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“Only a Dornishman can ever truly know Dorne.”



Dorne came under the power of the Iron Throne in 180 AC, conquered on the marriage bed rather than on the battlefield. When Nymeda Martell and Rhaegar Targaryen wed their children they sealed the union of Westeros and Dorne, setting into motion events that neither of them could have foreseen or would live to witness.


Long had both sides warred against each other and King Rhaegal and Princess Nymeda were old battle-tested foes. Many campaigns had been fought, many battles won and lost, and many lives squandered in the dusty mountain passes and the wide expanses of the Dornish Marches.


In time both grew to see the futility of the endless fighting and when Rhaegal approached Nymeda under a banner of diplomacy rather than warfare she accepted his terms. Aliandra Martell and Maegor Targaryen were married with much fanfare in the Great Sept. The old enemies  faced each other once more--though this time not across a battlefield, but to watch as peace was finally reached through the union of their children.


It would be an uneasy peace at best. The most vocal against the alliance were the nobles from both sides of the borders of the Reach and the Stormlands. The places where the blood feuds were the oldest and the fighting the fiercest. Skirmishes continued to break out, especially between the Carons of Nightsong and the Manwoodys of Kingsgrave who had been in a state of constant warfare since 170 AC. Their bloody quarrel the  result of a tragically thwarted love affair-- an event that would be recounted and immortalized in Marcher ballads and songs ever after.


By the time Baelor Blackfyre had named himself King and made his play for the Iron Throne, it had been six and ten years and Nymeda and Rhaegal were both long dead. So too was their peace.


The Blackfyre Rebellion

196 AC-197 AC



The Kingdom had erupted in wildfyre and rebellion, but despite the tensions-- and the knowledge of his sister's unhappy marriage to Maegor-- Nymeda's son, Prince Darion, answered Maelys' call to arms, gathering his most loyal spears to him in support of the Crown. Houses Fowler and Dayne were first amongst those lords who rallied to his summons. They formed a great host and set forth to march up the Prince's Pass.


Their plans were foiled, however, when they discovered that a rock slide had barricaded the Pass at its narrowest point-- blocking their progress completely. Undaunted-- and against the advice of those who insisted the rock slide was no natural occurrence-- Prince Darion wheeled his great host around intending to travel up the more treacherous Boneway instead.  


Little did he know he was walking into a trap. Lurking in the narrow twisted route ahead, Lord Yorick Yronwood lay in wait.  A host of his own was at his back and Tyroshi archers were positioned on the high crags above.


A bitter, proud man, the Bloodroyal had long been a vociferous critic of the Martells. He had vehemently opposed the marriage of Maegor and Aliandra and the union of Done and Westeros. In him the Blackfyres and the disenchanted Tyroshi had found a more than willing ally.  He swayed House Manwoody to their cause, playing on the old feud with House Caron; stoking the flames of their eternal dissatisfaction with the Martell's over their denial to support them against the Marcher Lords. It was they who had blocked the Prince's Pass and and their banners flew alongside Yronwood's as Prince Darion's great army marched into view.


The forces clashed like two great tidal waves of spears and shields. The battle raged for three solid days. Heroes and legends were both made and killed in that dusty pass, with little gained for either side before the Marcher Lords came sweeping down the Boneway. Attacking the flanks and rear of Yronwood's forces, they smashed through their lines and freed what remained of the Dornish host to join the rest of Maelys' army.


Both Yorick Yronwood and his heir Edwyle were cut down in the fighting, Lord Manwoody executed soon after. From both houses Prince Darion took recompense in silver and hostages. The young Tyroshi bride of Edwyle Yronwood was taken as well, and only traded back to Tyrosh after a great ransom was paid and it was determined she was not with child.


Much later rumors would emerge regarding House Jordayne, who seemingly did not partake in the Rebellion--  suggesting that they had in fact sided with Lord Yronwood, but had chosen not to show that day in the Boneway. Abandoning their ally either from sheer cowardice-- or from good sense, depending on who was telling the tale . Though these rumors were heavily circulated and hotly debated, Prince Darion did little to quell them either way.


