- Rules -

Note: Only roleplay that occurs on the ROIAF sim is considered valid in ROIAF.
The only sources of lore that ROIAF considers legitimiate are the World Book, westeros.org or George RR Martin himself.

The Golden Rules

Sim lore is what binds us together as a community and makes ROIAF the consistent, long-lasting environment we enjoy. Before all other rules, we ask that our players acknowledge and strive to play within the lore.  That doesn't mean that there isn't room for intrigue, backstabbing, romance and betrayal. What we ask is that while playing, you imagine the mindset of a person in the Game of Thrones universe. It's ok to hate those assholes who betrayed your parents. Why not? For thousands of years you've had a proud house and they obliterated that. It's ok to fall in love with someone utterly inappropriate, but marrying them? Why? Marriage in Westeros is for alliances, not the human heart. It's ok to be a bad person, or a good person. It's roleplay and both exist in the Westeri universe. Once Upon a Time

Keep it IC.  Yes, we take our characters to heart. We love them. When they hurt, we hurt. When they flourish, we grin behind our keyboards  - and that's a good thing. What is NOT a good thing is when we take that emotion and spread it unwanted to other players. If you want to play in ROIAF - you MUST NOT communicate with other players negatively about their roleplay choices. It doesn't matter how bad those choices are or how much you think they're ruining your character's life. If you try to tell other players how to play, are vulgar to them in private conversation or try to pressure them OOCly, you will be removed from the sim.

Further, we recognize that there will always be players, both male and female, who are looking for an IC romance, sometimes coupled with an OOC one. Again. Keep it IC. Stay out of their IMs. A single no means no. If we hear from multiple sources over time that you are doing this - even if no one dares come forward and complains - you will be warned or banned.





Be Adult. We all get emotionally wound up at times of great stress. Battle scenes, arguments, even hearing that your rival just won the contract you were after can all be distressing. That doesn't mean that it's acceptable to be an ass to our fellow players, nor the admins, who aren't paid and really should have better sense than to be working for free anyway. They have enough issues without dealing with your daddy complex. Be polite. Be adult. Don't be abusive. If you are, even momentarily - apologize. If you persist, you will be warned or banned.

Be Adult


Playing in ROIAF:

Basic rules

  • Please do not stand in range of others roleplay unless you mean to post in. ROIAF does not allow for OOC listening in on other people's roleplay scenes. If you are in a roleplay area with other characters, please participate in the roleplay.

  • We all get frustrated sometimes. But, spreading rumors, gossip and badmouthing players and/or admins as a way of venting frustration to maliciously bring harm to the sim and/or players and admins is explicitly forbidden.

  • It is not considered good roleplay form to prevent access to what is considered as public areas that people may have access to, in an OOC manner. Private rentals and such may be cordoned off. Other locations are free to be roleplayed in.

  • If players wish to prevent access to an area for the purpose of roleplay secrecy, it should be done ICly via posts. Guards may be posted, visible cues of blocked entry may be written into posts ICly.

  •  We are an inclusive roleplay community and the goal must be to encourage people to engage in roleplaying any kind of situation and never otherwise.

  • If someone attempts to roleplay with you, don't ignore them. If you have to leave, post out. If you don't like them ICly, show it ICly. If you don't like them OOCly, remember that this is roleplay. ROIAF does not tolerate ignoring players who aren't in your specific group of friends. Ignoring their characters ICly is acceptable if it makes IC sense at the time, but a pattern of OOC elitism that manifests itself in IC isolation will not be tolerated. Your character can be an asshole who hates people, but if you are in a position of power or a feature role, you must still be proactive about engaging with people outside your circle of friends. Those who fail to do so may be warned or lose any feature or leadership roles.

  • We don't like to do it, but sometimes we have to impose temporary or permanent bans on players. During the time banned, the player should remain away from the community. This includes coming on sim and speaking in any group. Failure to do so may increase the time of any temp ban or incur ejection from a group.



  • To acquire poison, you need someone capable of making it or procuring it to RP out the acquisition.

    • If the poison is a common one, it may be acquired with an appropriate amount of risk. 

