Playing a Major Character (royal, great house or small council)

ROIAF is different from other Second Life sims. In many sims, the positions of importance are played by admins and their friends. In ROIAF, we take pains to make certain that all IC positions of importance are available through in-character means only. The admins at ROIAF do not pick the Small Council, Ladies in Waiting, nor any major IC positions that aren't awarded through IC birth and the application process (such as Lords Paramount).

The King and Queen make some of the major in-character appointments, with their underlings also appointing others underneath themselves. The only time the admins would interfere in such appointments would be if a player on the verge of banning for a severe issue such as harassment was being appointed.

That said, once a player accepts a Small Council or major royal court role, they are immediately subject to the rules for feature-level characters as defined in our sim rules:

  1. Ignoring other characters ICly is acceptable if it makes IC sense at the time, but a pattern of OOC elitism that manifests itself in IC isolation will not be tolerated. Your character can be an asshole who hates people, but if you are in a position of power or a feature role, you must still be proactive about engaging with people outside your circle of friends. Those who fail to do so may be warned or lose any feature or leadership roles.
  2. Furthermore, the Admin team reserves the right to remove your character from play even in the event of prior notice. This scenario shall only occur if your absence has been prolonged and longer than previously warned and/or if your character holds an IC position of importance and is required for the sim's storyline to move forward, i.e. Council Members
  3. For those players with responsibilities as IC or OOC leads or in key feature roles, the Admin team will issue a warning if periods of low activity of three weeks without explanation occur. As an IC or OOC lead, you have a responsibility to the other members of the community. We understand that illness and travel occur and will work with those instances, but while we are understanding, we must always put the needs of the sim first. A player with extremely poor health may be asked to take a less pivotal role or to help someone else step into the more time sensitive portions of their responsibilities.
  4. The royal household, King, Queen, Hand and other major characters are held to higher standard than other roles. Absence by key figures stalls roleplay and frustrates everyone. We ask that the players of royalty are in-character and interacting with a variety of other characters for a minimum of twelve hours a week. Though the smart ruler will quickly hire many underlings to handle most issues, there will always be some roleplay that relies on the royal family. An absent king, queen or hand soon leads to an empty sim.
  5. Players with characters based in King's Landing and appointed court positions or integral positions to the sim must favor those over alts. There will be no player with two positions on the Royal Court via alting to avoid conflicts of interest and metagaming.
  6. To be in a high position on the royal court, you must remember that you are an ambassador of the ROIAF community. You must be out-of-character polite and respectful to fellow players, even when in-character situations grow tense.

  7. High level characters are expected to spend at least twelve hours per week in play on the sim floor unless circumstances such as illness, real life issues or vacation preclude such. If possible, they are asked to inform a lead if real life will prevent them from spending time in roleplay. In the case where unavoidable low playtimes become prolonged, the player may be asked to retire the character, at least temporarily so as not to impact the overall sim or region story.

  8. To play a major character you must have a good record in the sim for the past six months. Exceptions are sometimes made for new sim members with very strong applications, but not automatically.

We value the people who play major roles at ROIAF. They are the glue that holds the sim together. They are often people who work for many, many real life months to attain their positions. But, we must also always balance the needs of the community as a whole. Anyone who doesn't meet the above requirements or who generates repeated complaints based on activity or elitist OOC behavior will be asked to step down into a less critical role. Please see affected roles below.

Non Great House Characters considered "major"