The Riverlands


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Of the great kingdoms of Westeros, The Riverlands is its veined, beating, bloody heart. Annexed to her right is the Crownlands of Kings, Queens and courts whose shoulder is never far from her own; above her the vast and cold expanse of the ominous North; to her east the great shadow of the silent Vale; to her west, old allies and oft-times enemies in the richly ored Westerlands; and to her feet the rushes and thickets of the plentiful but quarrelsome Reach.

Surrounded is she by giants, legend, the rich and royal and for them all she bleeds. 

 But for none does she die.




The Stranger knows the hills and the rivers of this land well. It is here where many good men perish, and many bad men, too. It is here where Kings and Queens are made and others quashed. It is here where rivers run red and land redder. It is here where history repeats and the spokes turn.


And too is it here, in the Riverlands, that the blacks met the reds, where winter found its bitter home, where men cried out in protest; ‘No lord, no gods, no master!’ Although Lord Tully has long since silenced those cries, they remain whispers upon his fertile lands that haunt the man who would follow in his father’s footsteps and be the Lord of Riverrun.



Riverlands Timeline


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129-131 AC:



The first recorded civil war in the Seven Kingdoms, the like that Westerosi soil had never seen for the dragons that soared the skies and scorched the lands. The realm was left destroyed.

During the Dance, the Riverlands was split and divided, their lords notoriously quarrelsome. Many houses sided with the Rhaenyra’s blacks and others to Alicent Hightower’s greens, but eventually, many if not most of the Riverlords were black supports. Houses Frey, Bracken, Blackwood and Tully were staunch allies during this period while the more southern houses had a green-leaning.

House Tully was famously divided on the matter; the aged Lord Tully was a green supporter but his grandson and heir held the Tully banners in Riverrun in favor of the blacks before joining the fray. Both perished before the culmination, and the next lord Tully rose to take arms with the blacks among The Lads and became an instrumental and powerful leader in the Riverlands.

Figures that dress songs and stories of the lands of hills and rivers emerged at this time in the same manner of those from the Age of Heroes, among them:

Lord Elmo Tully

Lord Bloody Ben Blackwood

The Lads (a makeshift, black-supporting army comprised of the young lords of the Riverlands)

Black Aly Blackwood (later Alysanne Stark)

Red Robb Rivers (Blackwood bastard)

Lord Forrest Frey (a notably powerful & gallant knight, oonce suitor to Queen Rhaenyra)

Ser Pate the Lionslayer (dealt the fatal wound that killed Lord Jason Lannister).


Notable alliances of this time:


Houses Hightower, Lannister, Baratheon and the Stormlands, the southern half of the Reach (Tyrells were neutral as was Dorne).



Houses Stark and Dustin, Arryn, Tully and a significant portion of the Riverlands, as well as Reachlords like Tarly, Rowan and Caswell and even Hightower’s own banners.


Notable Riverland  battles of this time:

Battle at the Red Fork:

Westerman led by Lord Jason Lannister met the rivermen at the crossing of the Red Fork. While the rivermen were broken in battle and the westermen invaded, Lord Jason was slain by the squire, Pate of Longleaf who became Ser Pate the Lionslayer.

Battle by the Lakeshore (a.k.a Fishfeed):

A battle along the shores of the Gods Eye where the greens’ supporters of the west, house Lannister among them, were flanked on all sides. Two thousand soldiers were lost and the victory of the blacks pushed Prince Aemond and Criston Cole from Harrenhal. It is considered the bloodiest battle of the dance.

Butcher’s Ball:

A bloody battle that took place south of the Gods Eye where the greens were outnumbered two to one, Riverlords using guerilla warfare and scorched-earth tactics to lure the greens into a greater ambush. The greens were swiftly defeated, many fleeing to their own deaths under a rain of arrows. 


131-150 AC:

A time of realm-wide reconstruction after the decimation the dragons’ dealt to the Seven Kingdoms.

150 AC marks the divergence between the canon timeline and ROIAF: KL’s timeline.

Vaegon I is crowned King of Westeros after Aegon III.


151 AC:

House Lothston is granted Harrenhal of the Riverlands at the behest of King Vaegon I. House Strong of Harrenhal had previously fallen to Ice at the hands of Lord Cregan Stark at the end of the recent civil war, The Dance of the Dragons.


165 AC:

Edmyn Tully dies on his deathbed after some 30 years of renewed prosperity following the Dance of Dragons. Jon Tully, his son and heir, becomes Lord of the Riverlands.

Later that same year, Jon weds a maiden of house Bracken, Lady Jayne.


166 AC:

Lord Beric Tully, son of Jon, is born and named the heir of the Riverlands and future Lord of the Trident.


169 AC:

After several miscarriages, Jon and Jayne Tully have a daughter, Lysa Tully.



Lord Jon and Jayne Tully are blessed once again with the birth of Lucas Tully, their second son.


180 AC:

Lysa Tully is betrothed to Edgerran Frey, lord of the Twins and many years her senior.


181 AC:

Lord Caden Tully, son of Jon and Jayne, is born.


182 AC:

A Targaryen bastard, Daemon Rivers is born to Lady Ellyn Darry by Maegor Targaryen.

Lord Beric Tully marries a maiden of House Mallister, Deanna.


183 AC:

Lord Edric Tully, son of Beric and heir to Riverrun, is born.


185 AC:

A second son named Brandon is born to Lord Beric and Lady Dyanna.


185 AC:

Lord Brynden Blackwood, renowned warrior and cautious diplomat, is appointed Hand of the King having staunchly stood the side of Rhaegel Targaryen and his sons throughout his life and at court.

Among this year's’ many scandals and rumors, Lady Lysa Tully is found pregnant and betrothals between house Frey and House Tully are ended and good ties are severed during a precarious political time.

Lady Lysa gives birth to a bastard and passes in the aftermath. Her father, Jon Tully, attempts to salvage relations between the Twins and Riverrun with no success. He concedes, in the end, to raise the bastard boy in his own household which tarnishes Frey-relations further.

Lady Jayne Tully, formerly of Bracken, gives into grief. Her health declines and she passes under her husband’s watch.