The Blackfyre Rebellion had been won by the Crown, but at great cost-- and with little help from the Martells, who had arrived too late to be of any real use. Maelys was dead and Maegor King in his place and Darion bent the knee accordingly, giving what aid he could. He had suffered few losses compared to the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, though his pride had been grievously wounded by the betrayal of his banners. His feelings would matter little in the face in what was still to come.


 The White Death

 197 AC - 206 AC


It did not rain a single drop for the next nine years. It seemed the Gods would punish Dorne along with the rest of the Seven Kingdoms.


A drought set in like none living memory could ever recall. The conditions growing so bad that the water levels of the Greenblood and the mighty Torrentine sank to dangerous levels. Even the sulfurous Brimstone’s sluggish yellow waters grew alarmingly close to running dry.


During the days the sun beat unmercifully down and great sandstorms blasted over the deserts, swallowing up everything in their paths. During the nights the temperatures dropped so low in the high places of the Red Mountains, that the smallfolk froze in their beds.


Unrest ruled the people and Darion was forced to contend not only with ever shrinking resources of Dorne, but also with the hostilities that bloomed all over his land--the only harvest he would see.


First there was the great conflict in the desert as the Lords of the deep sands fought amongst themselves over the few remaining wells; then there was the brigand who named himself Vulture King in 202 AC and started a wave of vicious attacks on nearby settlements. The now aged Prince Darion sent his son and heir Lewyn to deal with this problem and the young Martell quickly put it to rest over the course of the following year, with the Vulture King being finally slain in personal combat by Lord Braydon Fowler.


Just when it seemed Winter would never end it did; and in its closing brought with it the promise of Spring in first fat drops of life giving rain.


The Bitter Spring

206 AL- Present


It rained and rained.


Flash floods raged through the steep passes of the mountains, washing away settlements and livestock-- as well as the bandits and thieves that had long preyed on the trade routes. From these angry waters Dorne bloomed and blossomed anew. Olives burst from withered branches; blood oranges and lemons appeared out of nowhere to decorate and perfume the landscape with vivid colors and heady aromas. Wells once parched and dry were filled anew with sweet cool water.


But with life came death. Dark words arrived, borne on the dark wings of a raven. Queen Aliandra had died mysteriously -- and the King's mistress was rumored to have murdered her.


Darion was outraged and his banners followed suit. Armies were once more mustered and formed in the Prince's Pass and in the Boneway, and it seemed the peace and union of Westeros and Dorne was at an end. It was only when King Maegor offered to make Darion's second son, Dakario Martell, his Hand that Dornish fury was placated--at least for the most part.


It is uncertain what would have transpired next had a certain ship not arrived to port in Planky Town. Bringing with it a pale mare that galloped disastrously up and down the coast of Dorne, leaving death and despair in its wake.


The Bloody Flux. It spread as quickly as it killed. First it struck the Orphans on their pole boats, then it swept up to the slums of the Shadowcity, felling more than a third of the populace before stealing through the Winding Walls of Sunspear to strike at the very heart of Dorne itself.


Prince Darion succumbed, so too did the wife and small daughter of his son and heir Prince Lewyn, who by all accounts was driven nearly mad with grief. For a solid year he holed himself up at the Water Gardens. No one could see him save for minstrels, questionable women, and the few comrades he kept; the rough battle hardened men with whom he had fought in the Boneway and during the Vulture King's reign.


Rumors circulated that he spent his days and nights whoring and drinking and that the running of Dorne was left to the Steward of Sunspear and his distant brother, Dakario Martell, the Hand of the King. A man who was learning to run King's Landing as well--much to his own benefit. Prince Dakario was concerned enough to leave his post in King's Landing and travel to the Water Gardens  to speak with the errant Prince. Only the brothers can know what was spoken that day and what transpired between them-- but it is enough to know the Crown Prince Lewyn Nymeros Martell was firmly instated in Sunspear soon after.


