ROIAF Jousting




Jousting is a common sport within the Seven Kingdoms and more often than not, it was entertainment for the nobility and small folk alike, offering respite from their daily lives. In ROIAF the joust runs on the character sheet.

Each character will roll their “attack” which we will call LoT - Lance on Target. A successful LoT roll will bring on a second roll. A roll by the defender. The defender must roll against their mitigation score to remain upon their horse. Ties always go to the defender.

Offense + Offense Modifiers > Dice roll = Miss

Offense + Offense Modifiers < Dice roll = Hit

Mitigation + Mitigation Modifiers < Dice roll = Keeps their Seat

Mitigation + Mitigation Modifiers > Dice roll =  Unhorsed

If the roll is a success, then the following is true:

Damage is determined by the damage modifier of the attacker and subtracted from the health modifier of the defender. When a character receives more damage than they have health left, they will be knocked unconscious.

A dice roll of 1 is an instant unhorsing of your opponent.  A dice roll of 20 is an instant fall. Modifiers do not change the dice roll. 

For more information on jousting in Westeros, please see ASOAF - Tourney.