186 AC:

In the wake of his lady wife’s death, Lord Jon Tully sees his second grandchild born to his heir; a summer-son who they name Addam.


187 AC:

During the seasons of plenty, another Tully is born: the lady Della.


189 AC:

As if blessed by the mother herself, lady Deanna has a fourth son who they name Lord Willem in honor of  Willem Wildrivers, a legendary - if not mythical - ancestor of Lord Jon from the Age of Heroes.


190 AC:

In the same year of Rhaegel I Targaryen’s death and the rumblings of rebellion, swords clash in the Riverlands over the often-disputed village of Cairns for harvests between houses Bracken and Blackwood. Lord Jon intervenes only to find that the smallfolk of the village is not altogether certain to whom they belong, to whom they pay their taxes nor to whom they owe their harvests. In an attempt to be fair and diplomatic, Lord Tully divides bushels and land evenly - not the first of his house to do so - to no avail. It served only to embitter house Bracken. The house, allied to house Tully by marriage, expected to be favoured.

The famed friendship between the Tullys and the Lord Hand and the Blackwoods further spurn house Bracken. Rumors of a Blackwood-Tully union are poison to the once solid and staunch alliance between Stone Hedge and Riverrun.

Lord Bracken increases the taxation on goods passing through Stone Hedge and its surrounding village when news reaches him that lord Addam Tully is being sent to King’s Landing as Brynden Blackwood’s cupbearer and later page alongside his own daughter, Alana Blackwood.



Grand Tourney of Summerhall.


191 AC:

Following the marriage of Haera of Myr to King Maelys Targaryen, lords and ladies of the Riverlands stir at the notion of further foreign influence at court and in the Seven Kingdoms. If the seeds of rebellion were planted on Rhaegel’s deathbed, they are nurtured in Maelys’ barren marriage bed.

The Mother blesses Lord Beric and Lady Deanna once more, with a daughter whose cries are said to be heard from outside the walls of Riverrun. They name her Roslyn.


195 AC:

Willem Tully is sent to Seagard as page to his mother-house. Many suspect this is Jon and Beric Tully’s way of ensuring Mallister support with the burgeoning threat of a Bracken uprising.


196 AC:


Balerion Blackfyre gives credence to the rumors and emerges to challenge his half-brother's claim to the Iron Throne. Many flock to him out of spite against the Dornish influence of the court and capital, others for the traditional outlook of the Blackfyre brothers, and some merely for Balerion's martial prowess, a proven knight and famous personality.



Noted Targaryen loyalists:








Noted Blackfyre supporters:









The second stage of the offense arriving in the Riverlands urges Brynden Blackwood, Hand of the King, to return to his liege’s kingdom to muster his men and the Riverlands at the side of House Tully. With him, Addam Tully returns to the Riverlands under the guardianship of the Faith Militant between the Crownlands and leg of the Riverlands.

Lord Lannister sends ravens to Riverrun and armed envoys thereafter informing Lord Tully of the invasion from the south and the ocean road. The warning is enough to prompt immediate action, but not enough to forewarn Lord Jon of his own treasonous banners, some of which he never expected to turn cloak. Surviving and ambitious knights of the west follow in the wake of Blackfyre banners, cutting off their supply lines and culling their numbers, if only feebly.

In an act of defiance against their liege; Houses Bracken and Frey take the vanguard in opposition to the Tullys and join the Blackfyres efforts along with houses Grey, Heddle, Nayland, Paege and Shawney, most of whom were exposed at Pinkmaiden- a massacre that distinguished friend from foe and remembered as ‘The Treason at the Red Fork.’

The blacks advanced onto Riverrun, and besieged the great, coveted castle and keep for three days and three nights. Lord Brynden Blackwood devised the offensive, and a mysterious raven-helmed knight charged the vanguard and is alleged to be the man who opened the skull of the conspirator, Ser Gerold Costayne before mortally wounding Lord Herbert Bracken.

Both Lord Jon and Lord Beric Tully die in battle and are found dead on-field with Blackfyre mint placed over their eyes. Lord Edric Tully is named Lord of the Riverlands. Lord Caden Tully aids his nephew into lordship.

Deprived of commanders, Balerion is led to his first retreat on account of the Riverlords and their rivermen. They press, instead, to Harrenhal where the knights of Lothston were mustering support for the blacks.

Later, upon a Crownlands field, the blacks and the reds of Blackfyre and Targaryen meet. The loss is so great it’s said the ground was made of flesh and bone and the air of blood. It is here that Balerion runs through his half-brother and King, Maelys the Maester, and that Maegor looses a fire-tipped arrow upon Balerion’s Blackfyre helm. He dies a smoldering corpse while Aemon, his brother, emerges assuming a victory only to see his muster weak and men being cut down around him, so many in their number that the song ‘Of Blood and Black Fires’ comes about in memory of it. Aemon flees.

The turn of battle turns a few cloaks and it is notably house Lothston that is first to do, swallowing whole contingents of black-supporters while bearing their banners, if tales can be believed.



197 AC:


The first makings of a long winter begins to spread south, the seasons swiftly changing in the aftermath of a hard war.

At the call of Lord Edric Tully, his stalwart uncle and Lord Brynden Blackwood, banners are beckoned to Riverrun and to council. A indenture is signed - some might say forced - to ensure trade and resources shared between the Riverlands to prepare for the oncoming winter and the devastation of the last year. ⅕ of total incomes is to be sent to Riverrun, while a levy is charged to the treasonous houses that enforces a whole third as well as hostages. Among the taken are maids from houses Frey and Bracken. Bethany Bracken is among them. She becomes one of Lady Della’s handmaidens. House Lothston, however, is exempt of both. Lord Joseth Darry is noted to have protested against this.

For three nights and three days, festivities are held in Riverrun to honor the dead and celebrate the victory of the Targaryen crown and the Riverlands’ efforts in the war before a period of noted austerity across the Seven Kingdoms, particularly in the Riverlands.

Meanwhile, young Willem Tully joins his Mallister-uncle on a journey through and to the Free Cities eastward before the onslaught of winter, where the resources are plentiful and where the snow rarely touches the ground.



