129 -- 131 AC




  • ‘The Dance of Dragons’

  • Aegon II and Queen Rhaenyra both perish as a result of their war for the Iron Throne. Rhaenyra’s son, Aegon III takes the throne in 131 AC and marries Aegon II’s daughter to unify House Targaryen.

150 AC

  • Aegon III dies and his son, Vaegon I is crowned King.


This event marks our firm break with GRRM’s work and lore. All King’s after Aegon III and the story which follows them, is our own.



153 AC


  • The ‘Last Dragon’ dies. Sickly, deformed and underdeveloped, the conclave of Archmaesters proclaim that the beast’s death marks the downfall of the Targaryen dynasty. The King at the time -- Vaegon I -- has their tongues cut from their mouths.  

  • The news is met with great celebration in Dorne and dragon effigies are burnt across the Dornish Kingdom. Princess Nymeda Nymeros Martell declares it a feast day.

155 AC

  • Damaging rumors result in the partial acknowledgement of at least two of Vaegon’s baseborn children. A smith’s daughter and a whore from Old Anchor both give birth to dragonseed and the nature of the rumors surrounding their conception sees Vaegon arrange for coin and patronage; silencing any further claims or demands for acknowledgement. These common-born sons would go on to form two of the capital’s  most successful, homegrown mercantile families; the Steelwaters and Waterstons.  

160 AC

  • Vaegon I dies from consumption, leaving his only son to inherit the throne. Rhaegel Targaryen is but a boy when he first sits upon the Iron Throne and although kindly and good natured, his naivety would ultimately prove the ruination of his house. His Uncle, Baelor Targaryen, would be appointed as his Lord Regent.

163 AC

  • Rhaegel Targaryen comes of age and reigns as undisputed King of the Seven Kingdoms.

165 AC

  • Balerion and Aemon Waters are born. In the years that follow, it is clear that they are favoured by their father. They were the living results of the King’s desires for his sister, Rhaena.

167 AC

  • Construction begins on a grand Sept, designed to replace the Starry Sept of Oldtown as the seat of the Faith and High Septon. It is largely accepted that this is Baelor’s brainchild, having become a Septon himself in the years after his King-nephew came of age. Unkind rumors suggest that its construction is two-fold and that whilst Baelor desired to see the seat of the Seven in King’s Landing he also worried after the sanctity of his nephew’s soul after his infidelity and the birth of his bastard sons.

177 AC

  • Rhaegel knights his bastard twins and gies Balerion the Valyrian blade of Targaryen Kings, Blackfyre. Speculative talk spread about Westeros of Balerion being the true heir to the throne. The blade would prove a foolish gift and one which would eventually bathe all of Rhaegel’s sons in their own blood.

180 AC

  • Eager to bring Dorne under the Iron Throne, Rhaegel betroths his second born son to the daughter of the ruling Prince of Dorne. The marriage between Maegor Targaryen and Aliandra Martell ignites a slow burning fire in the bellies of many who would have sooner seen Dorne forgotten. With her, Aliandra brings her own ladies, customs and culture to court and enters into what many have come to consider to be an unhappy marriage. She gives Maegor a daughter in their first year of marriage but subsequent miscarriages and the Prince’s lusts see him take several prominent mistresses to his bed throughout the course of their marriage.

182 AC

  • Daemon Rivers is born to Lady Ellyn Darry.

  • Baelor Targaryen dies, never living to see the completion of his Grand Sept. A statue of him is erected as part of the building.

183 AC

  • With the blessing of an indulgent father, Balerion takes a wife from House Strickland in the Reach. Whilst many dismiss the marriage, keen eyes take note of the young bastard’s growing popularity amongst Reachlander knights.

185 AC

  • Lord Brynden Blackwood is named Hand of the King to Rhaegael Targaryen.

186 AC

  • Aeron Stone is born to Lady Jonella Grafton.

187 AC

  • The Great Sept of Baelor is completed.

190 AC

  • The Crown announces a grand tourney at Summerhall. It is Geralt Dayne who triumps.

  • Rhaegel, eager to solidify relations with the East, sends envoys to Tyrosh to negotiate a betrothal for his eldest son and heir. Alas, the King’s health would fall into steady decline before an agreement could be reached.

