The Stormlands

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Current IC Lead: Sebastion Baratheon [seeley davros]


A valued and powerful ally of the Crown, recent rumours and fall-out from a royal affair have left the Stormlands on uncertain terms with the Iron Throne. Did Daella Penrose really smuggle one of Maegor’s dragon eggs out of the Red Keep? Why does the King not dote upon her bastard son as he does his many others? More importantly, in a court where a Dornishman is now Hand of the King, what role do the Baratheon’s and their vassals plan on playing? If continued tensions along the Marchlands are anything to go by, one can only assume it shall be an explosive one…




Between the persistent and now resurgent problem of Dornish aggression and Tyroshi hatred for their Lyseni trading partners, Stormlanders keep an eye on their sea-bound trading between the free cities and the Dornish sea. The Baratheons secured and continue to build upon a trade partnership with a Merchant Prince of Lys - something which carried them through the lean years of Winter. More than that, however, it was a lifeline and a means through which the Stormlands might grow and rebuild itself after War and Winter’s winds.

No region was spared the harsh, ten-year Winter; the Stormlands feeling the crippling toll of death with many of their crops barely surviving the ruined season. Thus, Lord Baratheon turned to his ally in Lys to import food while sending many a fishing vessel out into the seas of Cape Wrath and beyond into Dornish territory - only ever managing meager catches from the ocean's bounty.

Although they could never match the Crownlands for numbers and strength, the Stormlanders proved an integral naval presence during the Blackfyre Rebellion - ensuring that foreign allies and friends could not arrive on Westeros’ shores. In the years after the Rebellion, this presence upon the open seas continued; warding against roaming pirates, Ironborn raiders and the occasional incursion from Dornish aggressors.

Previous Baratheon dynasties were at times considered militant, excessive, tyrannical, mad or sometimes even neglectful of their own people - the weak alliances forged through marriage made null upon each Lord Paramount's whim; wives killed with but a word. Maltreatment of the Stormlands' people resulted in many smallfolk uprisings over the years, although none ever managed to threaten the Baratheon rule. The newest Lord Paramount seeks to undo this tension, restoring order to his realm. However, it is amid such chaos, that some would seek solace in the Faith Militant; their meagre outpost near the northern border with the Crownlands.

This militant branch of the Faith - legitimized once more during the height of the Rebellion - would not command much authority once conflict came to an end and the first winds of Winter blew across the Stormlands. However, they were nothing if not comitted to their cause and were known to harass those who they thought to be ‘heathens’ or non-believers. With many lords too fearful to address this branch of the Faith with similarly militant force, this aggression has long gone unanswered. Smallfolk are fearful of the Gods wrath and cannot look to their overlords for protection. There is increasing pressure from the Stormlands, for Lord Baratheon to petition the King and High Septon to see this problem addressed.

The Baratheons seem to have more on their mind, however, with rumours that one of their own bannerwomen - and former mistress to the King himself - stole a dragon’s egg from the Keep before being sent away from the King’s royal bed. The lords of the Stormlands must now tread a fine line, with some hoping to search for the egg themselves but fearing any reprisal from the Crown, should those very rumours prove true.

Coupled with the knowledge that, that same bannerwoman had a son by the King - a son that intends to ride in the Tourney of Tumbleton - Lord Baratheon has mustered his full retinue to attend that same tourney.

• The Timeline •

 161 AC

Soron Baratheon is named Lord Paramount of the Stormlands at the age of twenty and six; his father, Wister Baratheon passing peacefully in his sleep. Soron marries the Lady Beatrice of House Swann, steadying the rumors of his lustful ways. The pair are wed not three days afters their families agree a dowry.

163 AC

Lady Beatrice gives birth to a son, Werner Baratheon.

This same year, Lord Soron begins talks with the people of Dorne; attempting to secure an unlikely trade agreement between the two Kingdoms. It is rumored that his overtures did not have the support of his vassals and that even his chosen envoy, Lord Swann, secretly sought for the negotiations to fail. Unsurprisingly, the discussions are broken off and the contracts are not signed. Eager to conceal this failure with a success, Soron seeks out the Merchant Princes of Lys instead.

165 AC

Lord Heron Baratheon is born, along with his twin sister, Amera.