199 AC:


Despite his age, Edric Tully is a keen and canny liege-lord and keeps the Riverlands largely fed and stable for the first few years of winter. Lord Brynden Blackwood leads his council and is named Castellan of Riverrun.

In 199AC, Lord Edric Tully marries Lady Alana Blackwood. Before the onslaught of winter, banners from the Riverlands arrive at Riverrun to attend and celebrate and this is the last celebration of any grand size for the duration of a long winter. House Bracken is absent, bar the hostages taken on as wards.

In the closing of the wedding celebrations, Addam and Edric Tully duel and the younger wins. Later, the boy is sent to Goldengrove to squire under Ser Josef Osgrey of the Reach, loyalist and Lord Rowan’s right hand man.

Alana Tully, formerly of Blackwood, miscarries and loses her daughter to the Stranger

Lord Frey marries the young Lady Leslyn of House Bracken to the raised brow and whispers of the lords and ladies of the Riverlands.



200 AC:


Stock and stores in the Riverlands begin to dry out and food is increasingly more scarce in spite of the efforts to salvage and maintain trade alliances. The ferocity of the long winter is picking up and showing few to no signs of relenting. Word spreads locally that Ser Jon Wode is found dead, frozen within the walls of Prickly Halls.

Come the end of the year, a sixth of the population of the Riverlands has given in to the Stranger. Houses Piper and Smallwood suffer the worst for the Red Fork and Blackwater Rush no longer flood their crops. These are the first two houses to stop sending their taxes to their liege.



202 AC:


The population of Fairmarket begin to starve, only worsened by the uprisings and riots that flourish in that area. Lord Edric, then nine and ten, sends his sister with reserve supplies to feed and placate the people. The attempt was feeble and fails. Lady Della returns to Riverrun.

Later, Fairmarket is sacked and the death toll is high.

Willem Tully returns home, a stranger to his family and eager to return east to earn a few triumphs for his belt. Addam, a newly minted knight and newly minted man follows in his wake.



204 AC:


After a ride out to Fairmarket and a skirmish near its town walls, brothers Edric and Adam Tully argue on their return to Riverrun, a dispute so big it leads to the despatching of Bethany Bracken to her home soil and Addam Tully’s departure from Riverrun for good. Bethany disappears later that year, with many rumours in her wake

House Bracken stops paying their taxes to the reeves of Riverrun. Of their number, two perish ‘on the road’ though rumours suggest that Lord Bracken celebrated their hanging at his feasting table in his late father’s honor.  Darker words insist they were the feast.

Addam Tully joins the Kingsguard at seven and ten late in the year after the ‘Disaster of Duskendale’, a grand royal tournament held in the honor of King Maegor II Targaryen and hosted by the Hand, Abelar Darklyn's family. But rather than earning the white cloak with a tourney win at lance or sword, or another more fashionable exploit, he did so in the bearpit.



205 AC:


Fairmarket and its populace is in a state of anarchy and a nuisance to neighboring lords and their lands. Rumors of cannibalism become common along with tales of bandits and criminals dominating the area and ruling it as self-styled lords. After raids on failing and suffering farms nearby, Lord Brynden Blackwood musters a small host and rides out to Fairmarket to find truth to the rumors. What he does find are brigands that are armed with stolen and salvaged steel as good as his own. A knight (TBD] delivers the news to Riverrun.

On the orders of the Riverlands’ council and Lord Edric Tully, nearby allies are called to arms to take Fairmarket and execute the brigands infesting the once thriving town. The Mallisters are first to heed the call with a few good men and some follow thereafter. Nayland of Hagsmire and Bracken of Stone Hedge, however, offer no men and no word despite their proximity.

After a series of skirmishes and retreats in the twilight of a long year, Lord Brynden Blackwood, former Hand of the King and hero of the Rebellion, is declared dead and brought home by his son Quentyn. Fires scorch the cold, winter-barren lands around Fairmarket and what fire could not touch, blood did. Many wonder how the rebels of Fairmarket stood a chance against trained men, and more wonder at how, in the depths of a long winter, they had the resources and the arms to do it with. Few were left to wonder for long.



206 AC:


The turn of the year approaches but the Fairmarket uprising  goes on, carrying the far reaching phrase that sets a shiver up a noble’s back: ‘No Lords, No Gods, No Master.’

The loss of Brynden Blackwood dealt a hard blow to his house, the crown, the Tullys and the Riverlands and the suspension of retaliation sees the increase in rebel bandit numbers. Noble houses along the Red Fork find themselves unable to send resources to Riverrun and elsewhere, and the Mallister contingent never returns to Seagard. Six of their number are found in the meeting of the forks, west of the Trident. When the ravens reach Riverrun, Lady Dowager Deanna rides out with a small Mallister retinue at her back for vengeance. She is found and held for ransom, and there’s many a song and story to accompany what happens to her there that bears no repetition.

Baited, Edric Tully rides out to Fairmarket without counsel and with an assemblage of Tully’s finest cavalry, archers and men at arms. Without snow to slow them, they make good time but find themselves outnumbered. It is thanks to the skill of the knights and men-at-arms that Lady Deanna survives and many of the rebels killed. However, among the dead is Lord Edric. In the aftermath, Bracken banners are found along with full stores and a plentiful armory.

With Addam Tully wearing the white cloak, lordship passes to the third son of the late Beric Tully, Brandon.



207 AC:


Long in the making and at the passing of winter’s final wind, the forces of house Mallister, Blackwood and Tully march against Stone Hedge and force House Bracken to its knees. Bracken allies, if any, do not rush to their defence and the Riverlands, for all its noise, falls silent.

Taken by surprise, the stallions were massacred and most Bracken slaughtered

Lord Quentyn Blackwood, son of Brynden Blackwood, is said to have been the one to cut the traitor down. Lady Bracken is executed for her parts in the crimes. Despite mixed counsel, mercy is granted to the children of House Bracken and they are spared but taken as wards to houses Blackwood and Tully, respectively. House Blackwood takes regency over Stone Hedge and the village of Cairns is given over, in full, to Raventree Hall  as a result of the Bracken’s second treason in only a decade.