  • The King follows in his father’s footsteps and dies young, legitimizing Balerion and Aemon Waters in his Will and Word. His eldest trueborn son, Maelys, takes the throne amidst discord and controversy. Whispers of Balerion being the King who Bore the Sword begin at this time. Balerion and Aemon take the name Blackfyre for their house, having been gifted a small strip of land in the Crownlands along with their legitimacy.

  • On the advice of his brother, Maelys spurns Tyroshi overtures and instead opts to take a bride from the Free City of Myr. The Archon of Tyrosh takes immediate offense to the slight and this reignites old feuds between the Free Cities. Maelys marries Haera of Myr the following year.

192 AC

  • Haera of Myr is found to be pregnant, despite persistent rumors that her husband failed to consummate their marriage. Many of those closest to the King urge him to bring his Queen to trial for her treasonous infidelity but it is Maegor who steps forward and advocates his brother's mercy. A trial and the ensuing scandal would only serve to further weaken Maelys' reputation at court. After all, what sort of King allowed himself to be cuckolded as Maelys had? Far better, his brother counselled him, to have the Queen sent away from court altogether -- quietly cast aside and exiled at Summerhall. The child -- a daughter -- would be just as quietly denied; Maelys refusing to even acknowledge her birth. 

  • Haera of Myr would not be seen at court again until after Maelys’ death during the Blackfyre Rebellion (196 AC) by which time it was an open secret, that the child she returned with had been refused legitimacy by her one-time husband and King. That this same child was doted upon by the fallen King's brother, only further lent itself to rumors that the Lace Dragon was another of Maegor's bastards.

  • Liram Storm is born to Lady Daella Penrose later that year.

196 AC

  • Balerion Blackfyre challenges his half-brother’s claim to the Iron Throne. Being the more martial of the two, many great knights flock to the Black Dragon.

  • Maelys calls upon the Faith to stand in defense of the Crown and militant branches emerge in the Stormlands and the Vale, eventually resulting in the King overturning laws and allowing the Faith Militant to be born again.

  • However, the Blackfyre Rebellion is fought and won by the Crown and her allies. Maelys is no natural warrior and the battles are largely won by his brother and a series of skilled commanders. When the King does lead his men into the final bloody battle, he is cut down by his half-brother, Balerion. The Blackfyre victory is short-lived when Balerion himself is felled by Maegor; set alight with an arrow lit with Wildfire. With their champion burned alive, many lay down their blades and attempt to make their peace with the crown. Where some are forgiven, others are not.

  • The Valyrian blade, Blackfyre, disappears from the battlefield.

  • Maegor II takes the throne of his brother. Balerion’s three eldest children are captured and taken as wards. Despite Maegor's humiliation of Aegon Blackfyre with usage of the name 'Waters' alongside vocal comments calling him bastard -- many still spoke the name Blackfyre in private. However, very few dared to do so in front of the easily infuriated King.

  • The Golden Company is formed that same year by Aemon Blackfyre, Balerion’s brother who fled to the Free Cities.

196/197 AC

  • The ‘White Death’ begins. Some claim that the seasons began to shift decisively when the King struck down his own brother -- Maegor setting him alight with Wildfire. Others argue that it began some fifty years earlier, when the Last Dragon drew its final breath. Regardless, Winter lasts for some ten years before Spring finally breaks (206 AC). During this time, House Targaryen suffers heavy losses and is near enough brought to its knees -- as are several other houses. The King would lose his only living, legitimate heir to these dark years.

  • The long, lean years of Winter do much to quell the reborn factions of the Faith Militant in the Vale and Stormlands. However, the new King’s moral corruption does not escape their attention.

198 AC

  • Lord Brynden Blackwood resigns his position as Hand of the King, citing the onset of Winter and a need to return to his seat. The truth is rumored to be something else; that the Lord Hand grew increasingly impatient of Maegor II's inadequacies as a King and the Targaryen's desire to welcome his numerous bastards at court. Ser Abelar Darklyn is appointed in his place. 

  • The Free City of Qohor is sacked by Aemon Blackfyre's Golden Company.

