The Westerlands


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From the archives of Maester Walkyn.

The Westerlands was born from war. Much as any other region was in its mad scramble for power. However the West was pulled from the depths of its chaos, petty squabbles and fights by Tyr “the Golden Lion” Lannister. Thus the Golden Age of the Westerlands began.


The Golden Age

The Lannisters in the golden age set their sites on forming their Dynasty. Tyr Lannister, the very day his father died arranged his marriage to Millie Brax, securing the banners behind his cause. His council followed in the weeks after. Formed with Lord Tarbeck, Lord Crakehall, Lord Lannister of Lannisport, Lord Swyft and Lord Westerling. These would all become his trusted allies

It was during this time, that he made strong bonds with Lannisport, setting it as the naval capital of the West and the Lord of Lannisport as it’s commander.

Tyr’s legacy prospered when his heir, Tyto was born. He was a born warrior and not very ‘intellectually” inclined. Tyr was taken by the Stranger years later, his wife followed him 2 years later. Tyto would begin undoing much of the progress his father amassed amid that ‘Golden Age’ for the Westerlands. Soon would begin a reign of excess and militant might – Tyto Lannister fueling only the war machine he envisioned alongside each of his own desires or those of his closest friends.

The Militant Age

The new Lord Lannister, Tyto would name his wife’s brother, Lord Lefford as his Steward. Following in his father’s footsteps to secure the banners behind his cause. He assigned his council with Lord Banefort, Lord Crackehall, Ser Lorch, Lord Algood and Lord Lannister of Lanniport. But the prosperity saw under Tyr’s reign would soon turn to treason and treachery under his son Tyto. Lord Reyne, long ignored and neglected by the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, seeing them as his rival due to similar wealth and power. However, Lord Reyne had been lifelong friends with Balerion Blackfyre. As the Blackfyre pretender grew in power, so too would Lord Reyne, secretly minting coinage to fund the Blackfyre Rebellion.


The Blackfyre Rebellion

With his longtime ally, Lord Tarbeck and any of the other banners that felt neglected from Casterly Rock, they fell behind the banner of the Black Dragon. They say the seeds of discontent and betrayal were long sown under Tyto Lannister. for far before the name Blackfyre was shouted amid battle - House Reyne and a few of its allies remained silent as their plots began to take shape; long standing rivalries with some of the other similarly blessed families of the West leading toward differences in opinion and leadership between those which found themselves either siding with the Red Lion or the Golden Lion.


Even during all this Tyto was blessed with many children. The most promising of them all was his second son, Darius. While his heir, Tytos, was more like his grandfather Tyr.

But always fiercely loyal to the Targaryens, the Lannisters and the Westerlands soon rallied behind the red dragon. Fight the Westerlander’s would; though many would never realize that soon enough Westerlander would fight Westerlander in civil war; kin of the same loins sometimes slaying one another due to a simple difference in opinion and a change in the sigil they stood beside. When the Reach burned from the eerie flames of wildfire during the ‘Black Blight’ - Westerlander men would be there fighting for the Loyalist side. When Lannisport was sacked, Western forces would be on either side - just the same the result would be during the battle outside Casterly Rock. For a while, the Westerman would need time to recover - but in that final battle upon the bloody fields of the Crownlands, Westerlanders would again stand with the Targaryen King and the loyalist forces.


Soon after the Blackfyre forces conquered the Reach, those which followed the Black Dragon Sigil would move Westward - Lannisport sacked after a battle for it's future which resulted in the deaths of both the Lord of Lannisport as well as Lord Lefford. Lord Lefford was related to the Lannisters being the grandfather of their Lord whilst the Lord of Lannisport was the father of the Lord Paramount’s own bride - thus the Lannisters alongside the other Loyalists whom followed the Red Dragon Sigil would then retaliate. Fighting continued from Lannisport all the way unto Casterly Rock - oddly enough the founder of the 'Militant Era', Tyto, would not yet show himself; still behind the gates of Casterly Rock.

