So you want to become an ooc lead?

Our ooc leads have, perhaps, one of the most important roles "behind the scenes" on the sim. They are responsible for many duties! You are a mentor, a leader, a bookkeeper, a story teller, a liaison between the admin team and your region, and much, much more. Before you take on this big task, here are a few important things you should know.

- We ask that all who apply for this position have at least 3 months of good-standing rp history on the sim.

- We also do not allow the same person to be the IC Lead (Lord or Lady Paramount) and the ooc Lead on the sim. 



- Approving regional applications within their region

- Updating the regional history on the website

- Updating open roles and houses available on the website

- Selecting monthly mini-plots for their region and helping them come to fruition IC

- Ensuring players are maintaining their roles

- Issuing inactivity warnings for players whom have abandoned their roles

- Helping mediate any issues with the storyline within their region

- Welcoming new players to the region and help them get started (usually a notice to the region group is a great way to make the new players feel welcomed!)

- Helping new/potential players to the region understand their family history, regional plots that their character would reasonably already know of (i.e. a change in the weather has made trade difficult, a forest fire burned 1/3 of the forest, etc.)

- Create and update family trees for each of the in-play houses within your region (

- Keep story flow going in the region as roles open and close

- Disseminate information that is shared with you by the region, on behalf of the region, that involves wbs and/or story plots

- Do loyalty/compliance rolls for npc banner houses when wbs/story admin request it of you, on behalf of the region



1. Apply here:

2. Once approved: Join the appropriate groups (ROIAF: KL Group Leadership)

3. Obtain access to the website so you can edit your appropriate regional page with history and roles

4. Learn how to approve regional applications

5. We will approach you once a month with selecting a mini-plot for your region, you'll need to send a notice and help your region get the plot underway!



When you notice that a player has gone missing for more than a week or so, and the player holds a role either in a Great House or an important banner (minor banners aside), it's your responsibility to issue them an inactivity warning. Unfortunately, it's not the highlight of the job. When you issue an inactivity warning, it is important that you tell Greenseer or Goat so the warning can be noted and then followed up on

Step 1: ooc lead notices the player in their region has gone missing for more than a week or so (without prior notification)

Step 2: ooc lead issues a notecard "official inactivity warning"

Step 3: ooc lead lets admin know the date, player character name, and player avatar name of the inactivity warning

Step 4: admin will note the first warning

Step 5: admin will follow up with ooc lead to see if any response to the warning has occured 

Step 6: if no response, admin will issue a second, official inactivity warning

Step 7: if the player does not respond within 48 hours, it is assumed that the role has been abandoned and the player is no longer interested in that role

Step 8: the player and ooc lead are notified of the player's removal, ooc lead will figure out a story to account for the missing person IC



- Please put a comment in the ooc lead box about their application decision and add your name when you approve/deny so future records show who approved/denied and what comments you had about the application.

- If you deny an app, tell the player in IM, personally, before you do so, out of courtesy.

- Double check backstories of houses in existence and encourage players to share their backstory with incoming new players so their application and history can match.

- Encourage applicants to connect with players of the same house to discuss family-status, backstory, current affairs, etc. that would be known information IC already.

- When new players are accepted, greet them and send a notice to the region so others are aware of their arrival (A wheelhouse arrives to King's Landing, and six red haired Tullys descend from the carriage at the consulate's entry...) 




Now that you're a little better informed with what this job entails, we would love to welcome you to apply! Apply here:

We don't expect that you will be perfect at all of these things right away! We are here to help support you, so please ask questions and know that you're not in this alone. Your responsibilities are important and your time is valuable. We appreciate your dedication and willingness to pitch in and help!