions can take place and determine if your troops are detected and/or the outcome of an encounter. If there is no encounter, your troops will simply arrive at their target.

If you have questions regarding troops movements, feel free to contact an admin at any time.

Additionally to WBS Movements, reinforcement actions can be taken. For example the construction of ships or the attempt to hire sellswords, find new alliances or recruitment. These actions do not require a detailed WBS Movements, instead they need to be handed in separately, including logs and detailed information on how these actions are supposed to take place, otherwise they'll not be approved.