202 AC

  • The King’s last brother, Prince Aegon IV disappears on his search for Old Valyrian artifacts. ‘The Wandering Dragon’ is said to have been convinced that the return of dragons would restore his family to its former greatness and thaw the terrible Winter which had laid them bare.

205 AC

  • Haera of Myr and her daughter are welcomed back to court. It is widely accepted that Maegor has taken his brother's disgraced widow as his mistress, rekindling rumors that he had done so once already.

206 AC

  • Winter finally breaks and the ‘Bitter Spring’ begins. Where the ice and snow had put a damper on old tensions and enmities, Spring blooms with a renewed prospect for conflict.

  • After Queen Aliandra’s mysterious death, Dornish protests are placated by the appointment of Prince Dakario Martell as Hand of the King. His appointment would mark a decisive turn in capital politics as the Small Council acts to conceal much of the King’s folly and incompetence from outside eyes.

  • Crime and criminality flourish, however, and cracks begin to form over the following four years, which leave the Crown in a precarious position. With no trueborn heirs and a decimated house, Maegor II may yet have the odious honor of being the last of the Targaryen Kings.


210 AC - Tumbleton

  • The Great Tourney of Tumbleton.

  • Multitudes of highborn and lowborn visitors converged upon Tumbleton in the Reach; Lord Footly's eerily lavish offerings and keen Tournament having drawn the attention of many. Combat and celebrations were commonplace; until during a great feast held in honor of the revitalized process of intermingling between regions -- Lords Deron Baratheon, Steffon Hightower, Garridan Tyrell and Tytos Lannister were outspoken and angered the last of the mighty Targaryen Kings: Maegor II.

  • The Westerlands was to pay one fifth of its annual revenue unto the Crown, the Stormlands made to offer up one fourth of their annual lumber alongside their revenue -- Lord Hightower suffered even worse; his body beat whilst in custody of the Crown, his son and heir made to serve the Red Dragon King as a Ward.

  • Soon enough Belfrey Belmore was taken by The Stranger, Lord Alyn Redwyne of the Arbor appointed as the new Master of Laws upon the Small Council.

  • The Tourney of Tumbleton in all its glory then commenced: a great many nobles and knights having competed; but in the end, Lord Darius Lannister was victorious. Lady Alyse Crakehall, the champion's intended; was named Queen of Love and Beauty. Lord Darius won much in terms of prizes: gold, the lands of Whitegrove and most tantalizing of all -- a Dragon's Egg.

  • Upon the moment of awarding the Tumbleton Champion; Lord Footly and King Maegor found themselves in shock equal to that of many others gathered in that great hall amid the Reach during Spring -- the Dragon Egg was missing. Soon enough, the last Targaryen King seemingly embodied the rage of the Dragons upon which his ancestors rode; his wrath felt within the entirety of Tumbleton as a blockade was ordered alongside a search. No one was permitted to leave as Gold Cloaks and the City Guard formed a perimeter during the time spent searching every tent and building in the area.

  • Upon finding the long sought Dragon's Egg in a local tavern adjacent the Tumbleton tournament grounds; the prize was handed unto none other than King Maegor II himself -- yet no one at the time knew what the Dragon Monarch held in his palms was actually a poison lathered instrument of death. Maegor collapsed, and in the coming days before his death; rumors of a Last Will and Word spread quickly, or even perhaps a hidden multitude of them.

  • King Maegor met his end; assassinated through poison. A prolonged period of mourning began but not before Haera of Myr, Lord Footly and a Red Priest by the name of Visandros were implicated. Lord Footly found his death at the blade of another, rumors of the time hinting at murder under suspicious circumstances; Visandros of Asshai met The Stranger at the trial as he was found guilty -- Haera of Myr sentenced to exile, never to be seen again. Though, many stood in defense of the Myrish former Queen; her innocence proclaimed despite the verdict rendered. Lord Regent Dakario having excused himself from the proceedings after Lord Edrick Stark mentioned the Dornishman's bias toward Haera.

  • The newly appointed Lord Regent, the former hand of Maegor II -- Prince Dakario Martell; acted swiftly in the period of time that followed the Red Dragon King's death, having named Lord Steffon Hightower as the new Hand of the King alongside having sought suitable others with which to fill the remaining seats that were left empty upon a Small Council that lacked a designated Ruler.