When Blackfyre forces would arrive amid the heartland of the West; Reyne, Tarbeck and a slew of other traitors in tow – Tyto would at long last have the battle he dreamt of upon his doorstep. Rallying those loyal banners that remained alongside his own sworn warriors – Tyto led the Vanguard against all those beneath the Black Dragon sigil. Many men died in the aftermath, Lord Yorin Tarbeck impaled by a squire of House Prester, Gawin,  the Lord of Lannisport ,Peder, butchered by a hail of arrows - but most prominent among the dead would be Tyto Lannister; his skull cleaved open, his brain a meal for maggots and birds to feast upon. Lannisport is sacked and the damages would take years to recover from, fleets set ablaze, all that was left was…gold.

With the death of his father, Lord Tytos Lannister becomes the Lord of Casterly Rock. Even then, The Westerlands was occupied and defeated.

The White Death

Amid Winter, as the stain and pain of the recent War would still be felt strongly; more horrific trauma would be wrought. Natural disasters seemed to accompany anywhere ‘The White Lady’ went – waters would freeze, hills and valleys would fill with snow, the lands would be painted white whilst farms withered. Peasants were punished by the cold winds of Winter just as much as Nobility were – the death toll rising rapidly with each passing day, many a family be they high or low born each losing loved ones to the cold. If it wasn’t the cold, it was a result of the winter’s wrath; for food would be scarce and trade would be near impossible – many necessities done without for some time. Life, even for those with great riches and lavish estates – soon became about only survival.  The Goldroad saw the birth of an infamous outlaw organization during the winter. It gained recognition by kidnapping several nobles and evading early attempts to capture them. Ultimately, they became such a nuisance that King Maegor II sent a detachment of soldiers led by notable members of the Kingsguard like Ser Arthur Lydden and Ser Ellery Trant to destroy them in 201 AC.

 In a notable clash, the young Lancel Lannister, Ser Arthur Lydden, and Ser Ellery Trant faced off against several notable outlaws, including the fierce psychotic Knight and their leader, Dickon Toyne. Ellery killed Dickon, while Arthur killed the psychotic Knight. Lancel saved Sumner from member of outlaw group in the battle and crossed sword with others. After the brotherhood had been defeated, Lancel was knighted on the battlefield by Ser Arthur Lydden.

The Prosperous Age

As winter finally broke the Westerlands would begin rebuilding. Tytos dedicated some of his men and funds to certain banners  - Lannisport taking precedence to see the port rebuilt and allow trade to flow through with ease.  Other, formerly weak houses like the Westerlings were given support and thus enabled to become a strong and prominent within the West once more; the Crag’s mines having long been dry and emptied - thus the Lannisters sought to use Crag’s fertile soil as a farming area to supply loyalists.




210 AC - Unsteady times in Westeros.

King Maegor’s poisoning at the festivities in Tumbleton seems to leave the remaining lords and small council of King’s Landing leaning towards the intent to legitimize the King’s bastards.

Westeros is left unstable and fragile with no clear successor to the Throne.

Lord Tytos Lannister, Lord Paramount of the Westerlands, declares the council that seeks to appoint Daemon Darkstone as Lord Regent of the Seven Kingdoms as an unfair council.

210 AC - Rise and Fall of the Lannister Rebellion.

Lord Tytos Lannister declares himself the King of the West and lays siege upon the Walls of King’s Landing. As a result Lord Darius Lannister is executed as retaliation from those within, while his good sister Cerenna Lannister is said to have committed suicide. The death of Lord Tytos Lannister leaves his commanders, Swyft, Kenning and Farman to take the decision to lead their men and equipment back to the Westerlands, half along the Gold Road and half via the Riverlands. Tytos’ body is secretly removed while a thousand westermen bravely attempt a diversion at the Lion’s Gate. Redwyne ships take control of Lannisport, securing the city. Ser Swyft and the retreating Lannisters and their banners encounter a blockade set by the Tyrells along the Gold Road at Blackwater Rush.

The men that had set out from Oldtown arrive at the face of the Rock and at the ships and the Port of Casterly Rock, negotiations abound and the body of Tytos is allowed to pass into the rock for interring. The rock refuses to surrender while Hightower’s navy attacks the Lannister ships. A hundred Kayce knights and Ser Kenning are the ransom for which the fifty knights and Tytos Lannister remains were allowed passage.