209 AC:


Ser Lucas Tully is granted the title Warden of the Blue Fork and Fairmarket and given leadership over a large retinue of knights, standing as half a lord with land to guard and men to lead, but this does little to stop the influx of poor and common men and women from occupying the town that had once been almost a city and stood half a ruin. All manners of ill-boding tales emerge from beneath Oldstones southward, and it is years yet before Fairmarket will ever be what it once was.



210 AC:


The Bitter Spring has begun, and lords, ladies and common men and women from all over the realm travel to Tumbleton for the Great Tourney to see one another for the first time in years, even decades or worse, since the battlefield. Lord Brandon Tully attends with a large retinue, his family and banners who seek his favor and that of the other kingdoms.

King Maegor meets his end; assassinated through poison. A prolonged period of mourning begins but not before Haera of Myr, Lord Footly and a Red Priest by the name of Visandros are implicated. Lord Footly finds his death at the blade of another, rumours of the time hinting at murder under suspicious circumstances; Visandros of Asshai met The Stranger at the trial as he was found guilty -- Haera of Myr sentenced to exile, never to be seen again. Though, many stood in defense of the Myrish former Queen; her innocence proclaimed despite the verdict rendered. Lady Della Tully offers support for the woman she believes innocent as does Ser Robin Wode, a banner knight under Lord Regulus Lothston.

The newly appointed Lord Regent, the former hand of Maegor II -- Prince Dakario Martell; acts swiftly in the period of time that follows the Red Dragon King's death, naming Lord Steffon Hightower as the new Hand of the King alongside having sought suitable others with which to fill the remaining seats that were left empty upon a Small Council that lacked a designated ruler.

Lord Smallwood’s brother Theodric  is found dead in Acorn Hall’s stables, allegedly murdered by a servant girl

Melanie Bracken, daughter of the late Lord Jason Bracken and the ‘Traitor’s Darling’ joins much of the Tully family in the Capital.

Lady Roslyn Tully, youngest of the Tully sisters, comes to King’s Landing shortly afterwards

Lord Brandon finally succumbs to the sickness that plagued him as achild in Riverrun. Lady Roslyn returns from King’s Landing to mourn him. The title of Lord Paramount passes to Lord Willem who resides the capital.




A Great Council is called in the Red Keep to decide the next ruler. Ser Robin Wode makes his ‘claim’, to the amusement of most but in the end, the vote goes overwhelmingly in favour of Daemon Darkstone, bastard of Darry.

War erupts in the realm. The Westerlands declare independence and attempt to lay siege to the Capitol. The new Lord Tully calls his men West, to march against Casterly rock and to offer support to the crown. In a matter of only moons after his brother’s death, Lord Willem takes an enemy arrow for a friend, and passes away

Uncertainty brews in the Riverlands, as the region’s great council is called together to decide on the new Lord Paramount. The lords pass over Beric’s daughters, and instead choose his brother Lucas, a man known for his recent firm rule over Fairmarket

Daemon is killed by a collapsing bridge, with his younger brother Aeron becoming Hand of the King in his place.

Melanie Bracken, is controversially chosen by Aeron to be one of the nine candidates to stay in the maidenvault, from which one is to be made his queen. Anxiety is felt by many at the possibility.

There is an archery contest on the day of King Aeron’s choosing. Lady Melanie is narrowly saved from a stray arrow by Princess Marleah Martell, who is later selected as Aeron’s queen. Despite an obvious head injury, the Stallion’s daughter makes it to the feast and even manages to toast the new couple before wobbling off with an escort.




King Aeron announces the betrothal of former Kingsguard Aegon Blackfyre and his bastard sister Vysena Waters.

Katherine Tully, Lord Lucas’ sister comes to the city.

As guests gather outside the Sept, Ser Robin Wode shows up with his men and demands that Ser Aegon repeat his vows as Kingsguard. A disagreement breaks out, nearly resulting in a bloody duel to decide if the ceremony would proceed. Laeherys Blackfyre publicly takes Ser Wode’s side -as many would remember later on- causing further strife in the family. The Lace Dragon’s interference brings an early end to it, spilling her and her groom’s blood. The king announces that the wedding shall go on. When questioned by Ser Wode, he declares that his will is the will of gods’, as an anointed king. Despite Wode’s ‘victory’ (which would result in a song Touch Me Not), he is arrested and detained comfortably in the Red Keep. The wedding does on, despite the bride and groom’s bloodstained garb. An ill omen if there was ever was one, many would say.

Ser Robin’s actions gain him many supporters in the city while he is detained, to the point where nobles fear riots in the streets.

On the morning of the royal wedding, the High Septon threatens to not hold the wedding until King Aeron apologises and offers his humility before the gods. Though Aeron does just that, he is made to repeat it yet again at his own wedding.

Ser Robin is released, appointed as commander of the Targaryen honour guard and member of the Small Council. His moment of glory does not last long, however. He is suspected of harbouring the fugitive Laeherys Blackfyre in Prickly Hall and kept under house arrest by gold cloaks until his trial.

Lord Lothston’s twin sons Robb and William arrive in the Capital with their widowed sister Eleanor. It is thought they arrive as their father’s eye and ears, and then to negotiate the release of Robin, banner knight of Lord Lothston.





Lord Lucas Tully orders his sister Lady Katherine arrested for protesting against Ser Robin’s charges and allegedly voicing support of the Blackfyres. She is kept in the noble cells of the Keep for a short time before she takes her life. Rumours reaches Riverland houses, some of which voice their concern [FILL THIS BIT] Lord Lucas’ explanation placates them, though the relationship with Piper starts to look dubious.

Lord Lucas’ son and heir Lorent takes the Black.

Queen Marleah gives birth to twin princes before dying in the brief winter riots months later

Jorran Rivers comes to court, announcing his responsibility for the raging crowd that had killed Queen Marleah. There is much noise as he is arrested… and silence afterwards.