    • Poison attempts must be moderated and cannot be combined with powergaming. There will be dice rolls for success and for discovery in getting or making the poison.

    • Once it is acquired and approved by the admin team, the person can go ahead with the roleplay of attempting to poison their victim. This is like any other attack and must be roleplayed with an attempt/response form of play.  Again, there will be dice rolls for the victim to determine level of success of the poison taking applicable modifiers such as stats into account.


  • We encourage players to make use of pets as an additive to roleplay, but we ask that all players refrain from using physical objects, PC avatars, and scripted pets (the only exception is horses). Pets can cause additional lag via scripts and texture load and for that reason we ask that you please refrain from their use while on sim. Please -do- feel free to roleplay they are there as Non-Player Characters (Hereafter known as "NPC’s”) .


  • OOC Absences are often unavoidable, however, the Admin team reserves the right to replace your character if they hold an IC position, or if you are playing a feature role. Two weeks inactivity without prior notice, shall result in a warning. On the third week, action will be taken to remove your character ICly from King's Landing, thereby avoiding complications for active players.
  • Furthermore, the Admin team reserves the right to remove your character from play even in the event of prior notice. This scenario shall only occur if your absence has been prolonged and longer than previously warned and/or if your character holds an IC position of importance and is required for the sim's storyline to move forward, i.e. Council Members
  • For those players with responsibilities as IC or OOC leads or in key feature roles, the Admin team will issue a warning if periods of low activity of three weeks without explanation occur. As an IC or OOC lead, you have a responsibility to the other members of the community. We understand that illness and travel occur and will work with those instances, but while we are understanding, we must always put the needs of the sim first. A player with extremely poor health may be asked to take a less pivotal role or to help someone else step into the more time sensitive portions of their responsibilities.
  • The royal household, King, Queen, etcetera, are held to higher standard than other roles. Absence by key figures stalls roleplay and frustrates everyone. We ask that the players of royalty are in-character and interacting with a variety of other characters for a minimum of twelve hours a week. Though the smart ruler will quickly hire many underlings to handle most issues, there will always be some roleplay that relies on the royal family. An absent king or queen soon leads to an empty sim.


Unapproved characters

  • Only players with an approved application will be allowed to role play on sim. This is to ensure that the administration has had the opportunity to review all characters and make certain they comply with all of the ROIAF: King's Landing rules and regulations. Further, it allows the administration to have a concrete record of each character in the event of a dispute.


Alts and additional characters

Alternative characters are welcomed at ROIAF: KL though we generally encourage players to choose and stick to one main character for the purposes of their RP and others'. It goes without saying that conflicts of interest can arise during the play of alternative characters and players with alternative characters in play will be subject to the following :  Multiple Personalities
  • Alts are to be utilized at a player's discretion. If players are found abusing the use of an alt for metagaming purposes, harassment, or otherwise, they will face disciplinary actions to be decided by the admin team.
  • You are only permitted two characters within the sim, a greathouse and a banner/smallfolk. You are not allowed two characters who are in great house immediate families or bastards of.
  • Players with characters in a great house or bannerhouse are not permitted alt-characters that are considered feature roles.* 
  • Players of feature roles and Lord paramounts are only permitted alts that are smallfolk.
  • The administration is held to their own rules on confidentiality and protection of alt accounts and are not permitted to disclose alts.
  • Alts must be on separate accounts with the exception of administration-approved NPCs for events.
  • Alts must not hail from the same region or come with pre-existing relationships with members from their other region nor can they support their own characters through the use of their own alts. This is considered metagaming and powergaming and will lead to punitive measures.
  • Players with characters based in King's Landing and appointed court positions or integral positions to the sim must favor those over alts. There will be no player with two positions on the Royal Court via alting to avoid conflicts of interest and metagaming.

King and Queen

  • King and/or Queen of ROIAF are never chosen by the admin team. They are always chosen through roleplay and player actions, but they must also meet a few of our character requirements.

    • To be King and/or Queen, you must have a clean record with the sim. You cannot have been disciplined for metagaming, powergaming or other serious infractions within the past year. You must not have been recently removed from play for non-activity.