Whispers of abuse and strife in Storm’s End spreads discord and unsettles the common folk to the point that old rumours are resurfacing. After all, what sort of man discards with his wives as callously as some of these Storm lords had? Would this one do the same with his Lady Swann? And what of these rumours that Lord Swann had purposely scuppered negotiations with Dorne? Surely Lord Baratheon would be displeased with his wife’s family, perhaps even his wife? Such is the fervor of this talk, that it transcends the divide between rich and poor and soon permeated noble halls and feast tables. Not even public overtures from Lady Baratheon herself, could quiet them.

167 AC

Lord Soron announces that trade contracts negotiated with Lys are to be made a permanent fixture; garnering cautious attention from certain factions within Dorne, who inherently feared a strong and affluent Storm’s End. Meanwhile, the Stormlands begin trading in fabrics, materials for armor crafting and weaponsmithing, as well as spices and fruits.

This influx in luxury goods is said to placate and for a time, silence, previous rumors of abuse which had so unsettled the common folk.

168 AC

Lady Tyran Baratheon is born.

A small skirmish erupts along the Marcher borders. A Dornish scouting party strays into Dondarrion lands and are set upon by patrols from Blackhaven. Dorne demanded repercussions and rather than risk his borders, Soron agreed. The Dondarrion knight leading the patrol was arrested and hung for murder after his trial. It is no secret that the man’s lord, Lord Dondarrion, was enraged by his liege lord’s decree.

169 AC

Lord Deron Baratheon is born.  

Smallfolk begin to lean toward other means of securing what they need, from 'outside forces'. Rumors of the ‘Seven’s Grace’ spread like wildfire. Soron sends a few paid spies to try and collect information. None is able to be retrieved.

Incidents of unrest increase, throughout the lands surrounding Storm’s End, with some voices decrying that the Lord cares more for foreign goods than his own people. It seems that many have lost their means in the years since trade with Lys made so many men affluent and rich.

170 AC

Houses Caron and Manwoody begin a bloody feud, that would span several generations continuing into the present. Their long standing hatred the result of a tragically thwarted love affair. An incident recounted and immortalized in Marcher ballads and songs ever since.

In that same year, a sickness spreads throughout parts of the Stormlands, leading to further unrest amongst the common folk as they had no means to secure treatment from Maesters. Soron’s council advise him to act fast, to stem the sickness and disquiet.

Maesters are supplied to districts and villages within Storm's End and it's surrounding towns. No one is without a Maester within fifty miles of their home. The smallfolk are appeased and peace reigns for a short while.

171-179 AC

‘The Silent Decade’ or ‘The False Silence’

Lord Beron Baratheon is born.

Discontent amongst the Smallfolk was surely quieted by Soron’s quick thinking and employment of Maesters to soothe their illnesses as well as their ill-thoughts. However, the disquiet amongst his own bannerman would prove a more difficult beast to tame. Where many refer to this time period as the ‘Silent Decade’ there are others would would consider it a ‘False Silence’ -- for within the confines of their own halls, the Lords of the Stormlands courted their own displeasure.

Lords Swann, Caron and Dondarrion each had their own concerns and grievances with their liege lord. Lord Swann had not taken kindly to negotiating with Dorne, and even less kindly to the rumours of his daughter’s abuse at the hands of Lord Baratheon. Lord Caron mistook his lord’s encouragement to resolve matters with House Manwoody and Dorne as a belittlement of his concerns and Lord Dondarrion, had seen Lord Soron’s decision to stone one of his men to death, as a betrayal of the loyalty to be shared amongst men of the Stormlands. Although they stayed their hand from any foolish action against the Baratheons, that bitterness became imbued in their bodies and souls and the Baratheons’ refusal to speak against the pending Targaryen alliance with Dorne only succeeded in making matters worse.

180 -- 182 AC

Lord Soron Baratheon falls ill and dies, in the space of a few months. His heir, Werner follows him into the arms of the Stranger after being caught in the middle of a feud between Lyseni Merchants and Tyroshi pirates.

Werner had been sent in his father’s place, to call upon their Lyseni trading partners. Returning with Lyesni merchants in tow, the Baratheons are mistaken for the same and set upon by marauding pirates from Tyrosh -- longstanding enemies of Lys. News of the tragedy finds Storm’s End and sees Heron Baratheon raised to the rank of Lord Paramount overnight.