Ser Robin is released from his house arrest by the Lord Hand Jamie Baratheon

Her popularity and known liveliness at court earns Lady Melanie Bracken an appointment  as Mistress of Ceremony, a senior position on the Queen’s Council.

Lord Jamie Baratheon retires as Hand, soon replaced by Lord Ryon Reyne

Lord Gerold Arryn leaves King’s Landing for the Vale shortly before King Aeron publically accuses him of sedition and treason

Lord Lucas Tully is appointed Master of Coin

Very soon, Lord Reyne announces Lord Laurent Lannister’s execution and stripping of House Lannister’s power and titles (given to Lannister of Lannisport) for striking King Aeron Targaryen and words of treason against the crown. The lack of trial is given much umbrage by lords of the realm, until Laurent insists on trial by combat.

Lady Alys, daughter of Lord Lucas, weds Lord Castiel Manderly, thereby becoming the lady of the White Harbor

Lord Balerin Prester voices his protest of how King Aeron uses his powers, with an unknown amount of supporters rallying behind him

Lord Lucas appoints Ser Robin Wode in charge of preparing defences in the Riverlands against the inevitable war between the Crown and the Vale. It is unknown who else of the kingdom’s many neighbours will step in.

Ser Gawin Prester fights in her stead against Ser Dirk Footly of the Kingsguard. The Prester wins a bloody victory, proving Laurent’s innocence in the eyes of the Seven. Laurent is given back his former power and seat of Casterly Rock after the previous uproar, though announced exiled to stay there by the king.

Lord Jamie Baratheon, Cedric Stark and their abnnerman staying in the Capital travel to Storm's ENd, to the worry of the Crown's supporters. They finally reach out, making a list of demands to renew their previous relations with the crown - that above all, Lord Ryon Reyne is removed from the office as Hand. King Aeron complies, restoring some measure of ease.

Gerold Arryn announces the Vale's separation from from the Iron Throne and is crowned king of the Vale, shortly before the pronounced Queen Rowena gives birth to a son.

Numerous houses of the West ally with House Lannister in an open rebellion, with plans to attack Castamere of the accused injustices brought upon them by the red lions.  The Vale is known to have allied with these rebel houses, and plans to march across the Riverlands before aiming for King's Landing.

Lord Lucas is appointed as Master of Law.



The hand of a sister is offered to Lord Lucas Tully, both from Lord Reyne and the proclaimed King Gerold. The latter promises no bloodshed if the Trout lord took up his offer and joined the attack on Castamere. However, a betrothal is announced to Lady Edyis Reyne shortly before Harrenhal -occupied by Lucas himself- is beset upon by the Vale army. The marriage soon takes place, albeit briefly before events turn.


Ser Aden Tully, brother of Lord Lucas and infamous prisoner of his own Shawney's wife family in the Blackfyre Rebellion, comes to King's Landing via his sloop before being called to join Ser Robin's forces approaching the Westerlands.


Lord Jamie Baratheon is once again appointed as Hand.


The royal twins born of Aeron Targaryen and Marleah Martell are taken from the King's chambers. That very same day, King Aeron disappears, as does several of the Kingsguard. He is soon found dead with the head of his Kingsguard while Ser Lancel Lannister remains missing. The Lion knight's very name gives people some pause for thought.


The Hand, Lord Jamie Baratheon, is proclaimed as Lord Protector by the Small Council while the twins are missing.


The Lannister army's siege of Castamere comes to a victory in a short succession of events before Lord Ryon Reyne is allegedly beheaded by Laurent Lannister himself. The new Lady Tully, Edyis, flees King's Landing as soon as she hears the news. Regina, her niece and potential heir to Castamere, is taken as well. There is no sign of either of them yet.


Lord Tully is relived of his role as Master of Laws, and seeks for the High Septon to grant an anulment to the marriage with Edyis Reyne, as they had allegedly not consummated. The woman herself is still missing.






Available Roles!


Some of these characters are merely suggested pre-written concepts that you can expand on, keep or change to fit your needs.



Family, Duty, Honor

Common features of this house: Auburn hair, Blue Eyes, Fair Skin, High cheekbones


House Tully has, for centuries before and centuries to come, tasted death for every turn or quarrel of a King or Queen, and for each one, lords, ladies and heirs pay the price with the Stranger. Cursed is the house that holds the heart of the realm.


Lord Jon’s lordship of the Riverlands began and ended with amid controversy. While he had found allies, friends and even family among the Mallisters and Blackwoods, a good deal of his actions and the actions of his family earned him enemies that would sew the near-destruction of his own house. Among them was his daughter’s broken betrothal to Willard Frey, Lord of the Twins and the age-long feud between Bracken and Blackwood and their disputed lands.


For every choice he made, favor was lost and a price was to be paid. For this, the price was the death of his son and heir, Beric Tully, before the man could rise to be Lord Paramount as he was meant to be. During the offense against Riverrun at the peak of the rebellion, Beric lost his life and Jon soon followed in his son’s shadow. They say he was mad with vengeance and mad with grief but few can claim to know the truth for the lives lost that day. What is known is that son and father were found side by side with Blackfyre dragons on their eyes.


It was Jon's brother who tutored the new young Lord Edric. Lord Caden was seasoned and kind. He advised and even raised the boy into lordship and manhood and to this day it is he who watches over the new generation. Many have credited him for Lord Edric’s indomitable presence, canny mind and leadership. 


In the year after the Blackfyre rebellion was won by the Targaryens and their allies, Lord Edric summoned the banners to Riverrun. With the aid of his uncle, he staged an attempt to restore the Riverlands and prepare for the winter in the Great Hall. There, in the year 197 AC, he implored them to share resources and increase production before the snow came and there he demanded a tithe of ⅕ from all incomes to be paid to Riverrun to ensure the health of the Riverlands. More, he insisted - as with the loyalists - that ⅓ be levied from houses that held traitors. To this day, it is largely recognized as Lord Edric’s great triumph as a conciliator. Had he not done so, it is likely the Riverlands would have given in to winter’s whims and be half of what it is now.