In the three years that Prince Lewyn has ruled Dorne, he has proven to be a capable leader, though few have called him good. Popular with the more martial of the Dornish Lords-- for the Prince is well known to be a skilled warleader-- there are others who remain doubtful of him and who credit any success of Dorne not with Lewyn-- but with his brother, the Hand.


Despite all this Prince Lewyn is reported to be a confident, affable man; one who greatly enjoys the pomp and grandeur of being the Crown Prince more than the work of actually ruling. His court is said to wield great sway and power, and positions within it are ruthlessly jockeyed for--the political intrigues of Dorne much like their food--spicy and laced with venom.


It is not surprising that the news of the Great Tourney in Tumbleton was met with great anticipation in Sunspear and by Prince Lewyn himself, who is well known to be fond of jousts and melees. He moved quickly to invite all the great men and women of Dorne to attend--despite the hostilities among them. Extending his invitation even to the disgraced families of Yronwood and Manwoody, who would be officially forgiven for their past transgressions should they attend.

All the eyes of the Kingdom were now looking towards Tumbleton....


210 AC - Tumbleton
Dakario Martell, then Hand of the King, became regent after the death of Maegor. 

Lewyn Martell agrees to grant aide to Kingsgrave and Hellholt, the former to help recover further from the Winter, the latter to help recover from a blight that struck its crops.


210 AC - Greywood:

Faith militant uprising started with attacks on the adjacent Dornish and Northern tents. Lewyn Martell, a Martell cousin, Alyse Manwoody, and the tent guards repelled and put down the attacks, with later help from Northern reinforcements. 

Dakario Martell and his family flee Greywood ahead of the court, to keep safe from the faith militant attack.

Alysanne Dayne, the ruling lady of Starfall, was captured, raped, mutilated, and killed by the faith militant. 

Yorra Yronwood, the ruling lady of Yronwood, was assassinated in her tents. Ser Geralt Dayne, Kingsguard and Sword of the Morning was with her, as was her only child and heir Sia Yronwood. Both perished.


210 AC - King's Landing

Lewyn Martell is killed while fighting the faith militant incursion in the capital. Dakario Martell becomes ruling Prince of Dorne.

Mavio Martell, Dakario's sickly younger child, is sent to the citadel to become a maester.

Dakario Martell and his heir, Kina Martell, travel to Tyrosh. Their heads are returned to Sunspear a fortnight later. Upon hearing the news, Aleyra Martell, Dakario's wife, sailed off to Tyrosh as well, and met the same fate. Trystane Martell becomes ruling Prince of Dorne.

With neither of the foundation promises of the Dornish-Crown alliance being fulfilled any longer, Dorne temporarily secedes from the seven kingdoms. 

Alyse Manwoody is named Captain of the Lion's Gate in the City Watch, and helps to successfully defend the capital during the War with the West. She was subsequently placed in charge of Crownlands forces during the siege of Casterly Rock, and as a reward for her service was named Lady Commander of City Watch.

Trystane Martell successfully negotiates a new alliance with the crown. The terms are not publicly disclosed, but once more Dorne is peacefully brought into the seven kingdoms. 

Asir Toland sends letters to most Dornish houses, attempting to incite a rebellion. No other houses rally to his call, yet Toland men march on Sunspear regardless. 

War with Toland ends in the annihilation of the entire Toland army, minus the household guard that stayed behind. A cousin was given the land, with increased taxes and their heirs warded to the Martells. Asir Toland escapes the battle, but is ultimately captured and beheaded by Trystane. 

Marleah Martell is chosen from amongst the ten queenly candidates to be betrothed to the King. Trystane objects to this in open court, but eventually is convinced to stand with Marleah on her wedding day. 


