The Crownlands


Current OOC Lead:  Laena Velaryon (adeline mohr)
Current IC Lead: Crown Prince Daemon Targaryen (NPC Infant)


The seat of Targaryen power, the Crownlands hold a great power of their own and many of its lords and vassals are known to hold great sway and influence over the Iron Throne. In the centuries since Aegon’s Conquest, Lords of the Crownlands have served on many a King’s Small Council and acted as advisor and friend to the conquering Valyrians. However, the death of the ‘Last Dragon’ and the subsequent thinning of Valyrian blood, has left the Crown and its Kingdom in a precarious position. Maegor II lacks any trueborn heirs and his appetites and tastes have left a sour taste in his lord’s mouths. Many may think to determine the course of Westeros’ history in the coming months but only fools would think to discount the Crownlands and its hold upon the throne.








191 AC

King Maelys Targaryen marries Haera of Myr.  It is said that the Queen’s detractors are many. Among them is the King’s Steward, Ser Crispan Celtigar who disapproves of the Queen’s bold, lascivious presence at court. Although Haera petitions her husband to have Ser Crispan removed from court, Maelys does not send the Celtigar away; having been a near permanent fixture at court since the reign of Cora Celtigar.


192 AC


Haera of Myr is found to be pregnant, despite persistent rumors that her husband failed to consummate their marriage. Many of those closest to the King urge him to bring his Queen to trial for her treasonous infidelity but it is Maegor who steps forward and advocates his brother's mercy. A trial and the ensuing scandal would only serve to further weaken Maelys' reputation at court. After all, what sort of King allowed himself to be cuckolded as Maelys had? Far better, his brother counselled him, to have the Queen sent away from court altogether -- quietly cast aside and exiled at Summerhall. The child -- a daughter -- would be just as quietly denied; Maelys refusing to even acknowledge her birth.

Haera of Myr would not be seen at court again until after Maelys’ death during the Blackfyre Rebellion (196 AC) by which time it was an open secret, that the child she returned with had been refused legitimacy by her one-time husband and King. That this same child was doted upon by the fallen King's brother, only further lent itself to rumors that the Lace Dragon was another of Maegor's bastards.

Following Haera’s exile, Ser Crispan resigns his position as King’s Steward and leaves King’s Landing; disappointed and embittered that Maelys had discarded his advice and allowed the Queen to live. Members of House Celtigar are seen infrequently at court for several years afterwards.




196 AC

Balerion Blackfyre challenges his half-brother’s claim to the Iron Throne.  The overall populace of the Crownlands joins forces with the Targaryens. However even in the Crownlands there are exceptions; the Houses Massey, Bar Emmon and Stokeworth side with the Blackfyres while the Celtigars refuse any and all summons, remaining an island of neutrality in the upcoming storm. The last battle was fought near Rosby, an event in which saw the near end of Bar Emmon.

House Yronwood, sensing the Blackwater was relatively ill defended due to the war, attempts to lay seige to Driftmark. The skeleton crew left behind from the gathering of War stands valiantly against them, though it is the swift and decisive intervention of Prince Aegon Targaryen that prevents the island from being taken.


196/197 AC

The ‘White Death’ begins.

The Rise of Rosby.

Rosby was before the winter but a small keep with a small village surrounding it yet when winter came Rosby became the new aim for traders. Though Lady Webber is the most well known of Spiders, Lord Rosby himself proved able to weave webs near as good. By the end of winter, the small village once mainly composed out of daub-and-wattle huts had turned into a town. Protected by a wooden wall and containing not one but six houses made of stone. Rosby became a city in the making and it is whispered by many that it's rise began when a black market formed, selling the loot of the last battlefield.  Some say Rosby knew nothing others say it was he who had created it, letting it grow during winter to compose more then just the selling of the possessions of dead traitors.

The Hand of the King, ser Brynden Blackwood, resigns in 198. Ser Abelar Darklyn is appointed as Hand of the King to King Maegor II. His brother becomes Heir to Duskendale and future Lord Darklyn.


202 AC

The Tragedy of the Brunes

The Brune's of Dyre Den were snowed in and five died of winter's hunger however it was the Brune's of Brownhollow that felt the White Lady's embrace the worst. But a day's ride from their cousin's in Dyre Den it was said that after four months of silence Lord Brune's brother rode from Dyre Den to Brownhollow to see his kin. What he and his men found there was naught but death. Every single person in Brownhollow both keep and town had died in the embrace of the white lady. It is said that his Lordship's brother found his cousin, his wife and their four children in one bed embracing as if asleep, only rotten from inside without sight of it outside. The younger brother would bury his kin with the help of but three men as the others ran off. For this the King granted him Brownhollow.