Yet, regardless of Edric's first attempts, a sixth of the smallfolk population of the Riverlands was claimed by the White Lady, be it by cold, or hunger. Many times, the bodies would be burned to keep the impoverished warm, and tales of cannibalism were eerily common. Some say that is was these ungodly acts that led to the madness of Fairmarket.


The city was sacked and pillaged by their own; the poor against the wealthy, the wealthy in retribution against the poor. Soon enough, the common man, so displeased with their liege and their lords, declared the city their own to the battlecry: ‘No lord, no gods, no master.’ This was Fairmarket’s motto that denied the authority and privileges of Riverrun. In time, it was eventually made known that house Bracken was supplying Fairmarket and by 206 AC they were a great enough threat to take Deanna Tully and put Lord Beric to the sword.


The foolish act of Lady Deanna, Lord Jon's widow, began when members of her Mallister family were killed by the rebels from Fairmarket. Deranged by her own grief, the woman stormed towards Fairmarket with her Mallister retinue, losing fingers, her dignity and a son for her passions. Since, she has been held under lock, key and watchful eyes in Riverrun. However, she has been noted to assist her former daughter-in-law Alana Blackwood with duties as Lord Treasurer on the Riverlands council.


It was this Tully, Ser Lucas, that saw the end of the rebels of Fairmarket and the second treachery of House Bracken. In the years of 207 to 209, when ice began to melt, Mason strangled the source of their sorrows - the Brackens - and then, with the combined forces of Tully, Blackwood and Mallister, laid siege upon Fairmarket. While the miserable state of Fairmarket damaged the Riverlands greatly, the rivermen saw themselves free of the rebel’s influence. Though, as with all things, there was a price that men would oft prefer not to ever have to pay.

Still, a sense of peace arrived at the departure of winter when spring broke through the ice. The banners and their people afflicted with the decisions of Kings, Lords and Gods have found the will to rise up from their knees. As the Tullys and their retinue attend the tourney of Tumbleton, however, it is said that amidst the wends and alleys of Fairmarket, there’s still a whisper, ‘No lord, no gods, no master...’


Open & taken roles in House Tully::


Lord Lucas Tully, Second son of Jon Tully and Jayne Tully nee Bracken, Lord of Riverrun, (died of health complication 212AC)
Lady Meredyth Tully, Second daughter to Lord Brynden Darry, Wife of Lucas (died violently in Siege of Riverrun 196AC)

Lucas & Meredyth’s children:
■ Ser Lorent Tully, 23, (willingly volunteered for the Black at 22 years old 211AC) , NPC
Lady Alys Manderley nee Tully, 22, Wife of Castiel Manderly, Lady of White Harbor (married 211AC) - NPC
■ Aryena Tully, 20, Lady of Invitations in the Crown Court, played by talisy minor

Lord Lucas’ other wives:

Lady Camylla Tully nee Mooton, Wife of Lucas, Lady of Riverrun (married & killed at the Kingsroad by bandits 211AC)
Lady Edyis Reyne, Wife of Lucas, Lady of Riverrun (marriage made & annulled before she was found drowned in the Mander 212AC)

■ Lady Heleana Blackfyre, 27, Wife of Lucas, Lady of Riverrun (widowed 212AC), played by isabel.pralou

■ Ser Aden Tully,38, Third son of Jon Tully and Jeyne Tully nee Bracken, Uncle to Lord Tully – played by lossehellin
Lady Lemore Tully nee Shawney, Wife of Aden (made to join the Seven as a septa after her part in House Shawney’s betrayal during Blackfyre Rebellion)

Aden & Lemore’s children:

■ ___ Tully,18, Daughter, OPEN
■ ___ Tully, 16, Son, NPC




No Bridle Can Tame

Common physical features: Dark blonde to light or dark brown/black hair, blue eyes, fair skinned, heavy build


While House Bracken had, in the past - been a strong and valuable ally to the Tullys, things have changed gravely in the past years. To the Brackens, the marriage of Lady Jayne to the late Lord Jon Tully was forgotten after half of the disputed lands of Cairns were given to the Blackwoods; their rivals, in the year of 190 AC.


Such animosity between the trouts and stallions is said to have started in the year of 196, when the Brackens and other numerous banners sided with the Blackfyres against their lieges. The event that would later be known as the 'Treason at Red Fork', resulting in the deaths of both Lord Jon and his heir, Lord Beric Tully.


And yet, despite the death of both lords, the Tullys sided with the crown; winning the Blackfyre rebellion. A year after the Treason at Red Fork, the young Lord Edric summoned his banners to Riverrun, and the Brackens were forced to send an outrageous amount of grains to their lieges - a whole third of the production. In an attempt to maintain their strength together, a maiden of House Bracken was wed to Lord Willard Frey; whom was also submitted to the punishment of House Tully.


In the year of 202, however, the Brackens saw a chance to subtly hinder the lieges that had harmed them so. The riots at Fairmarket, just as its sacking; was seen as an opportunity for the stallions, and two years later, the Brackens ceased to send their lieges taxes and slightly, subtly - started to fund those rebel smallfolk, mostly hungry and homeless given winter. Weapons were also discretely sent over to Fairmarket, and in the year of 205, Brynden Blackwood, the lord of their rival house; was killed by the same rebels they sponsored.


A year later, the rebels managed to claim both Lady Deanna Tully and her son Edric. The opportunity to strike at last against their lieges would've seemed to come soon, but they hadn't expected that the rebels were foolish enough to portray banners of House Bracken upon Fairmarket. As ice began to melt, Houses Blackwood, Mallister and Tully marched under the command of the new Lord of the Riverlands, Lord Brandon Tully - who was then only ten and eight. Taken by surprise, the stallions were massacred and most Bracken slaughtered. The young Lord Robert [OPEN], however, was spared, but both his sisters, Melanie and Jaeda were sent as wards to houses Tully and Blackwood. It is said that the houses spared Lord Robert Bracken out of respect for Lady Jayne, Brandon's grandmother; who was a Bracken.


Nevertheless, however much respect Lord Brandon may have harboured for the Brackens - it wasn't enough to spare them humiliation. The lands from Cairns belonging to the Brackens were taken by the Blackwoods, and Stone Hedge itself was occupied by Blackwood troops - as if to keep Lord RObert in check.


