The Crownlands

The seat of Targaryen power, the Crownlands hold a great power of their own and many of its lords and vassals are known to hold great sway and influence over the Iron Throne. In the centuries since Aegon’s Conquest, Lords of the Crownlands have served on many a King’s Small Council and acted as advisor and friend to the conquering Valyrians. However, the death of the ‘Last Dragon’ and the subsequent thinning of Valyrian blood, has left the Crown and its Kingdom in a precarious position. Maegor II lacks any trueborn heirs and his appetites and tastes have left a sour taste in his lord’s mouths. Many may think to determine the course of Westeros’ history in the coming months but only fools would think to discount the Crownlands and its hold upon the throne.

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The North

The home of the First Men is harsh, cold and vast. With lands extending from The Wall to the Neck, some say you can fit the entire other six kingdoms inside it's borders. Whether that's true or not, there's no denying it is the largest of the Seven Kingdoms. And at one time, as fiercely loyal as it was cold. Once ruled by Kings of Winter, those kings are no more. Over the past two decades, the Lords of Winterfell that have risen in their place have made some questionable decisions. Decisions that have left tensions that can be felt from The Bite to the Last Hearth. Though a rebellion, invasions of wildlings and a cruel winter have served to unite the North now, many wonder--for how long? With the winter at an end, a new chapter begins. With the King giving summons to House Stark, the Northern lords leave the chill behind and ride for a grand tourney in Tumbleton in support of their crown and their liege. 


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The Stormlands

A valued and powerful ally of the Crown, recent rumours and fall-out from a royal affair have left the Stormlands on uncertain terms with the Iron Throne. Did Daella Penrose really smuggle one of Maegor’s dragon eggs out of the Red Keep? Why does the King not dote upon her bastard son as he does his many others? More importantly, in a court where a Dornishman is now Hand of the King, what role do the Baratheon’s and their vassals plan on playing? If continued tensions along the Marchlands are anything to go by, one can only assume it shall be an explosive one…


The Iron Islands

Few suffered as gravely and miserably as the Iron Islands during the last Winter. Slaughter, treason, kinslaying and civil war made blood spill from the salty rocks and cliffs upon which these fierce and proud people build their Keeps. They pride themselves their fearless and strong old ways, often still believing themselves kings and conquerors. Yet their thirst for blood and violence was sated quickly during the civil war of a gruesomely cold winter. It was during the Bitter Spring that the two fueding Greyjoy brothers were slain, by rumor, at the hands of their younger brother. A man who believes the Iron Islands best learn to involve themselves with the politics of Westeros if they wish to survive the next Winter. With the ever growing threat of the Golden Company on the eastern horizon the King has finally decided to bring in these proud seafarers and reavers as an unlikely ally.


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There can be little doubt that Dorne holds a prominent position at court, having given the Iron Throne both a Queen and a Lord Hand in recent years. Yet, their presence in King's Landing is not without its controversy and there are many who would gladly see the Dornish run out of the city altogether. The death of a Queen -- one which should have marked the ebbing of Dorne's power over the Iron Throne -- would only tighten their grip upon the crown. Accusations of foul play would see Maegor II forced to appoint his wife's kinsman as his Hand; effectively cementing Dorne's position in the higher echelons of power. 

Yet, where the Martells have succeeded in securing power in King's Landing their grip upon their own Kingdom is rather less assured. The Blackfyre Rebellion provided a stage for disquiet, strife and outright sedition -- leaving wounds which time cannot truly heal. The Battle of the Boneway is not easily forgotten and Dornish politics remain much as they have always been -- spicy and laced with venom. 


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The Reach

The state of The Reach has reached one of underlying dissatisfaction and unresolved tension between House Tyrell, Oakheart, Webber and the other regional houses that sat by as the reign of Webber became widespread and the funded restoration of Tyrell and Oakheart took  center stage. While the southern most Houses of the Reach kept an eye on the progression of Tyrell and Webber, harmony washed lightly over the common people of the Reach. Regions took individual responsibility for their people, while Tyrell allowed an almost hands-off approach to the ruling. He bathes in riches beyond his imagination, and dances the dance of wealth with Lady Webber. All houses have been summoned to the Grand Tourney of Tumbleton, where the most possessions have been staked as prize. In a time where greed and neglect rule the Reach, it has sparked all true ears as to who might gain the true hand of power once acquiring this prize, the egg of a dragon.


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The Vale of Arryn

The Vale of Arryn conceals a great many things and in Winter, those mountains proved nigh on impassable and a snowy shroud for much of the Arryn’s increasing strife. Pockets of militant resistance seemed to thrive, even in the most inhospitable of places - their passions and desperation fueling their attacks against the Valemen around them. Largely cut off from the outside world, the Arryns put down their rivals and suppressed the violent arm of the Faith which had survived the Blackfyre Rebellion only to take purchase along their southern borders. Once the most loyal of allies to the Crown, the Arryns now descend from their high perches to find a realm much-changed to the one they once so valiantly served. What now, for the falcon-lords as they too, join in the migration to Tumbleton?


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Essos/Free Cities/Summer Isles

Across the Narrow Sea, lies another world but one not entirely removed from Westerosi politics. It is a world in which a Merchant’s daughter can become Queen and where exiled Pretenders might take refuge and build their armies. Now that Spring has sprung, the exotic lords, ladies, merchants and sailors of the Free Cities and beyond are once more commonplace in the court of Maegor II. One thing is certain; they have not come without cause…


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The Riverlands

The Riverlands has tasted death and the Stranger knows its rivers and hills all too well. It is here, that many a good man met his end, defending his liege lord and the Targaryen King to which he had pledged his fielty. And here, where many others would take up their blades against that same lord - declaring for Balerion Blackfyre and committing sedition in the same breath. It is here, that Winter found its bitter home and took innocent men, women and children in their beds. And it is here, that men’s voices cried out in protest; “No lord, no Gods, no master!” Although Lord Tully has long since silenced those cries, they remain whispers upon his fertile lands and they haunt the boy who would follow in his father’s footsteps and be Lord of Riverrun. 

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The Westerlands

Unrest and upheaval would typify the Westerlands in the years before and after Winter raped their lands. The "Golden Age" of Tyr Lannister was left a distant memory as bannermen rose up against their liege lords and crushed their armies at the gates of Lannisport itself. Never before had the pride of Casterly Rock been so keenly wounded and never again, if the resurgent lions had anything to say about it. No sooner had Winter broken, before Tytos Lannister began amassing his own council - mustering the support he needed to rebuild the Westerlands and reclaim the greatness his family's name had once commanded. And yet, with a seemingly repentant Lord Reyne holding a firm grip on the Crown's purse strings as Master of Coin, just how easy a task shall this be?

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