    • To be King and/or Queen, you must be able to spend at least 12 hours a week in roleplay with a variety of characters, not just the one or two that you prefer.

    • To be King and/or Queen, you must agree to invest a number of characters beneath yours with varying levels of responsibility and power. By giving tasks and creating layers of authority, you make your own roleplay far more enjoyable and free and create a structure where the sim can run twenty four hours a day without waiting for minor decisions from the top.

    • To be King and/or Queen, you must remember that you are an ambassador of the ROIAF community. You must be out-of-character polite and respectful to fellow players, even when in-character situations grow tense.



ROIAF:KL encourages the creativity of its writers and this is extended to avatar appearance. However, this is also a roleplay sim for a very specific genre and as such, entails certain limitations on how our characters can look and dress.


  • No face lights or bling. These both are a distraction and drain on resources.

  • Tattoos are a sign of slavery within the world of GoT. Tattoos are not allowed on every day characters.

  • Please, no titlers beyond those necessary for character name, stats in combat, post order or injuries.

  • Nose piercings would not be seen upon the nobility of the realm.

  • Your avatar must appear to be 18 years of age or older.

  • Your avatar must be no shorter than 5ft5 (unless approved by admin) according to the official height meter available in the landing area.

  • Your clothing and look must be appropriate to the Game of Thrones genre. (ie: no glossy lipsticks or make-up, no highheels, no implant looking breasts, no jeans, ect.)

  • Noble ladies gowns can be a variety of styles, but a few should be avoided. Strapless gowns (can be fixed by adding sleeves for an 'off shoulder' style), excessive jewels, and bared legs/backs should be avoided. Keep your regional style in mind (some are more liberal than others but this is KL), as well as the particular styles of the current court. If you are having trouble, ask. NOTE: You may choose to ignore these suggestions ICly, that is fine, but be prepared for ICC to equal ICA (gossip, discipline, catcalling, proprositions etc).

  • Men, you can have ICC for your appearance as well. Sleeveless tunics are generally not seen outside of Dornish or Essosian cultures, same as sandals. Button down shirts and more modern buttoned pants, zippers, etc are also actively discouraged. We understand that options for men on SL are limited, but just remember to try and stay within the genre. Making use of scarves/cloaks/capes/appliers can work wonders (for both men and women!) to make a style unique.

  • Smallfolk should be clearly attired differently from nobility. Smallfolk, unless the rare wealthy merchant/prostitute/trader, would not have fine silks or furs available. Plainer burlap, cotton, and other undyed rougher materials would be used. No jewelry (limited pieces can be obtained icly or in backstory).

  • Your appearance must fit your character type. For Example: if you've made a woman with a high strength stat and skills such as blacksmithing, your avatar must reflect these qualities (extremely muscled, large arms, etcetera).


Age play and Minors

IC & OOC Behavior

This is an adult sim. No minors are allowed to play here. Nor will any RP involving the abuse (by whatever means) of children be tolerated.

  • We do not allow child avatars.

  • At no point in time are players allowed to play characters under the age of 18.

Animal Avatars

We do not accept any animal avatars including, but not limited to: horses, dire wolves, cats, dogs, and dragons or half-animal human avatars, including but not limited to: furries and nekos.


Re-rolling and Retirement

From time to time we all want to start fresh. ROIAF understands this and will not penalize you for rerolling to a new character. That said, frequent rerolling can cause disruption to other players and the stories of both characters you interact with and the sim in general.

In the spirit of consistency and transparency, we have added this rule to our play. (Effective Oct. 20, 2017)

Please read the following rules regarding retirement and rerolling.