The boy lord now turns nine and ten, and has grown up in a harsh environment. Having lost a mother, father, uncles and two sisters to foreign houses - if anything, Lord Robert is now bitter, despite jovial appearances.


Open and taken roles within the Brackens

Lord Herbert Bracken, First son of Elmo Bracken and Cassandra Bracken ‘nee Vypren, Lord of Stone Hedge (alleged horse accident made it unlikely to produce heirs, killed in in Blackfyre Rebellion by the mysterious Raven Knight 197AC)

■ Lord Jason Bracken, Second son of Elmo Bracken and Cassandra Bracken ‘nee Vypren, Lord of Stone Hedge (slain by Quentyn Blackwood in the Reckoning of Stone Hedge 207AC).
■ Lady Jeyne Bracken, First daughter of Hoster Bracken and Heliana Bracken ‘nee Vance, Wife of Jason, Lady of Stone Hedge (beheaded in execution for her part of House Bracken’s crimes 207AC).

Jason & Jeyne’s children:

■ Melanie Bracken, 22, Mistress of Ceremony at Crown court, played by alyssavond
■ Lord Robert Bracken, 19, [CURRENT] Lord of Stone Hedge, played by lucian sorbet
Jaeda Bracken, 19, ward at Raventree Hall, NPC
Lyarra Bracken (died of winter fever aged 5, 200AC)
Benjamin Bracken, 16, ward at Raventree Hall, NPC



We Stand Together

NOTE: Common physical features- Light/dark brown hair, varying eye colors, fair skin


The participation of the Freys at the 'Treason at Red' fork is said to be justified by the Tullys broken words. Lady Lysa Tully had been betrothed to Lord Willard Frey ever since she was eleven, and she was promised nothing less than Ladyship over the Twins.


The girl, however, caught herself in scandal, after being discovered pregnant. Not only did the girl break a betrothal with the Freys; the Tullys also welcomed her bastard into their home, to grow among the trouts. Lord Jon Tully could've tried anything to remedy that broken betrothal, but the allowance of such Boy-Rivers into their household was seen as unforgivable. And so, the Freys waited for the right moment to punish the trouts for their lack of respect towards them, by joining the Blackfyres against the Crown and Riverrun in the year of 196.


While revenge was sweet as both Lord Jon and his heir Beric were killed during the rape of Riverrun; in the end, the war was lost by the Blackfyres. A year later, the Tullys also had their share of revenge by forcing the Freys to give a third of their stocked grains and send the young Gwynn Frey as a ward in Riverrun. The presence of the girl, Lord Willard's niece, at Riverrun -  paused any new attempt against the Tullys in the years to come.


He, however, wed a comely maiden of house Bracken. Lady Leslyn Frey, née Bracken, gave him many children and her house likewise had their reasons to despise their lieges.


Oddly calm, the Freys now are eerily quiet at the passing of Lord Willard. Though it is known; the Freys know better than all - that vengeance is a dish tasted cold.


Open and taken roles within the Freys:


Lord Edgerran Frey, Lord of the Twins (Once betrothed to Lysa Tully, died of frail health 210AC)
■ Lady Alane Charlton, wife of Edgerran, Lady of the Twins (died from consumption 177AC)

Edgerran & Alane’s children:

■ Lord Beron Frey, 47, [CURRENT] Lord of the Twins, OPEN AS RECAST

■ Lady Leslyn Frey ‘nee Bracken, 30, Wife of Edgerran, Dowager Lady of the Twins, OPEN

Edgerran & Leslyn’s children:

Two sons, Two daughers (NPCs, eldest 12 years of age)

Lady Marilyn Frey ‘nee Wayn, Wife of Beron, Lady of the Twins (died of winter fever 204AC)

Beron & Marilyn’s children:

■ Lady ___ Haigh ‘nee Frey, 25, OPEN
■ ___, Son ,23, Heir to the Twins, OPEN
■ ___, Son, 20, OPEN




Hidden Eyes, Hidden Strength*

NOTE: Common physical features - Dark brown or black hair, green to dark brown eyes, pale skin, slender


House Blackwood has been one of the strongest allies to the Tullys in the recent years, being, too, the ones who saved Riverrun against the Blackfyres.


The friendship between the Tullys and Blackwoods seem to have started in the year of 190, when they were given half the lands of Cairns, that had been, for years, being disputed with their rivals, the Brackens; regardless the fact that the then Lord Jon was wed to a Bracken. Their lieges had, then, surprised the ravens, and earned a respect that hadn't been common until then.


Six years later, favoring their lieges, House Blackwood was the one responsible for saving the Riverlands against the Blackfyre threat. The 'Raven-Helmed Knight's identity was never discovered, but he was, without doubt, the one who led the Blackwood forces against the Blackfyre forces. At that same battle, Ser Gerold Constayne was killed, and Lord Herbert Bracken mortally the Raven Knight's blade.


The new council of Lord Edric welcomed Lord Brynden into his council, and it was he who suggested to gather grains from banners to keep the Riverlands fed. Hadn't it been Brynden, the Riverlands would've gone through worse during winter than they then had. It was him, too, who suggested that the traitors - notably their rivals, the Brackens - offer more grains than the other banners.


As the smallfolk rebellions in 205 increased, it was Brynden who personally went there to investigate. Sadly, the man died, and his son, Quentyn took over Raventree Hall, and ensured the Tullys that despite that heavy, and sad lost, the Ravens would always be with their lieges. A year later, when Lady Deanna foolishly headed towards Fairmarket; causing later the death of her son and many Tully Knights, the Blackwoods once more joined forces with the Tullys. In 207, as the Ice began to melt, the Ravens marched once again with the trouts against the Brackens, as they had, all along, been the ones who armed the Fairmarket rebels.


The Blackwoods took full control over the lands of Cairns and occupied Stone Hedge itself - the halls of their enemies. The Blackwood pride was won once more, and until this day, they remain one of the Tullys most trusted allies.


