Please use the form below to ask questions, raise concerns, or even send a compliment toward staff.  We will respond as quickly as possible.



Who should I contact?

Below are the names of active staff members. This list is to help you find out who to contact and what services they can offer to help you.

Please allow for up to 48 hours for a return and for app processing.
 If you do not hear back, you may drop a notecard in world (In Secondlife).


The Black Goat (roiafblackgoat) - Sim Owner

Greenseer (roiafgreenseer) - Sim General Manager 


Engagement Team (rumors, events, mentors, rentals):

ROIAF Shadowcat (roiafshadowcat) - Rentals Admin & Application Admin

ROIAFIceDragon (roiaficedragon) - Application Admin

The Three-Eyed Raven (TheThreeEyedRaven) - Events Admin

Squisher (roiafsquisher) - Events Admin/Rumors Admin

Hotpie (roiafhotpie) - Mentor Admin


Story Team (WBS and Story Requests):

Grumpkin (roiafgrumpkin) 

Arson Iceaxe (roiafarsoniceaxe)

Nine Eyes (roiafnineeyes)

Night King (roiafnightking)

Greenseer (roiafgreenseer)


Personnel Team (player issues, discipline)

Greenseer (roiafgreenseer)

Black Goat (roiafblackgoat)

Arson (roiafarsoniceaxe)


(To be contacted with questions regarding open roles and applying for open region roles.)


The Crownlands: Laena Velaryon (adeline mohr)

Dorne: Alyse Manwoody (Alkaia Exonar), Evelyna Martell (blueridgechick)

Essos/Free cities/Summer Isles: ROIAFSilentSister

The North: Emilia Stark (Erin Grashnar)

The Reach: Ophelia Graves (Ambrosiaroses)

The Riverlands: Melanie Bracken (AlyssaVonD) and Quentyn Blackwood (vestigewithin)

The Stormlands: Emilia Stark (Erin Grashnar)

The Vale: Ryella Arryn (Arebella)

The Westerlands: OPEN

Ironborn: CLOSED

Smallfolk: ROIAFSilentSister