Eager to avenge his brother’s death, the boy orders his Uncle and regent to hunt down the Tyroshi pirates. Lacking a substantial navy of their own, the Baratheons look first to their vassals in Tarth for assistance. Lord Tarth, being a canny man, ensures that any such assistance does not come without benefit to him and ensures that his daughter is wed to Heron, not a month after the heads of Tyroshi pirates are spotted atop the battlements at Storm’s End.

185 AC

Under pressure from his vassals to condemn the Crown’s alliance with Dorne, Heron declines a position in the King’s Court; threatening a longstanding, loyal relationship between King’s Landing and Storm’s End. He would quietly arrange for a great number of Stormlands’ laborers to be sent to the capitol in the months afterwards, to help complete work on Prince Baelor’s Great Sept. A two-fold repentance, many remarked.

Lady Amera Baratheon is wed to Lord XXX Mertyns of Mistfall.

189 AC

Deron Baratheon marries a lady of House Swann.

190 AC

The Crown announces a grand tourney at Summerhall. To the dismay of all the Stormlander’s who attended, it is Geralt Dayne who triumphs.

Deron’s first child, a son and heir, is born.

192 AC

Deron's Second child, a daughter, is born.

Daella Penrose is set aside as Maegor Targaryen’s mistress. She is returned to Parchments, embittered and with a son in her belly. Unlike Maegor’s other children, Liram Storm would never be welcomed or raised in his father’s court, after he became King. Rumours that  Daella smuggled a dragon’s egg under her skirts as she left the Red Keep, are largely discounted as attempts to hide the maid’s dishonour.

Haera of Myr is sent into exile at Summerhall. Lady Baratheon is known to have taken special exception to having to play host to the suspected adulteress and refused to call upon the disgraced Queen.

194 AC

Deron's third child, a son, is born.

Lady Tyran Baratheon is married to a Lord of Dondarrion.

196 AC

The Blackfyre Rebellion begins, and the Baratheons break with their silent disapproval of the Crown to honor their fealty to the Targaryens, and begin supplying their armies with as many men as they can muster. Baratheon and Tarth ships are sent to Blackwater bay to prevent any forces from entering the Crownlands by sea. Forces at Storm's end are spread thin, but reinforced with heavy armor and new weapons with the grace of the King.

Heron and Deron ride out together and lead their forces in defense of King’s Landing, whilst the Marcher lords (Dondarrion, Caron, Selmy and Swann) find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to ride to the aid of the Martells -- who themselves are besieged in what came to be known as the ‘Battle of the Boneway’.  

Bitter about having to fight side-by-side with the Martells, the Marcher lords did not restrict the vengeful appetites of their men. Tales of the Boneway are not oft spoken by those who wish to keep polite company. Rumours of massacres, rape and wanton pillaging at the hands of the Stormlanders have plagued many of the Marcher lords and often ignite old feuds between the Bloodroyals and their northern neighbours.

197 AC

As the first bitter winds of Winter set down upon the Stormlands, Lord Heron rides to the Reach to personally beseech the Tyrells for further aid and assistance. His negotiations continue for some time, during which he falls ill; a plague taking hold of the Reach. His brother is named Steward.

Deron’s fourth child, a son, is born.

198 AC

Heron succumbs to his illness and Deron is named Lord of Storm’s End.

199 AC

Disbanded factions of the Faith Militant settle along the Northern borders of the Stormlands; declaring that only the righteous shall survive the God’s wintery wrath. Rumors of the ‘Seven’s Grace’ begin to spread again and many smallfolk flee their homes to join the Faith’s ranks, hoping that they might offer some protection against the coming Winter. They do not. Winter takes most of them in their droves, leaving very few of the original Faithful alive.

200 AC

Deron Baratheon secures trade with the Prince of Lys, securing food for his people, and offering an abundance to those who cannot farm in times of winter, as well as paying extra to those who have been helping quell the rebellion. He is dubbed ‘Deron the Gracious’, for a short time.

204 AC

A small band of bandits came into Baratheon territory in the night, raiding Blackhaven, taking all the food and supplies they could carry, and burning houses as they fled to serve as a distraction. A few knights were able to follow them back to the borders of Dorne, where they broke off into a group to set up camp and a scout to follow the thieves. They stopped in Wyl and delivered what they'd stolen. The scout reported back to camp, and made their way back to Blackhaven, where Lord Dondarrion ordered a retaliation, sending his men to conduct their own raids.