211 AC - King's Landing
Calls are sent out around Dorne, asking for strong men to help the region recover from the recent wars. Many sons who didn't stand to inherit, adventurers, and so much else besides answer the call and take to fortifying the houses that need fortification.
A deal is struck to provide Kingsgrave aide from House Martell, and after fifteen long years it seems the land will finally make a recovery from the ruin it was left in after the Blackfyre Rebellion. 
Queen Marleah Martell dies tragically, but not before birthing twin boys to the King. Dorne mourns the loss of the second Dornish queen in a row, with many whispers about just what it means for Dorne to have that happen.
Prince Trystane is finally married a few months later, taking Lady Nyere Wyl as his wife, who had to abdicate her position in the Wyl line of succession.
212 AC - King's Landing - Present

The Heir to Dorne is born, a baby girl Princess Rohanna Martell is born to Prince Trystane and Princess Consort Nyere (nee Wyl). 

King Aeron Targaryen and the late Queen Marleah Martell’s two twin boys: Crown Prince Daemon Targaryen and Prince Baelon Targrayen, are abducted in the night from the Red Keep.  The King’s body along with his personal guard are found dead on the shores of the Blackwater.

Lord Jamie Baratheon, Hand to King Aeron, is named Regent and Lord Protector as the Seven Kingdoms seek out the fate of infant King Daemon and his twin brother Crown Prince Baelon Targaryen.  Prince Trystane Martell is named Hand and his sister Princess Evelyna Martell is named Steward of the Hand.

After several months of searching, the boys are returned home, well and unharmed.  After a series of meetings, Prince Trystane Martell, Hand to the Regent is named guardian of the returned children. 

During the great tourney of Harrenhal, Princess Evelyna Martell is wed to Lord Quentyn Blackwood, sparking tensions of the smallfolk of the Riverlands and is named as part of the cause of inciting a deadly riot on the day of the Stranger's Ball, the last evening in Harrenhal.

During a meeting of the Lord Paramounts among questions to the continuance of the regency of Lord Jamie Baratheon, Protector of the Realm, Prince Trystane Martell states he will resign as Hand upon Jamie's confirmation or replacement.

A court is called in the throne room of the Red Keep by the Regent Lord Jamie Baratheon. Still acting as Hand, Prince Trystane Martell and others wait for the Lord's arrival, but it never comes. Prince Trystane and others find the Regent, Lord Henry Tyrell and a Steward dead, suspected that they were poisoned, Prince Trystane Martell picks up a cup and sniffs the wine. Moments later, he too dies from the poisoned brew, leaving his infant daughter, Princess Rohanna Martell, the ruler to Dorne.

Lord Quentyn Blackwood, missing for sometime, is presumed dead and Princess Evelyna Martell is given back to her maiden house and restored.

Chaos ensues as the Regent and Hand are dead.  Dorne is held in Regency by Trystane's uncle, Prince Murad Martell. He declares Princess Evelyna Martell voice of Dorne in his stead.  She along with The Reach, The North, The Stormlands and The Riverlands vote Lord Cedric Stark as Regent to the King Daemon Targaryen.

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Available Roles!

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House Nymeros Martell House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear  - Contact an OOC lead for details.
All Martell roles are considered Regional Roles and will be held to an extremely high standard as a result.

■   Princess Rohanna Martelll - Ruling Princess of Dorne - 1 years old. (NPC)
             ■   Nyere Martell née Wyl - Princess Consort of Dorne, 22 years old. (NPC)
■   Prince Idris Martell - Brother to the Ruling Prince, 27 years old. (Rual Cruxis Engrave)
■   Princess Evelyna Martell - Sister to the Ruling Prince, 19 years old. (Blueridgechick Resident)
■   Prince Murad Martell - Great Uncle to the Ruling Princess, 50 years old. Regent of Dorne, Castellan of Sunspear. (NPC)
             ■   Prince XY Martell - Cousin to the Ruling Prince, young (about 28). (OPEN)
             ■   Princess XX Martell - Cousin to the Ruling Prince, 22 years old. (OPEN)

House Dayne of Starfall House Dayne of Starfall - Contact an OOC lead for details.
Due to House Dayne's importance to the region, a higher standard will be expected of applicants aiming for this house.