Lord Loreyon Redwyne’s blockade was succesful and he is now Master of Lannisport. In return he orders his men to open trade to the city and to begin collecting goods and storing them on the carracks. The Redwyne men set up a hold and manage to city from there. No further violence would be committed against the people of Lannisport unless in attacked.

House Tyrell and banners while present at Deep Den manage to ‘convince’ Lord Tygett to join the cause of the Iron Throne. Northmen that had traveled for long and in circuitous paths around the mountains to the west, finally join the Tyrell forces at Casterly Rock.

Tyrell forces commence siegeworks surrounding Casterly Rock, building trebuchets and preparing battlements for a siege.

Lord Tygett Lannister, Tytos’ son, is deemed too ill to handle all matters of the siege and temporarily gives his sister, Cersye Lannister, regency over House Lannister. Ser Lancel Lannister takes command of the Lannister army present in Casterly Rock and held the castle for a better part of the month till the Tyrell forces were finally ordered to be removed.

Ceryse and Julien Lannister are escorted back to King’s Landing by Ser Gawin Prester where they bend the knee to the crown. Lord Malister Tyrell upon refusing to remove his forces from Casterly Rock is stripped of his titles before he is returned to Highgarden by Lord Viktor Corbray. Shortly after Lord Malister Tyrell is sent to the wall by King Aeron Targaryen, to spend the rest of his days at the Wall. Ser Lancel Lannister is named Master-at-Arms at Casterly Rock. Julien Lannister, still imprisoned by the crown for conspiracy to murder his own lord nephew, Lady Ceryse approves of the imprisonment publically.

Lady Ceryse Lannister negotiates peace with King Aeron Targaryen in the Sept of Baelor, both signing a treaty. Lady Ceryse is made ward of the crown and ambassador of House Lannister until her Lord brother arrives. She is to be placed in the maidenvault with the other noblewomen to be considered as a bride to King Aeron.

Lord Jamie Baratheon, Hand of the King, visits Lord Tygett Lannister at Casterly Rock to check upon his health. Shortly after Lady Ceryse returns home with Ser Gawin Prester.

The whereabouts of one of Lord Tytos’ daughters, Oleande Lannister, once wed to House Baratheon before being disowned, was unclear until she showed up in King’s Landing but shortly after is not seen in public anymore.

Tytos' son, Lord Tygett Lannister, finally succumbs to his illness, leaving Laurent Lannister as the new Lord of Casterly Rock.


211 AC- Aftermath and Peace

Ser Ryon Reyne travels to Castamere to secure more banners for House Reyne.

Ser Ryon Reyne returns to King's Landing to wed Aleana Velaryon, securing more ships for Castamere.  Soon after his father dies making him the Lord of Castamere. King Aeron Targaryen names Lord Reyne Lord Paramount and Warden of the West.  Lady Aleana Reyne throws herself from a balcony to the floor of the throne room of the Red Keep.

Lord Leoric Lannister of Lannisport arrives in King's Landing with much of his family to join, and begins work to repair the name of Lannister and commerce of Lannisport.

Lancel Lannister is added to the Kingsguard at the advice of Lord Commander Ser Ellery Trant.

Lord Reyne married Lyrra Lefford in exchange for Lord Lefford Allegiance to secure the pass into the Westerlands at the Golden Tooth. During this time Lord Julius Banefort arrives in Kings Landing to bend the knee to Castmere. With the arrival of his brother Kaster, tensions rise between House Banefort and House Reyne. Another bane of contention is Durandal Grey, a commoner from Vale turned Landed Knight.

Ser Lancel Lannister and King Aeron Targaryen defeat Ser Durandal Grey and Lord Kaster Banefort to win the Warrior's Day Tournament in King's Landing.

Fulfilling one of his purposes in arriving in the capital, as well as with the blessing of Lord Crakehall, Julius of Lord Banefort and Adela of House Crakehall unite their two houses in marriage. The new Lady Banefort has appeared to taken to her new role quite well.