It is said that Storm’s End turned a partial blind-eye to these tit-for-tat raids, having insufficient resources to launch a full-scale retaliation on House Dondarrion’s behalf. The endless cycle of raids continues, to this day.

205 AC

On the cusp of a False Spring, Deron orders farmers to begin their work as soon as they can, even before the snow has fully melted. It is a decree which has mixed results. Much of the ground in the northern regions is still frozen and the winds far too cold for seeds to take root. However, farming and production begins anew in the south, where men who had previously not known work,  find employment and purpose. Increased coin now lines the pockets of merchants and minor lords and trade begins to pick up, with Lyseni goods being ferried to the capitol.

206 AC

Winter is over and Spring has sprung, but feelings of discontent are quick to flourish with the rising crops -- with the announcement of a Dornish Hand rekindling old enmities amongst the Marcher lords.

209 AC

There are reports of increased piracy along the Eastern shorelines. Houses Estermont, Swann and traders of Weeping Town are said to have suffered great losses at the hand of pirates from Essos. It is speculated but unproven, that these pirates are from Tyrosh, as they seem to make an effort to target Lyseni merchant ships. There are mutters amongst those merchant sailors, that their enterprise in the Stormlands is fast becoming more dangerous than its worth.

210 AC - Tumbleton

Heralds decree a Great Tourney to be held in Tumbleton, with the prize of a dragon’s egg securing the attendance of most ambitious lords and ladies -- even before hearing the news that the King himself shall also be in attendance. Lord Baratheon calls for his Council and loyal bannermen to join him in attending. There is little doubt, that the King’s bastard son, born by Daella Penrose and risen to fame upon the lists, shall also be in attendance and the mere mention of his name invokes renewed speculation over his mother’s supposed theft of a dragon egg.


210 AC

King Maegor II dies as a result of poisoning leaving a Dornishman, Prince Dakario Martell as Lord Regent of the Seven Kingdoms. Rumours are abound that Lord Deron Baratheon plots to usurp the throne and place himself upon it. Lord Deron Baratheon and his family take no place upon  or involvement with the small council led by the Lord Regent, Deron even returning to Storm’s End adding fuel to the fire that they planned to move against the crown without a King.

It becomes public knowledge that Lord Deron Baratheon had grown ill and gaunt in appearance, a shadow of his former self and was returned home to Storm’s End after being taken unwell in King’s Landing, it is hoped that he will return to strength.

News having been carried from Maester Ghoran resident at Storm’s End that Lord Deron Baratheon was on the mend after some weeks away from the Capital, however this raven also questions the lucidity of the Lord Paramount who had now lost most of his dormant hand to infection and he is dubbed “The Mad Stag”.

Lord Deron Baratheon is found dead, having wandered from his Storm’s End bedchamber in the depth of night he was discovered in his night gown sitting propped against a tree overlooking ship-breakers bay. It is said that he died with a mad smile upon his face that remained fixed upon him in death.

Lord Steffon Baratheon, first son of Lord Deron is named head of the family and Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. The same evening a supposedly drunken with grief Steffon falls to his death from a tower of the Red Keep, thrusting the younger son of Deron, Lord Jamie Baratheon to the fore.

Lady Velia Baratheon, sister to the current Lord Paramount falls to her death while returning the body of her late Lord brother Steffon to Storm’s End for enterrment in the family crypt.

War rears it’s head in the Seven Kingdoms. The Westerlands under Lord Tytos Lannister declare independence and lay siege to the Capital, the Lord Baratheon is named to the small council at the request of the Lord Hand Daemon Darkstone.

Stormland banners are called and rally to the cause of the Crown, fighting in the Westerlands. Jamie Baratheon rides West with his men and personally receives the surrender of House Swyft of Cornfield.

Daemon Darkstone is killed by a collapsing bridge, his younger brother Aeron replacing him as Hand of the King.

Jamie Baratheon returns to King’s Landing, supporting Aeron’s claim to the Iron Throne during a poorly attended Small Council, alongside Jon Stark he witnessed Aeron declare himself rightful heir and take the name Targaryen.

