The ROIAF: Kings Landing Second Life World Battle System (WBS) is designed to allow players to immerse in the realities of combat, and to represent the clashing of armies beyond the walls of King's Landing. This system is designed to be as basic as possible in order to allow for a minimal learning curve, and relatively quick results. Unfortunately this also means that the system is inherently flawed, as in order to maintain a more simplistic and user friendly experience, certain generalizations and compromises will have to be made. 

It should also be noted that this system does not, and never shall attempt to, remove or replace the necessity of role play. In fact, it endeavors to do quite the opposite by making role play an integral component in helping to determine battles. Leaders of Great Houses and Banner Houses alike will quickly discover that the role play they put into the sim will more often than not have a direct effect on how many battles they win. 

The banners listed are those noted as powerful or prominent in the wiki and some exceptions made for houses noted in the world book as more powerful. Houses owning a lot of land or controlling a town/city had more levies.  


Standing armies did not exist in the Middle Ages. If a lord wanted to go to war, he would have to round up the peasants of fighting age living on his land, arm them and put them on the march.  This process takes time and this system means to simulate such time.  It will take an NPC bannerlord two RL days to gather all available levies at his home seat. However, houses that muster all their troops to home, and leave them there for inordinate amount of time will see a lower morale from his men when he finally goes to war, as well as a loss of food and coin to house and feed these soldiers. 


When calling the banners, a lord would never just abandon a keep. Even if he calls up all of his soldiers, he would leave a garrison at that keep. For the purposes of the WBS, this skeleton garrison would be 100 soldiers. 


All NPC banners start loyal to the rightful lord of their original Great House and will remain loyal until: 
Banner Abuse: The liege lord does something which threatens the traditional rights possessed by banner-houses of the region. 
Legitimacy in doubt: it is unclear if the lord is actually the legitimate lord. 
A Crime Against Gods and Men: Lord commits an act considered heinous by both gods and men.

In the event of 1-3, affected banners will become hostile to their liege lord.
A loyal banner will not necessarily march to war with you. In fact, banners will typically remain neutral in offensive wars. A banner will join an offensive war if they have just cause to fight and die. An incomplete list of just causes is below:
A member of their liege's family is in danger.
Home region will be in danger if war is not undertaken.
Enemy commits an action an act considered heinous by gods and men.
‚ÄčThere is something they can clearly gain by entering the war.

In any of 1-4 is true, the affected banner will rally to its liege.Any and all disputes will be determined by dice.