  • You may only re-roll a maximum of 4 times per every rl year, in hopes of players thoughtfully developing their characters and stories. This helps with story continuity on the sim as your fellow players are depending on you to create and write with them.
  • Players who abandon characters may be restricted to the types of roles. I.e. You rp a LP and abandon your role; you may be restricted from applying into another GH role, feature role, or large banner Lord role. In the instance of an abandoned GH/feature level character, you will be allowed to re-roll and be considered for a similar level feature 1 year after abandonment.
  • In certain, approved, instances, players may be able to re-roll into their previously played character for a continuation of their own, singular story, with the approval of their ooc lead and admin. That does not mean a character may be put 'on ice' to avoid consequences of their actions or to avoid another character they don't like. These instances are for real life disruptions only. I.e. You play Lady X. Your rl becomes too hectic and you have to abandon the char for 3 months, so your char is "sent home". After 3 months, you're able to dedicate more time to rp again and you'd like to return Lady X back to active rp.
  • You may not re-roll into a region where you currently played, for at least 6 months, from the date of character retirement, in an attempt to mitigate potential for metagaming that happens when players become involved in their stories and characters within their regions.
  • You may not re-roll a character into a previous story in which you were involved with on another player. I.e. Lord Smith has died and you would like to re-roll into the role of his bastard son, born to a mother from a different region than Lord Smith.
  • When either retiring or rerolling, please do not craft or write letters or messages which may serve to seek justice or vengeance for the character you are leaving behind. It is unfair to the other players to force them to play out your character's story without any opportunity for in-character consequences for you. This includes leaving behind 'evidence' for others to find. When your character dies, so does your ability to impact story with that particular character - unless your character was removed, murdered or otherwise taken out of play by the actions of other players. At such times, the removal and any 'evidence' will be reviewed by an admin to prevent abuse. Any attempt to faciliate one's own story by having another character commit a murder they otherwise wouldn't will not be tolerated.
  • When either retiring or rerolling, please direct inquiries as to your disposition to the admin team. As part of sim story or to help facilitate new players taking over your role, changes may have happened that you are unaware of, having moved on.
  • It is important to note that characters who are murdered or die in battle generally don't count in this category.

Godmodding, Powergaming, and Metagaming:

Antagonistic actions

Engaging in Role play of an antagonistic nature is more than acceptable. However, one should be prepared to wait for reactions to their posts before leaving a scene. Stirring up trouble, or otherwise acting contrary to the accepted norm is fine. Expect to be held accountable for your actions, however. ICA = ICC

The following is unacceptable on this sim:


"God-Modding" is, in essence, when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. An example is when a character simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other characters may try. Examples:

The character cannot be hit, or dodges all attacks, or anything aimed at them.

Using other player's characters as your own. (In other words, if you do not RP as the character "Bob", then you cannot have "Bob" say or do anything in your own roleplay, without that player's expressed permission.)


"Powergaming" is a strain of god-modding that is not just irritating, but offensive to boot.

It is when a player attempts to describe another player character in a way that makes their own character seem superior, attempting to make other characters seem weak (ie: screaming for help), when that player has made it quite clear about their own advantages and strengths. (ie: that character has already said they were not screaming for help or acting weak)

Powergaming is also the act of creating a situation where a character's responses and/or actions are predetermined. For instance, punching someone and declaring they cannot dodge the punch is powergaming. In roleplay, it is important to allow characters to decide the extent of success of any action taken against their characters if no dice and admins are involved.


"Metagaming" can be defined as any out-of-character action made by a player's character which makes use of knowledge that the character is not meant to be aware of. (Metagaming, while taking part in relatively competitive games or those with a more serious tone, is typically not well received, because a character played by a metagamer does not act in a way that reflects the character's in-game experiences and back-story.)


  • Having multiple characters in the same business/establishment, noble house, etc. which share information.

  • Using information discovered on one character, on a different character controlled by the same player.

  • Adjusting a character's actions based on foreknowledge of the long-term intentions of the Storytellers.

  • Gaining knowledge In-Character from Out-Of Character chats/forums.

  • Using knowledge from a previously played or dead character.

  • Using certain types of attacks or defenses based on the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent that the player's character would be unaware of.

  • Acting on any knowledge that the character would never be aware of. (IE: creating gunpowder on our setting that has no such invention yet, or knowing things that happen on the other side of the world that your character has never even traveled to, etc).

  • Adjusting a character's behavior towards other player characters based on real-life relationships with other players.

  • Using knowledge of the game's mechanics to gain an advantage by having the character do something incompatible with that character's personality.