Aeron Targaryen declares his claim before Court, many nobles take the knee and swear allegiance, Jamie Baratheon is named Hand of the King.

Lady Oslyn Baratheon, a cousin to the main line of the house is chosen as one of nine candidates to stay in the maidenvault, one of whom is to be named Queen.

Jarod Baratheon, brother to the Lord Baratheon, ventures North to join family in the Capital, taking some of the regional duties from his brother.

Krystyne Baratheon, sister to the Lord Baratheon, arrives to the Capital to join her brothers at the behest of her mother who remains at Storm’s End.

Lord Eddmun Dondarrion takes a place on the Royal court, being named Master of Horse, and later has his bastard daughter, Orchid Storm, legitimized by the King before the Court. Making her a Lady of Dondarrion as her father had always wished for.

Lord Jarod Baratheon wins the Royal Hunt in King Aeron’s honor and is named Master of Hunt as a result.


  • 211 AC

Lord Paramount Jamie Baratheon, Hand of the King, weds Lady Roslyn Stark, joining their houses and forming an alliance between the Stormlands and the North

Ser Aaron Swann, son of Lord Edgar Swann and Lady Elizabel Swann 'nee Selmy arrives from Stonehelm.  Some weeks later his brother, Arthur Swann, joins his siblings Aaron and Nevaeh in the capital.  Arthur comes to the capital as steward to Jamie Baratheon.

Lady Zia Selmy, daughter of Lord Barristan Selmy leaves her home in Harvest Hall to make her way to Kings Landing.

Lord Edgar Swann passes on.  His children, Aaron, Arthur and Neveah are called home to say their final farewell.  Aaron Swann is named Lord of Stonehelm

Lord Elden Baratheon, followed shortly after by his sister Kaelyn arrive in the capital, joining their cousin Jamie Baratheon.

The King accepts the resignation of Lord Baratheon and Lord Reyne is named as the next Hand of the King.

Lord Carllum Tarth of Evenhall arrives in the capital.

Lord Stark and Lord Baratheon, along with their bannermen living in the capital travel to Storm's End.  After a time, they reach out with a list of demands in order to renew relations with the crown.  At the top of the list was that Lord Ryon Reyne be removed from the office as Hand.  After the crown agrees, those staying in Storm's End return to the capital. 

Gerold Arryn announces the Vale's separation from from the Crown.  He is named King of the Vale.  Rowena Arryn gives birth to their first child, a son.


  • 212 AC

Lord Ryon Reyne is relieved of his duties as Hand of the King.  The King, Aeron Targareyn, appoints Jamie Baratheon the title, once again.

Lord Humfrey Swygert assumes the title of Lord Justicar to Lord Baratheon and travels to the capital.

Lord Barristan Selmy, accompanied by his newly wedded wife, Lady Cassana Selmy ‘nee Caron arrive as well, seeking out Lord Selmy’s daughter, Zia.  Lady Elinora Caron, cousin to Lady Selmy arrives quickly thereafter.

Lord Felix Mertyns returns from Mistwood after a short time away.  He is accompanied by his sister, Lady Adara Mertyns. 

The King is found dead.  His twin sons, missing.  Hand of the King, Jamie Baratheon is named Lord Protector

Jamie Baratheon names Felix Mertyns his steward, though his position is short lived.  He is soon called back home to Mistwood and travels there alongside his sister.

Ser Jon Connington, heir to Griffin's Roost arrives in the capital.  Not long after, Elanna Baratheon, cousin to Jamie Baratheon enters the gates, seeking out her cousin as well as her brother and sisters, thought no sooner did she arrive did she see her siblings returning home.

The missing sons of departed King Aeron are found, allegedly in Lys and returned to the capital.

The Capitol ventures to the Riverlands to attend the Grand Tournement at Harrenhal, hosted by the Crown in celebration of the twins' return.  Announcements were made during court that the winner of the joust would win the land and the castle that sits upon it. During the month long event, word reaches Cedric Stark that the remains of his brother, Brandon Stark, have been found.  He had been missing more than a year and presumed dead, but confirmation has been received.  Cedric departs for Winterfell with his sister, Roslyn Baratheon, to bring his brother's remains home.