While doing his duty to the house which gave him opportunities, Durandal Grey was slain defending Vaeya Banefort from a rogue bear, ending the noble House of Grey. 


211AC- Trouble Brews

Having fled to Essos before the siege, Lady Ophelia Payne returns to the capital, sending gossip among those who know of her.

Lord Balerin Prester, arrives at the capital. Not many as of yet know his intent and purpose on arrival.

Due to a heated argument with Leoric, Lady Kadan Lannister was sent to Lannisport during the night, with the intent of securing and maintaining interests in Lannisport as the Lady of Lannisport.

Among much speculation, and cause of rumors, Laurent Lannister of Casterly Rock finally arrived. To bend the knee or to resume the cause of Tytos remains to be discovered. 

Ryon Reyne appointed Hand of the King.

With under two days passing, Laurent Lannister of Casterly Rock was arrested and placed in the black cells, with his lands and titles stripped from him. His crime? Assault of a relative of the Hand of the King and assault of the King. Letters fly into Casterly Rock from Banner Houses loyal to Laurent, accusing His Grace of overstepping his bounds. While letters come out from the Hand of the King as well as the Red Lion, others come in as a mass exodus from King's Landing begins.

Leoric Lannister assaulted by assailants unknown in Kings Landing. While eventually recovering health, he will always carry a scar from the incident.


211AC-The Start of the War of the Lions

To prove his innocence or guilt, King Aeron Targaryean has consented to a trial by combat concerning Laurent Lannister's crimes. Although Laurent is proven innocent, it is for naught as he is exiled. Ordered to surrender his brothers to the crown, Laurent was escorted out of King's Landing and sent back to Casterly Rock.

Letters still fly into Casterly Rock bemoaning of the actions of Aeron Targaryean and Ryon Reyne. 

Most of the Westerland contingency loyal to Laurent Lannister vacate King's Landing during the night, making their way to Lannisport and Casterly Rock. First among those leaving the capital is Lord Balerin Prester.

211 AC - War of the Lions of Gold and of Red

While the Vale Secession and the crowning of the King of the Vale is ongoing, Laurent Lannister calls the banners to him. Intending to declare and claim his ancestral titles, ravens were sent to houses loyal to Casterly Rock. As a surprise to those present, Leoric Lannister of Lannisport was one of those who arrived after sending his daughter to a different location. Rumors report of the acrimony of his arrival. 

Leoric Lannister dipped into his personal funds to send a crier and a knight to the Seven Kingdoms with a missive. Trade in and out of Lannisport has been seriously hampered with loyalist ships warned to stay away. So far the only response has been from King Aeron Targaryen.

Laurent Lannister gathers forces to march on Castamere. In response, King Aeron Targaryean sent a letter attainting Laurent Lannister and encouraging the forces laying siege Castamere to stand down. He promised a Council of the West to address concerns.

Surrender terms were given to Castamere. Loyal to the last, the terms were refused and bombardment begins. 


212AC-War’s Conclusion

In a surprising move, the Lord of House Kenning, named the Lord Admiral in the conflict, withdrew his support before the siege. In lieu of execution, his title of Lord Admiral was stripped and House Kenning was ordered to remain neutral during the conflict, else suffer the fate of the Reynes if lost.

During the siege, the lords of House Broom, Lydden and Garner were captured from the Castamere army and ransomed back to their respective houses. The cost of freedom? Neutrality in the war. Upon Lannister victory in the west, all three lords bent the knee to Laurent Lannister, swearing fealty.

The siege was known as a dark time for the Reyne forces. Edyis and Lyerra had joined Ryon Reyne in Castamere to witness the 'return to King's peace'. The first fatality? Lord Reyne and Lady Reyne were ambushed by forces loyal to House Prester. Though Lyerra was returned to her family in a gesture of respect, the head of Lord Reyne on a pike was of a tremendous boost to the Lannister forces. Next to fall was Lady Edyis under unknown circumstances.

Regina Reyne's custody is given to and an unnamed knight to see to her safety.  She is later taken into the custody of Katheryne Hightower 'nee Reyne.