205 AC

Plague in Duskendale

Inspired and envious of the success of Rosby, the Darklyns of Duskendale tried to follow suite to enrich themselves. it was said Lord Darklyn hoped to even oversize King's Landing one day with his success. Yet it was not to be. Unlike Rosby it is said Lord Darklyn had no head for numbers and though more tradesmen came, not all were of good repute and soon a illness took hold in Duskendale, killing a quarter of its populations. It is said that Darklyn's success comes from the fact he refused to allow it to spread further by closing his gate, of course he also closed to gates to his keep in which the Darklyn’s would remain safe.


205 AC

The Exodus of Celtigar

Haera of Myr and her daughter are welcomed back to court. Her return marks House Celtigar’s retreat from court for the second time, with both Lord Celtigar's youngest brother and sister resigning their positions.

The Attempt of House Crabb

A ‘False Spring’ sees House Crabb strike when their enemies were still recovering in an attempt to take full control of North Crakeclaw Point. The first month seemed to bring great success for House Crabb with each house they faced swiftly falling, yet five weeks into their conquest the Lord Crabb and his sons neared the lands of Brune where they faced the Lords Brune and the last free houses of North Crakeclaw point. House Crabb suffered a major defeat as one of Lord Crabb's sons lost his life and his armies routed. The Lords Brune and their allies beat the Crabbs back until nothing they had conquered was theirs anymore.


206 AC

The 'White Death' ends.

In the end Rosby gained much from the winter, while House Darklyn, Brune and Crabb suffered tremendously in the winter. The island houses of Velaryon and Celtigar came through the winter without to much difficulty. Both houses had enough wealth and trade to survive the winter and unlike those on the Mainland, neither islands had been damaged by war. 


210 AC

The Great Tourney of Tumbleton. The Crownlands is represented at the Tourney by His Grace Maegor as well as his vassals of house Velaryon and house Celtigar. Alliances are made with the West for profit.

The death of King Maegor brings sorrow and an air of tenseness to the region. Celtigar retreats to Claw Isle to mourn the death of his second wife, backing out of a deal with house Payne. Velayron is in disarray due to the abdication of Lady Rhaella Velaryon as Lady of Tides to join the Faith. Her son, Aethon, is named Lord Velayron.


210 AC - Greywood

The journey home is delayed by flooding, the party stopping in the bleak lands of Greywood. The murder of Lord Stark in the woods nearby brings worry to the Crownlanders just as much as the rest of the nobles. Lady Jaehaerya Velaryon maintains her post as Scribe to the new Regent of Westeros, Dakario Martell and his wife, lady Aleyra.


Mid 210 AC - King's Landing

The lack of a King or an heir to be found brings tension to the Realm. The Crownlands feeling it deeply. Velaryon acts as mediator and representative for the loyal vassals of the Crown. Harvests are strong throughout the region, and Rosby continues to be a center of Black Market trading.

Maegor's bastard children are granted the chance to form their own house by the Regent, Dakario Martell. Liram chooses to remain separate, but Aeron chooses the name Darkstone and his brother Daemon joins him. Aeron is named Lord Darkstone and given Dragonstone as his holding. Daemon is named Hand of the king and many in the Crownlands whisper dark words against bastards being placed as their possible lords.

A Regent Dead and a King Risen

Dakario Martell, while not well liked, is mourned when he is declared dead, once more leaving the Realm without a leader. A Great Council is called.

The results of the Great Council yield fiarly predictable results with Daemon Darkstone being named Heir to the Throne by a nearly unanimous vote.

Multiple sources claim Aethon Velaryon, the Lord of Driftmark, is planning to try and usurp the throne from under the newly lauded Lord Protector. The boy is imprisoned by the Crown inside the regional manse by order of the Master of Laws Aeron Darkstone, and the Crown's Justice Darius Lannister.

Aethon flees King's Landing with help from unknown sources. A trial is held that ends in rebellion from the West. Aeron Darkstone resigns as Master of Laws to return to his position as Commander of the Gold Cloaks.

War in the West

Tytos Lannister secedes from the Seven Kingdoms, declaring his own 'Kingdom of the Rock'. The Crownlands rally behind the new Lord Protector and Heir on the words of Velaryon and Celtigar. Ties with Lannister and the West are broken, draining away some of the wealth from trade.


Late 210 AC - King's Landing

Casterly Rock is placed under siege after the death of Tytos and Cerenna Lannister to try and force the surrender of remaining Lannister loyalists. Jaceryon Velaryon serves as steward to the Lord Protector and oversees the Crownlands forces in the West.

Daemon Darkstone, after a short but prosperous reign as Lord Protector, is found dead after a bridge failed as he was crossing on horseback. The Realm mourns their leader and sadness shrouds the Crownlands.