  • Assuming that something that appears to be wrong or unlikely in the game world is a mistake of the Storytellers rather than approaching it as something that could be investigated. (This does not apply to situations where the mistake appears in the Storyteller's depiction of the world rather than in the world itself, which can cause a player to become aware of something which their character is not aware of.)

  • Deciding on a character's course of action based on how the game's mechanics will affect the outcome without more significant regard placed on how the character would actually behave.

  • Any action that is based upon the knowledge that one is playing a game.

  • ​(Another form of metagaming occurs when during character creation, a player takes flaws or liabilities that they know the storytellers are unlikely to fully exploit, thereby acquiring extra creation options without paying a corresponding penalty.

  • Using offline methods of communication to influence or threaten other players and win in conflict.

Ending a Character
Characters come to ends, sometimes through natural progression and sometimes through violent or other sudden means. ROIAF doesn't dictate how your character ends, except in the case when someone leaves the sim without playing the character out to its conclusion. In those cases, ROIAF will determine what's best for the overall sim story and what will cause the least out of character disruption.


IC drama is perfectly acceptable and encouraged. It's no fun when everyone gets along and we have nothing to RP but tea time. However, OOC drama, anger, rudeness and disruption of the role play on sim either through group chat, the online forums are not.




  • If there are personality conflicts between you and another player, our player issue admins (Staff List) are here to just vent to, speak to informally as well as formally. (Please keep in mind that ROIAF staff will NOT discuss player issues with other players. If your friend has a problem, they need to bring it to the staff. Not you, not a group speaking for them)

  • ROIAF reserves the right to remove players maliciously using rumors, gossip, and other means in an attempt to deter players, recruit them for other sims, or harm sim stability.

  • ROIAF is an all inclusive sim welcoming all types of backgrounds, genders, and religions. We do not allow for out of character political or religious proselytizing on sim. Hate speech is not allowed in the sim's OOC chat, Landing zone, and regions groups.


For a player complaint to be addressed, it must be officially expressed to the Player Issue admin, or any other admin if the Player Issue Admin is not available. Gossip, rumors, and second hand complaints will be difficult to address unless they are expressed by the player explicitly to the Admin. The player must give logs of their evidence of the issue, if applicable. The name of the player making the complaint will not be shared with the other player(s).


      -Is an Official Complaint:

  •  Harpy: Hey Goat, I have a complaint/issue with Nagga. That dragon has been harassing me in IMs and generally been making me feel uncomfortable. Here are my logs.


      -Is Not an Official Complaint:

  • Arson: Hey Goat, can you tell Nagga to leave Harpy alone? They're harassing Harpy in IMs.




  • Archmaester: Nagga is so annoying.

  • Arson: Yeah they suck. They're always doing that! Everyone hates them. Why doesn't anyone do anything about it?

  • Archmaester: Seriously.


Consent and the Reasonable Right to Life

In Character Actions = In Character Consequences (ICA=ICC)

This means, in short, that one can expect not to be killed for no reason. However, with a valid In-Character reason, character death can and will happen.

  • If your character does something that reasonably warrants another seeking their life, the attempt will be allowed.

  • If your character attempts to take the life of another character, you have waived your character's right to life and they are just as subject to potential death.

  • With regards to consent, no player will be forced to play out a scene that makes them uncomfortable. However, this does not mean that you can non-consent out of death. You will not be forced to play it, but it will be faded to black.

NPC Guards: 

All noble players are allowed two unregistered NPC guards. They simply need to reference these NPCs in their entrance post. Exceptions may be added when assigned by IC authorities if notice is sent in prior. Even so, only 2 can be used in defense with the following stats :

  • Offense - 6

  • Mitigation - 6

  • Endurance - 8

  • Martial - 3

  • Presence - 3

  • Damage: 2

(No special modifiers)

NPC Alliances: 

Marriage is important as it pertains to alliance as well as conflict on sim. We do allow players to apply in as being married or betrothed to another region for alliance, but we ask that all such arrangements are approved by the admin team prior to play to avoid any instances where sim balance may be unwittingly harmed by such a pre-play alliance. We also do allow players to come in with reasonable familial ties to other regions with the permissions of both regional leads. If an NPC is decided upon because it makes the most sense, that NPC will then be immediately opened for applications.