■   Lord Davos Dayne - Lord of Starfall - 27 years old.  (Wyatt Arun)
■   XX Dayne née YY - Mother to Lord Dayne, middle aged (about 46). (OPEN)
■   Ryan Dayne - Brother to Lord Dayne, 26 years old.  (RyanGraham)
■   Elia Dayne - Sister to Lord Dayne, 26 years old. (NPC)
■   Sierra Dayne - Sister to Lord Dayne, young (about 20). (Siofra Macalroy)

House Yronwood House Yronwood of Yronwood - Contact an OOC Lead for details.
Due to House Yronwood's importance to the region, a higher standard will be expected of applicants aiming for this house.

■   X Yronwood - Lord or Lady of Yronwood, Bloodroyal - 20 years old. (OPEN)
■   X Yronwood - Sibling of Lady Yronwood, male or female, between 18 and 19 years old. (OPEN)
■   X Yronwood - Sibling of Lady Yronwood, male or female, between 18 and 19 years old. (OPEN)

■   Janos Sand - Bastard Uncle of Lady Yronwood, Son of Aden Yronwood, male, 37 years old. (OPEN)

House Fowler House Fowler of Skyreach - Contact an OOC lead for details.

■   Lord Jeyson Fowler - Ruler of Skyreach, Warden of the Prince's Pass - 1 years old. (NPC)

■   Lord Gedion Fowler - Regent of Skyreach, Uncle to Lord Fowler (NPC)
■   Nesrin Fowler - Sister to Lady Fowler, 19 years old. (Jetis Umia)
■   X Fowler - Sibling of Lady Fowler, male or female, 18 years old. (OPEN)
■   XY Fowler - Uncle to Lady Fowler, middle aged (~35). (OPEN)

House Manwoody House Manwoody of Kingsgrave - Contact Alkaia Exonar for details.

■   Lord Symon Manwoody - Lord of Kingsgrave - 34 years old, a veteran of the Battle of the Stone Way. (OPEN)
■   Alyse Manwoody - Sister to Lord Manwoody, 30 years old. (Alkaia Exonar)
■   X Manwoody - Second youngest sibling, male or female, between 20 and 30 years old. (OPEN)
■   Odina Manwoody - Sister to Lord Manwoody, 20 years old. (Akidutch)

House Wyl House Wyl of the Boneway - Contact an OOC lead for details.
Wyl is a very large family, and so there are a large number of potential roles in it. If you're interested in playing a Wyl that isn't specified in this list, contact Julianne Auster to discuss it

■   Lord Walter Wyl - Lord of Wyl, Warden of the Stone Way - 55 years old. Currently ruling in Wyl. (NPC)
             ■   XY Wyl - Lord Wyl’s heir and right hand, middle aged (~40). (OPEN)
                          ■   XX Wyl, née Gargalen - Wife to Lord Wyl's heir, middle aged (~37). (OPEN + Optional)
                          ■   Nyere Martell née Wyl - Princess Consort of Dorne, 22 years old. (Julianne Auster)

House Uller House Uller of Hellholt - Contact an OOC lead for details.

■   Lord Malleon Uller - Lord of Hellholt - 7 years old. (NPC)
■   XX Uller - Regent of Hellholt - Aunt or Uncle of Lord Uller, 22 years old. (OPEN)
■   XX Uller - Aunt or Uncle of Lord Uller, (OPEN)


Don't see a house/role you're interested in? 
These are only the roles we're actively recruiting for. Most houses also have cousin roles available, and many other houses are either in play or able to be opened to play. If you wanted to be a member of a house not listed here, feel free to contact one of your friendly neighbourhood OOC leads to discuss it. For a full list of houses that can be opened, as well as useful other links, please see the forum post - here


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