The siege breaks when Ceryse Lannister raises the white flag of surrender.

Third time's a King

With the Throne once more empty, a second Great Council is planned. However it is never to be and Daemon's brother Aeron proclaims himself Heir and many houses bow before him. Notably, lady Jaehaerya Velaryon, ser Aegon Blackfyre and lord Castiel Manderly stand against his decision.

The Crownlands enters a season of prosperity despite the issues surrounding Aeron's ascension and eventual coronation. Trade flourishes with the Free Cities and the coast remains marauder free. Aemon Blackfyre the Younger returns from Essos claiming to represent the Iron Bank.

Aeron Targaryen gathers ladies from across the Realm to occupy the Maidenvault to choose a Queen. Those of the Crownlands are represented by Velaryon and many consider this to be the most noble and wise match to secure Aeron's claim upon the throne.

Tension rises when their choice is not to be, and many houses including Sunglass, Thorne, Rosby and Darklyn threaten to stand behind the Lady of Tides in her fury. Rumor has it some Great Houses support this as well.

In an unprecedented move, King Aeron releases Ser Aegon from his vows as a Kingsguard and names him Lord Aegon Blackfyre, lord of Blackfyre Keep.

Rebellion is quelled and Aeron Targaryen marries Marleah Martell to give way to a whole other set of tensions and dissent in the Landing and across the Realm.

Laeharys Blackfyre and his cousin Rhaena Blackfyre arrive from Essos to join their family. They represent the Golden Company and all eyes turn to these unknown dragons from across the sea. The Blackfyres of Westeros are less than thrilled to find that their interests do not align. Duskendale suffers a drought that interrupts trade, but Rosby and Massey aid them through it.

Lady Vysena, sister to King Aeron, marries Lord Aegon and becomes Lady Blackfyre. Ser Robin Wode and Ser Laeharys Blackfyre try to prevent the marriage, naming Aegon as an Oathbreaker for abandoning his vows as a Kingsguard.


211 AC - King's Landing

Laeharys Blackfyre is on the run. Rumors are rife regarding the Golden Company and a possible war. Heleana Blackfyre returns from Hayford with her son.

Aleana Velaryon marries ser Ryon Reyne and trade once more flows from the West and the Crownlands. Not long after, Lord Reyne passes making Ryon and Aleana Lord and Lady Reyne. Lady Reyne however is shortly after found dead in the Red Keep under mysterious circumstances.

Laeron Celtigar and his sister arrive in King's Landing to bring the Crabs back to the court of the King. Rumor has it that their father Viserion is ill and not long for this world.

Aemon 'Bittersteel' Blackfyre is rumored to have shown up, requesting a truce to negotiate matters with King Aeron. King Aeron complied and meets him on Dragonstone. Shortly after however the Golden Company fleet returns to Essos and no further signs of Aemon are known. Rumours claim that King Aeron had Aemon Blackfyre slain under truce.

This might've sparked unrest in the region, some claiming that bastards are born of sin and treachery. Notably House Sunglass, Crabb, Darklyn and Bar Emmon seem upset with the fact there is a bastard sitting on the Iron Throne.

Queen's Demise

An eventful court takes place, ser Cletus Pittwater attempts to remove the head of Lady Commander Alyse Manwoody after shouting accusations against her and the City Watch. He claims women can not lead over men and is thrown in the Black Cells.

Lady Vysena Blackfyre gives birth to a son that night, Vaegon Blackfyre, heir to the Blackfyre name.

During this time, Queen Marleah Martell leaves to go distribute food to the poor. However after running out, the smallfolk grow angry and the Kingsguard fail to protect her. The Queen is killed by a dagger to the chest.


211-212 AC - King's Landing:

The Secesion of the Vale

Following the events of the Trial of Loreyon Redwyne and slander spread by the Lord of the Vale, the Valemen secede from the Seven Kingdoms. The Crownlands, however, remain loyal to the true King Aeron Targaryen despite whatever issues they may have had with the former bastard in the past.


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Available Roles!