The Castamere loyalists were, to a man, sealed in the mines of Castamere while the bombardment continues. Although forces loyal to House Reyne, including House Hightower, attempted to break the siege of Castamere, their efforts were for naught. Reyne loyalists were sealed in the mines, the intent of the Lannister forces was to remove all the Reynes.

With the death of Aeron Stone, dubbed Aeron Targaryean and King of Westeros, the throne was secured by his Hand, Jamie Baratheon.

Before returning to King's Landing with the combined Westerlands forces as well as the forces of the Vale, Laurent Lannister left orders. Under the supervision of the Castallan of Casterly Rock,  Castamere and her mines were to be worked and all resources placed under the control of Casterly Rock. 

Laurent Lannister returns to Casterly Rock and was appointed Lord Paramount by Jamie Baratheon, Regent, by Right of Conquest. He began to speak to those who returned, intending to appoint members to his council and to heal the damage wrought by Tytos's Rebellion.

Under cloud of suspicion, Tommen Lannister, Heir of Lannisport, returned home to assist his cousin Kadan Lannister in both the rebuilding and administration of the city. He also carried his Lord Father's suggestions on trade which were implemented upon his arrival. 

Lord Balerin Prester is made Master of Laws to the Crown by Lord Protector Jamie Baratheon.

Lord Leoric Lannister weds Lady Aradia Tarbeck in a small private ceremony in the Great Sept of Baelor just hours before he is arrested on suspicions of inciting a riot and disturbing the Kings peace.

Lord Laurent Lannister commits suicide by poison on his way back to Kings Landing from Casterly Rock. Upon escorting Laurent's body back at Casterly Rock, Lord Balerin Prester has a tragic horse related accident and dies.

Lord Cerwin Lannister becomes Lord of Casterly Rock

The Westerlands venture to the Riverlands to attend the Grand Tournement at Harrenhal, hosted by the Crown in celebration of the twins' return.  Announcements were made during court that the winner of the joust would win the land and the castle that sits upon it.  Lady Lyonelle Lannister, accompanied by her son, Gerion Lannister attend the event.

In the last days of the tournament, a Stranger's Ball is planned with festivities, games and dancing.  Chaos ensues shortly after the event begins, with the people of the Riverlands unhappy with the nobles presence amongst other things and bandits start to attack the ladies and lords of Westeros. The valiant efforts of many, the safety of the nobles within the hall was ensured.  Riots erupted, the woods are overly populated with bandits and fires spread, forcing the lords and ladies to flee back to King's Landing.

Court is held.  Lord and Lady Blackfyre are banished from Westeros after making accusations about the Lord Protector and Hand of the King.  Lord Blackfyre is stripped of land and title and the couple, along with their children are to depart to Essos.  The journey never takes place, though nothing publically is said explaining why.

A small council meeting was called to vote on Lord Baratheon's stay in his appointed role of Lord Protector.  Trystane Martell, Hand of the King, announced his resignation at the conclusion of the meeting.

Court is called, again, by Lord Baratheon.  As the time for its scheduled start came and went, the gathered crowd became impatient.  To quell the grumblings of impatience, the Hand, Trystane, started court with a few announcements. First he excused the Blackfyres for their previous errors to restore them to places of honor.  In addition, he stated the Targaryens who had arrived from Essos would not bend the knee to the king, and that they only saw themselves as visitors in Westeros.  He also announced the removal of Otto Hightower as Marshal of the realm.  Before anything else was said, a scream was heard from the upper floors of the Keep.  Chaos broke out when a servant screamed that the Regent was dead. Prince Trystane along with a few others left the throne toom to investigate.  Henry Tyrell and Jamie Baratheon are found dead along with a recently appointed smallfolk Steward. According to Gerold Arryn and Aegon Blackfyre, Prince Trystane approached the corpses, picked up a goblet to sniff and inspect the contents.  Within minutes, he spasmed and choked until he, too, was dead.