  • The King's body departed Tumbleton with a Royal procession. Many followed toward King's Landing, yet due to heavy flooding and unforeseen weather; Greywood Keep was where the funeral took place.



210 AC - Greywood

  • The journey home is delayed by flooding, the party stopping in the bleak lands of Greywood.

  • The Northern and Dornish tents in Greywood are attacked by the Faith Militant, while simultaneously riots incited by the Faith Militant overtake King's Landing. Lady Yronwood is assassinated during these attacks while Lord Stark is found murdered in the woods.


210 AC - King's Landing

  • The lack of a King or an heir to be found brings tension to the Realm. 

  • Maegor's bastard children are granted the chance to form their own house by the Regent, Dakario Martell. Aeron chooses the name Darkstone and his brother Daemon joins him. Aeron is named Lord Darkstone and given Dragonstone as his holding. Daemon is named Hand of the King.

  • Dakario Martell, while not well liked, is mourned when he is declared dead, once more leaving the Realm without a leader. A Great Council is called. The results of the Great Council yield fiarly predictable results with Daemon Darkstone being named Heir to the Throne by a nearly unanimous vote. There is some discontent against a bastard being placed on the throne.

  • Tytos Lannister secedes from the Seven Kingdoms, declaring his own 'Kingdom of the Rock'.  This ultimately results in his death and many of his closest relatives. Lady Cerysse Lannister acting regent for House Lannister surrenders during the siege upon Casterly Rock and eventually negotiates a new peace treaty with the crown.

  • Lord Protector of the Realm, Daemon Darkstone, dies while riding horseback over a collapsing bridge.

  • With the Throne once more empty, a second Great Council is planned. However it is never to be and Daemon's brother Aeron proclaims himself Heir and many houses bow before him. Notably, lady Jaehaerya Velaryon, ser Aegon Blackfyre and lord Castiel Manderly stand against his decision.

  • Aeron Targaryen gathers ladies from across the Realm to occupy the Maidenvault to choose a bride, and eventually chooses Princess Marlaeh as Queen of Westeros after Dorne bends the knee.  There is some discontent towards his choice for a Dornish Queen.

  • Jaime Baratheon is named as Hand of the King. King Aeron also releases Ser Aegon Blackfyre from his vows to the Kingsguard and weds him to his sister Vysena, one of Maegor's daughters, naming him Lord Blackfyre.

  • A small retinue of the Golden Company make an appearance as Aemon Blackfyre sends his son and niece as envoys. The Golden Company ends up fleeing the city though while tension rises and the crown fears a Golden Company invasion.

  • Ser Robin Wode is praised by the Faith and the people of King''s Landing for his honor in standing up against Aegon Blackfyre's wedding and for reminding him of his vows in front of the Great Sept of Baelor. This results in King Aeron Targaryen claiming that he speaks for the gods which draws the ire of the Faith and the High Septon. In the end Ser Robin Wode is arrested on suspicion of having lend aid to the Golden Company.



  • Shortly after arriving in King's Landing Laeharys Blackfyre flees the city, under accusation of treason. Rhaena Blackfyre dies while being held captive in the cells of the Red Keep, leaving behind a newborn son presumed to be one of King Aeron's bastards.

  • Lord Lucas Tully carries the stigma of 'kinslayer' in the Riverlands, after he had his own sister arrested and let her die in the cells of the Red Keep, after she called the King bastard born. Similarly House Lothston questions the treatment of Ser Robin Wode, one of their banners and the forcefulness by which the King sent a thousand men to their lands to search for Laeharys Blackfyre without consulting Lord Lothston first.

  • Aemon 'Bittersteel' Blackfyre petitions to speak to King Aeron Targaryen at Dragonstone under truce, but is instead arrested and slain upon arrival. His son Laeharys is said to have returned to Essos to take on the role as Commander of the Golden Company.

  • Queen Marleah Martell dies tragically after out of control riots in the city following floods and a cold snap covering the city in snow.. She birthed twin boys to the King. Dorne mourns the loss of the second Dornish Queen in a row, with many whispers about just what it means for Dorne to let that happen.