In the last days of the tournament, a Stranger's Ball is planned with festivities, games and dancing.  Chaos ensues shortly after the event begins, with the people of the Riverlands unhappy with the nobles presence amongst other things and bandits start to attack the ladies and lords of Westeros. The valiant efforts of many, the safety of the nobles within the hall was ensured.  Riots erupted, the woods are overly populated with bandits and fires spread, forcing the lords and ladies to flee back to King's Landing.

Court is held.  Lord and Lady Blackfyre are banished from Westeros after making accusations about the Lord Protector and Hand of the King.  Lord Blackfyre is stripped of land and title and the couple, along with their children are to depart to Essos.  The journey never takes place, though nothing publically is said explaining why.

A small council meeting was called to vote on Lord Baratheon's stay in his appointed role of Lord Protector.  Trystane Martell, Hand of the King, announced his resignation at the conclusion of the meeting.

Court is called by Lord Baratheon.  As the time for its scheduled start came and went, the gathered crowd became impatient.  To quell the grumblings of impatience, the Hand, Trystane, started court with a few announcements. First he excused the Blackfyres for their previous errors to restore them to places of honor.  He also announced the removal of Otto Hightower as Marshal of the realm.  Before he could say more, a scream was heard from the upper floors of the Keep.  Chaos broke out when a servant screamed that the Regent was dead. Prince Trystane along with a few others left the throne toom to investigate.  Henry Tyrell and Jamie Baratheon are found dead along with a recently appointed smallfolk Steward. Prince Trystane approached the corpses, picked up a goblet to sniff and inspect the contents.  Soon after, he spasmed and choked until he too was dead.

Lord Gerold Arryn appoints Lord Aegon Blackfyre to his old responsibility as Master at Arms who then takes charge of the Keeps guards. Nobles were summoned back to court to hear the announcement of the deaths.  Lord Arryn also announced to the court that he would take charge and arrange a council meeting in a week's time to appoint a new Lord Regent.  He also announced he would taje command of the Baratheon, Martell and Targaryen guards within the Red Keep for the moment to keep order.  The realm goes into mourning.





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House Baratheon of Storm's End

Features - Dark hair, ranging from chocolate to pure black. Eyes usually ice blue but may have green or brown, depending on familial lineage. Tend to be stocky and thickly built. Muscular/wide with short, sharp features. Described as "Rough" and "Intimidating". Generally curly/wavy hair.


Lord Jamie Baratheon - Lord of Storm's End, Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, born in the year 188 [taurik.xaris]
Lady Roslyn Baratheon 'nee Stark  - wife to Lord Baratheon, born in the year 191. [juno.mantel]

Lady Elanna Baratheon - cousin to Lord Baratheon, daughter of Beron Baratheon and Shyra Baratheon 'nee Buckler, born in the year 192. [darma naxos]
Lord Jonothor Baratheon - cousin to Lord Baratheon, son of Beron Baratheon and Shyra Baratheon 'nee Buckler, born in the year 191. [jinx ashley]

Additional infomation on House Baratheon

House Caron of Nightsong

Features - Hair ranging from light to dark brown.  Eyes usually blue but may have green or brown, depending on familial lineage.


Lord Lothar Caron - son of Robilar and Cynara Caron, Lord of Nightsong, born in the year 190 [OPEN]
Lord Austic Caron - son of Robilar and Cynara Caron, born in the year 191 [OPEN]
(3) Additional family member [cousin] of heir [OPEN]

Additional infomation on House Caron

House Connington of Griffin's Roost

Features - Medium to dark blonde hair, brown or hazel eyes, fair skinned

Lord _____ Connington, heir of Griffin's Roost, son of Liam Connington and Lady Edelynne Connington 'nee Selmy, born in the year 191 [OPEN]
Lord _____ Connington, son of Liam Connington and Lady Edelynne Connington 'nee Selmy, born in the year 192 [OPEN]
Lady _____ Connington, daughter of Liam Connington and Lady Edelynne Connington 'nee Selmy, born in the year 193 [OPEN]
(1) Additional family member of house Connington [OPEN]

Additional infomation on House Connington

House Dondarrion of Blackhaven

Features - Members of house Dondarrion are very sharp featured. They are often described as "Chiseled and perfect of face". Men tend to be barrel chested and tall, while the women are often described as "masculine" of stature, with square or 'shapeless' bodies. Women of this house often wear corsets for this reason. Dark haired, and dark eyed. Fair skinned and often called 'shades of the Stormlands'.