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            Family tree for Valyrian houses (Thorne/Sunglass mentioned):

            Family tree for Rosby (Thorne mentioned):

            Family tree for Darklyn:

            Family Tree for Sunglass:

House Velaryon

Main Line:
Children of Vaemond Velaryon (first son) and Lady Sarella of Lys
  • Lady Rhaella Velaryon, former Lady of Tides, retired to take the Faith
  • Lady Jaehaerya Velaryon, 26, former Royal Scribe, former Mistress of Keys, voluntarily exiled to Lys
  • Lord Corlys Velaryon, died at age three from fever along with Lady Sarella
Children of Lady Rhaella and Lord Varryk Velaryon (Celtigar)
  • Lord Aethon Velaryon, former Lord of Tides, DECEASED
  • Lord Lucerys Velaryon, 18, squired under Aegon Blackfyre and Ellery Trant. Current Lord Velaryon; played by (Corvin Southmoor)
  • Lady Naerys Velaryon, 15, NPC Lady in Waiting to Laena Velaryon
  • Lord Mataerys Velaryon, 10, NPC in Driftmark

Cousin Line:

Children of Monford Velaryon (second son) and Lysa Velaryon nee Thorne:
  • Lord (open) Velaryon, 32, Harbormaster of Driftmark; played by (OPEN ROLE)
  • Lady Artemys Velaryon, 20, sister to Harbormaster; played by (taurengirl)

Children of Daerion Velaryon (third son) and Ermesande Velaryon nee Sunglass:
  • Lady Laena Velaryon, 18, played by; (Adeline Mohr)
  • Lord (Open) Velaryon, 23-28, Master-at-Arms for Driftmark, (OPEN ROLE)

Male roles are PRIORITY.
Please note that a house caps at 5 players. Wives that marry in do not count towards that house's total number, nor do children too young to be played ICly.

House Blackfyre
Blackfyre is predominantly Valyrian in coloring (approved by admin only)

  • Lord Aegon Blackfyre, 26, Lord of Blackfyre Keep, former Kingsguard Lord Commander; played by (marcel pluvences)
  • Lady Helaena Hayford nee Blackfyre, 26, twin to Aegon. Back from Hayford with her children; played by (isabel pralou)
  • Lady Vaella Blackfyre , 24, former ward of the Crown, lady of the court; played by (prudence seminario)
  • Lord Aemon Blackfyre the Younger, 22, recently returned from Essos; played by (res davi)
  • Lord Laeharys Blackfyre, 20, 'knight' of the Golden Company, son of Aemon the Elder; currently missing presumed dead
  • Lady Rhaena Blackfyre, 19, recently from Essos known as the Silk Dragon; Deceased

House Celtigar

Main Line:

  • Lord Laeron Celtigar, 19, Lord of Claw Isle, missing presumed dead
  • Lady Daella Swann nee Celtigar, 20, sister to Laeron; played by (candycorn123098)
  • Lady Aeressa Celtigar, 18, sister to Laeron and Daella; played by (hervelina)

Cousin line:

  • Lord (Open) Celtigar, 40's, uncle to Laeron and Daella (OPEN ROLE)**
  • Lord Vaelys Celtigar, 25, son of (uncle), Lord Celtigar, played by (Talinous Zenovka)
  • Lord (Open) Celtigar, 20-23, brother to Vaelys and Haera (OPEN ROLE)
  • Lady Haera Celtigar, 21, sister to Vaelys; played by (muchmagicsowow)


     House Darklyn
Main Line:


  • Lord (Open) Darklyn, 40's, Lord of Duskendale (OPEN ROLE)(OPEN ROLE)
  • Lady (Open) Darklyn nee Rosby, 30's-40's, Lady of Duskendale wife of Lord Darklyn (OPEN ROLE)
  • Lord Jaremy Darklyn, 18, Heir to Duskendale, squire to King Aeron (OPEN ROLE)
  • Lady Clarice Darklyn, 19, sister to Jaremy; returned home(OPEN ROLE)
  • Lord/Lady (open) Darklyn, 18-20's, sibling to Jaremy

     House Rosby

     Main Line:

  • Lord (Open) Rosby; 40-50, Lord of Rosby (OPEN ROLE)(OPEN ROLE)
  • Lady (Open) Rosby nee Thorne/Brune/Rykker, 30-40, Lady of Rosby (OPEN ROLE)(OPEN ROLE)
  • Lord (Open) Rosby, 20's, heir to Rosby, well known trader of illicit goods (OPEN ROLE)
  • Lady Nymeria Rosby, 20, sister to (brother) and twin to Elyse; played by (trinkles aho)(OPEN ROLE)
  • Lady Elyse Rosby, 20, sister to (brother) and twin to Nymeria; played by (porkypatty)


     House Sunglass:

  • Lord Josef Sunglass, late 40's, Lord of Sweetport Sound, Lord Sunglass (OPEN ROLE)
  • Lady Nialla Sunglass nee Celtigar, mid 40's, sister to late lord Viserion Celtigar, Lady Sunglass (OPEN ROLE)
  • Lord Oberon Sunglass, 21, heir to Sweetport Sound, played by (Takashi Udimo)
  • Lady Willa Sunglass, 18, sister to Oberon, played by (ilysamcbay)
  • Lady/Lord (Open) Sunglass, 18-20, sister/brother to Willa and Oberon (OPEN ROLE)


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