Lord Gerold Arryn appoints Lord Aegon Blackfyre to his old responsibility of Master at Arms who then takes charge of the Keep's guards. Nobles were summoned back to court to hear the announcement of the deaths.  Lord Arryn also announced to the court that he would take charge and arrange a council meeting in a week's time to appoint a new Lord Regent.  The Arryn also announced he would take command of the Baratheon, Martell and Targaryen guards within the Red Keep for the moment to keep order.  The realm goes into mourning.

Lord and Lady Hightower are discovered in their Kingswood home, dead. They are found in their bed with baby Steffon between them, all three dead of a fever. It is apparent that all three had fallen sick and, upon the passing of the young heir to the Hightower, his parents had been soon to follow.  Their remains are transported back to Oldtown for the funeral.  The daughter of Ryon Reyne , Regina, survives.




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House Reyne of Castemere [currently closed]

House Reyne
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House Lannister of Casterly Rock

House Lannister
Casterly Rock
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Lord Cerwin Lannister, son of Tybald Lannister, 52 - Lord of Casterly Rock {NPC}
Lady Lyonelle Lannister, wife of Lord Lannister, daughter of Lyman Lannister and Jonelle Lannister, 48 [Catriech]
Lord Gerion Lannister, son of Lord Cerwin Lannister and Lyonelle Lannister, Heir to Casterly Rock, 32 Heir to Casterly Rock [Derluftmensch]
Lord Graelon Lannister, son of Lord Cerwin Lannister and Lyonelle Lannister, 22 [russel ashland]

2 additional members of House Lannister [OPEN]

House Lannister of Lannisport [closed]

House Lannister
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Lady Aria Lannister, daughter of Lord Leoric Lannister, born in the year 194 [aria sharple]

House Lefford of the Golden Tooth

House Lefford
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Lord Lyman Lefford, Lord of Golden Tooth, born in the year 152 {OPEN}

Lord _____ Lefford, heir of Golden Tooth, son of Lyman Lefford and Jeyne Lefford 'nee Kenning, born in the year 182 {OPEN}
Lord _____ Lefford, son of Lyman Lefford and Jeyne Lefford 'nee Kenning, born in the year 189 {OPEN}
Lord _____ Lefford, son of Lyman Lefford and Jeyne Lefford 'nee Kenning, born in the year 191 {OPEN}
Lady _____ Lefford, daughter of Lyman Lefford and Jeyne Lefford 'nee Kenning, born in the year 193 {OPEN}

House Crakehill of Crakehill

House Crakehill
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Lord Warreck Crakehill, Lord of Crakehill, born in the year 165 {OPEN}

Lord _____ Crakehill, heir of Crakehill, son of Warreck Crakehill, born in the year 185 {OPEN}
3 additional members of House Crakehill [OPEN]

House Prester

Family Tree: here

Son of Jayson Prester & Marcy Prester nee Ferren

■ Lord Prester -OPEN
■ Lady Elyse Prester 25 (adelrune)
■ Brother to Lord Prester-Open
■ Cousin (2) to Lord Prester-Open

House Banefort

■ Ser Kaster Banefort, Lord of Banefort 27 (kaster.slade)

■ Lady Vaeya Prester 'nee Banefort, Sister to Lord Banefort 18 (vaeya.reuven)

A link to the family tree for House Banefort can be found here.

House Farman

Family Tree: Here!

■ Lord Jarrett Farman, son of Geric Farman and Alysanne Farman 'nee Clifton, Lord of House Farman 30 (deanlatham.resident)
■ Lady Celene Farman 'nee Marband, daughter of Addam Marbrand and Darlessa Marbrand 'nee Westerland 30 (aksana.michalak)

House Brax of Hornvale

House Brax Family Tree



Lord Marshall Brax, Lord of Hornvale, son of William Brax and Josslyn Brax 'nee Serrett, born in the year 178 [hakumen]

Lady Shiera Brax, daughter of Marshall Brax and Jeyne Brax 'nee Sarwyck, born in the year 192 [estelle blackheart]
Lady Kiera Brax, daughter of Marshall Brax and Jeyne Brax 'nee Sarwyck, born in the year 193 [lynnkirkland]






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