Lord Erik Dondarrion, Lord of Blackhaven, Master-at-Arms for The Stormlands, sone of Edin Dondarrion and Tyran Dondarrion 'nee Baratheon, born in the year 189 {ominous afterthought}
(4) Additional family members of Lord Dondarion [OPEN]


Additional infomation on House Dondarrion

House Fell of Felwood

Features - Men of Fell are known to be lean, dark-haired and with light green or blue eyes

Lord Arstan Fell - Lord of Felwood, born in the year 165 [OPEN]
Lord _____ Fell - Heir of Lord Fell, born in the year 185 [OPEN]
Lord _____ Fell - son of Lord Fell and Lady Shyra Fell 'nee Swann, born in the year 187 [OPEN]
Lord _____ Fell - son of Lord Fell and Lady Shyra Fell 'nee Swann, born in the year 190 [OPEN]
Lord _____ Fell - son of Lord Fell and Lady Shyra Fell 'nee Swann, born in the year 192 [OPEN]
Lady Argella Fell - daughter of Lord Fell and Lady Shyra Fell 'nee Swann, born in the year 194 [aaisling]

Additional infomation on House Fell

House Mertyns of Mistwood

Features - Dark hair, and yellow-green eyes, big and aware like that of an owl. They tend to be tall, and slender like the trees they guard.

Lord Foster Mertyns, Lord of Mistwood, born in the year 161. [OPEN]
Lady Amera Mertyns 'nee Baratheon, wife of Lord Mertyns, born in the year 163. [OPEN]
(3) Additional family member of Lord and Lady Mertyns, born in the year 194. [OPEN]

Additional infomation on House Mertyns

House Selmy of Harvest Hall

Features - Men of Selmy tend to be 'broad' or 'rotund' in appearance, while the women tend to be short of stature. Their features are light for Stormlanders, alike to members or House Tarth. They have light brown to blonde hair, and usually have grey or green eyes. Their hair tends to be rather straight, or loosely waved.


Lord Shadrik Selmy - brother of the Lord of Harvest Hall, born in the year 177 [OPEN]
(4) Additional family members of Lord Selmy [OPEN]

Additional infomation on House Selmy

House Swann of Stonehelm

Features:  While physical traits vary in this house, it is known that the men are some of the best knights in the kingdom.

Lady Neveah Swann - sister of of Lord Swann, born in the year 192 [nitemary]
(4) Additional family members of Lord Swann [OPEN]

Additional infomation on House Swann

House Swygert of Swygert

Features:  Medium to dark blonde hair, brown or hazel eyes, fair skinned

Lord Humfrey Swygert - Lord Swygert, son of Serwyn Swygert and Johanna Swygert 'nee Wylde, born in the year 179 [jarlath odgar]
Lady _____ Swygert - sister to Lord Swygert, born in the year 191. [OPEN]
Lady _____ Swygert - sister to Lord Swygert, born in the year 193. [OPEN]
(2) Additional family members [mother/cousin/aunt/uncle] of Lord Swygert [OPEN]

Additional infomation on House Swygert

House Tarth of Evanfall

. Features - Blonde hair, and blue or green eyes.  They tend to be tall and broad.

Lord Callum Tarth - Lord of Evanfall, born in the year 190 [NPC]
(4) Additional family members [cousins] of Lord Tarth [OPEN]

Additional infomation on House Tarth

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ERROL House Errol of Haystack Hall.

ESTERMONT House Estermont of Greenstone.

FELL House Fell of Felwood.

FOOTE House Foote of Nightsong.

GOWER House Gower.

GRANDISON  House Grandison of Grandview.

HASTY House Hasty.

HERSTON House Herston.

KELLINGTON House Kellington.

LONMOUTH House Lonmouth.

MORRIGEN House Morrigen of Crow's Nest.

PEASEBURY House Peasebury of Poddingfield.

PENROSE House Penrose of Parchments.

ROGERS House Rogers of Amberly.

STAEDMON House Staedmon of Broad Arch.

  House Trant of Gallowsgrey

WYLDE House Wylde of Rain House.


[Updated 8/5/2017]