Once in play, Inter-region alliances are not only allowed but encouraged however they can only be made with a playable character (either one already in play, or open for applicants). 

Non Combat NPCs:

We do not limit the number of non-combat NPCs players have, but we ask that:

  • The number and type of NPCs make sense for the player; for example, a smallfolk woman wouldn’t have a ton of servants. 
  • NPCs do not replace roles that could be played by present players; for example, do not have an NPC barkeep get you a drink when a player is rping one. 
  • All NPCing of Nobles MUST be admin approved.


Reasonable Chance of Risk:

This means, in short, that all players are expected to maintain the ever present risks of a Game of Thrones setting. All players will be expected to ensure that their actions reflect the dangerous nature of the world in which their characters exist, and will not:

  • Use out-of-character knowledge of game mechanics to remove reasonable risk (Example: Teleporting directly to a skybox instead of initiating the role play on the ground sim first to allow for chance of detection.)

  • Go off sim to conduct sensitive or otherwise highly risky character actions through role play, in order to remove reasonable risk of getting caught.

  • Use of the chat radar to detect someone entering a conversation not being conducted in a private place, and changing the way your character speaks or acts to remove the risk of getting caught doing something they shouldn’t be. (See also, Godmodding and Powergaming)

  • Ignoring the presence of NPC's in order to ensure a lack of detection, such as NPC’s which would be present in a public space or protected structure, or the nature of the NPC’s being used for personal protection. (EXAMPLE: The Red Keep is guarded by those loyal to the royal family, and report the comings and goings of others.)

  • Tp-ing away to avoid a scene while roleplaying with another is not acceptable, if it is a private scene there is always a chance of overheard if done in a public place.

  • If you ever have reason to believe what you’re doing may violate the reasonable chance of risk, contact an admin and ask.

Consent and IC Banishment/Return to Homeland

If a character's IC actions lead to dishonor, threats to other nobility or other problems for a house lord ICly there may come a time when a character is sent back to their homeland or otherwise levied an IC punishment that would render their character unplayable. This must come about through reasonable RP and never be used as a knee jerk reaction to something you do not like. If there has been RP to support the banishment/return of a character this does not mean that typist is banned from the sim. Their character is simply unable to be RPed, just like in a death situation.

You're Under Arrest

From time to time, roleplay dictates that a character has to be arrested. We realize that being arrested is sometimes necessary. However, it should not mean that a player simply sits in the cells for days, weeks, or even months on end, without roleplay or any resolution in sight. These are the rules that must be upheld with regard to arresting/detaining a player (whether it is 'house arrest' or 'in the cells', etc.):

  • A player is always to assumed to be heavily guarded by appropriate ncp staff (cells have jailers and when visitors are present, a guard may be watching, house arrest would have appointed guards, etc.) and should be rp'd accordingly
  • A player may not be incarcerated for a period extending beyond 2 weeks RL, from the date of arrest to the date of resolution may not exceed this period
  • Admin will intervene if an arrest has extended beyond 2 weeks
  • A player must still remain active during their incarceration, giving others a chance to rp with them, and also eliminating the possibility of avoiding consequence/resolution to the arrest by simply not rp'ing
  • A player may not send IC letters unless granted permission ICly
  • A player may not escape without proper admin moderation (to include dice rolls based on risk, etc.)
  • We don't wish to OOCly punish players for committing IC crimes. Though it might make sense to deny prisoners visitors, other character are always able to successfully bribe or threaten the npc jailor to get in and visit without rolling or moderation, it should be rp'd however. 
  • A prisoner should not be denied visitors. It is the custom in our game world that prisoners are always allowed visitors unless they have information that could place the realm at risk. In this way, we punish the character, but not the player.

Admin Alts

  • Each admin has an alt used specifically for admin purposes. This is so they may actually get to enjoy roleplay on their main avis free of staff duties. Who the player is behind the avi is kept to just the staff for this very reason.

  • Outing admin alts is against sim rules. If you are caught doing so, a temporary or permanent ban will be issued without exception.

  • These people work very hard to make sure this sim runs well for all the players involved and their privacy and rp time should be respected.