Open and taken roles with House Blackwood:


Lord Brynden Blackwood, First son of XXX Blackwood and XXX Blackwood ‘nee XXX, Lord of Raventree Hall, Hand to King Rhaegal Targaryen, (slain by Fairmarket Rebels 206AC)
■ Lady Aemily Blackwood ‘nee Piper, 49, Dowager Lady of Raventree Hall, OPEN

Brynden & Aemily’s children/goodsons or daughter

■ Lord Quentyn Blackwood, 28, [CURRENT] Lord of Raventree Hall, Master of Law, played by vestigewithin

■Lady Evelyna Blackwood nee Martell, 20, daughter of Daron and Rohanna Martell, played by blueridgechick

■ Alana Tully ‘nee Blackwood, 27, former Lady of Riverrun, Lord Treasurer of the Riverlands, played by lyravi
■ Jack Blackwood, 25, at Raventree Hall (retired, NPC)
■ Maeoria Blackwood,20, at Raventree Hall (retired, NPC)

■ ___ Blackwood, Daughter, 18, OPEN




Above The Rest

NOTE: Common physical features - Brown/black hair, grey-blue eyes, fair skinned, freckled, slender


House Mallister and those who bare its honoured name have defended the Riverlands from Ironborn raiders for centuries. The bronze bell, used to hail the danger of Ironborn coming to shore, has not been rung in centuries due to their longstanding diligence and loyalty.


Yet they too have been forced to learn some bitter lessons in recent years. The price of loyalty and the cost in blood it demands being chief amongst them in the face of the Blackfyre Rebellion and difficulties of the long White Winter, culminating in the Reckoning of Stone Hedge. Though these lessons be harsh it leaves the surviving members of the house no less loyal, no less honourable and no less devoted to the safety and security of the Riverlands.


If there is one thing a Mallister can be trusted with it is to hold fast not only on the field or before an enemy but to its core ideals. Honour, loyalty, nobility are more than words amongst this family, they run as deep and strong as the walls of Seaguard itself. Blood and hurt was done upon them during the Fairmarket Rebellion and by the treachery of House Bracken but House Mallister has endured, remained loyal to it Liege Lords the Tullys of Riverrun and shed more than some blood of its enemies along the way


Open and taken roles within the Mallisters


■ Lord Benjen Mallister, Lord of Seagard, 48 years old, Lord Admiral of the Riverlands, OPEN

■ Lady Leanna Mallister nee Lychester, Lady of Seagard, 42 years old, OPEN


Children of Benjen & Leanna:

■ ___ Mallister, 24, heir of Seagard, OPEN

■ ___ Mallister, 21, OPEN

Lady Magdalene Mallister, 19, NPC




Touch Me Not

NOTE: Common physical features - Black hair, blue eyes


Even younger than it’s liege lord Lothston, House Wode was but a small walled hall with a single tavern. Under its current master, it has flourished into a village with a modest contribution of men to supply for Lord Lothston’s martial forces. The strategic location and fertile farmlands grants the knightly house a solid income and makes it ideal as a solid defence at the border with the Crownlands with the potential of slowing down enemy troop movements as well as providing the rest of the Riverlands with an early warning whenever the need arises. The house has become somewhat more widely known with the escapades of Ser Robin, a known vocal opponent against the marriage of Aegon Blackfyre and Vysena Waters aka. the Lace Dragon. He was accused later of housing the fugitive Laeherys Blackfyre, resulting in a storming by the Crown’s army. It is currently in a state of rebuild as a potential civil war looms ahead.


After much controversy between the Crown, House Tully and the fate of the RIverlands, Ser Robin won the grand prize of Harrenhal's Tourney in 212AC... Harrenhal itself. His younger brother Robert took the mantle as Master of Prickly halls, already a cadet house for the new lord and his brother.


■ Lord Robin Wode, [CURRENT] Lord of Harrenhal, 30 years old – played by corvin.finesmith




*a knightly house sword to Wode of Harrenhal


Robert Wode, [CURRENT] Master of Prickly Halls, brother to Lord Robin – 25 years old, played by stannislaus

■ Ser XXX Wode, Uncle to Robin & Robert, 45+, OPEN

■ XXX Wode – Cousin, 19-30, either gender, , OPEN


UserPostedImage    HOUSE BUTTERWELL OF WHITEWALLS    UserPostedImage

House words tbd

■ Alfred Butterwell, 25, Son of Lord Edgren Butterwell & Lady Evelyn Butterwell 'nee Wayn [CURRENT] Lord of Whitewalls - played by charliebronson


UserPostedImage   HOUSE SMALLWOOD OF ACORN HALL   UserPostedImage

From These Beginnings

Common physical features- TBD

Smallwood family tree

■ Lord Desmond Smallwood,25, Son of Lord Tomothy Smallwood & Lady Lessa Smallwood ‘nee Vance of Wayfarer’s Nest, [CURRENT] Lord of Acorn Hall – played by golyth carillion


Houses currently closed:

UserPostedImage   House Lothston (RECENTLY EXTINCT)   UserPostedImage



Other houses possible for opening:


   House Blanetree of Maple Keep*   

   House Charlton of Riverfall*   

   House Cox of Saltpans   

   House Darry of Darry   - {Family tree}

   House Deddings of Sparhawk Hill*   

   House Erenford of Erenford Castle

   House Goodbrook of Goodbrook*

   House Grell of Martleting Keep*

   House Haigh of Haigh Marsh*

   House Hawick of Saltpans

   House Keath of Hook’s Mark*

   House Lolliston of Three Oaks*

   House Lychester of Castle Lychester

   House Mooton of Maidenpool - {Family tree}

   House Paege of Stream’s Way*

   House Piper of Pinkmaiden

   House Roote of Lord Harroway's Town

   House Ryger of Willow Wood

   House Shawney of Watermark*

   House Smallwood of Acorn Hall

   House Terrick of Hawk’s Perch*

   House Vance of Atranta

   House Vance of Wayfarer's Rest  {Family tree}

   House Vypren of Lilywater*

   House Wayn of Miller Castle*

   House Whent of Iris Edge*


*not necessarily canon to ASOIAF


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