Featured Roles in ROIAF


Featured roles are those roles that are required to bring our story together in a cohesive manner at the start. Such roles come with a bit of prewritten background that interest many players. They have stricter requirements than most roles do.  To play a featured role you must:


  1. Be a strong writer.  Your application should be spelling and grammar checked.
  2. You must include others in your story, including those who are in other houses and playing smallfolk.
  3. You must agree to maintain an active presence on the sim, maintaining a minimum of twelve hours per week in play.
  4. You must agree to obey all sim rules, particularly those involving meta and powergaming. 
  5. This should be your primary roleplay character.

These feature roles will stay open for a period of ten days while we collect applications. The strongest application for each role will be awarded, unless none are deemed strong enough, in which case the role will remain open. Please contact the relevant region lead and Black Goat or Nine Eyes with your intent to apply


We have also implemented a new approach to feature roles. For more details on how they will work going forward, please click here: A New Approach to Feature Roles

Featured Roles

Contact the respective region OOC Leads if you are interested in applying for any of these.
When applying you must make the character background your own, describe it in your own words and view and fill in the blanks where you find it necessary.  If your role doesn't list specific flaws/strengths, please be certain to include them. They must be unique and impactful. Flaws in features must always balance out the benefits of the role and we will require additions if none are signifigant enough. 


If there are changes you would prefer to make in one of the below characters, please include them in your application and highlight for the leads and admins. Changing one of these characters is permitted, but you may not alter them to gain a greater advantage in play. The purpose of the backgrounds, goals and other stats are to make these characters appealing and prevent overly powerful roles while still allowing for unique opportunities. If you wish to suggest alternatives, please do with your application!


Lord Tully, A Skilled Administrator
  • Lord Rupert Tully, Lord of the Riverlands
The descendant of Kings, come to take what is his.
  • Halleck Hoare of the Riverlands



Rupert was never good at much.

Oh, the master said he was good at plenty of things but when it came to his mainline cousins and even his elder brother Lorent, he felt to be little in comparison. Just because he was able to cite dates from history and do his sums well, it didn’t mean anything much. Men spoke of his cousin Eric’s talent at leadership in winter or Ser Addam ‘Bearbane’s entrance into the Kingsguard, but he was just another auburn-haired chit in a cousin branch of House Tully. When all of Beric and Dyanna’s sons perished but Ser Addam, they switched to how Lorent would be a fearsome warrior and wise leader.

He was but a babe when his mother Meredyth Tully (nee Darry), was brutally killed by Blackfyre supporters in the Siege of Riverrun. The devastation hung over his early years and remained part of him with a solemnness he could not shake, no matter how he tried in his later years. He had never known Riverrun when it was happy.

To consolidate relations after the Rebellion, he was sent away to become page, and consequently squire of the new Lord Piper. Few would describe the events of the Pinkmaiden Massacre in full until he was older, but a few whispers were enough to make a morbid impression on the young lad. He did not shame himself at arms, but he did not esteem himself either. Lord Piper said it was because Rupert never took chances, but Rupert knew a man must never take chances with live steel.

In the years of the long winter, the young lad was hardened further, for House Piper’s lands for the Red Fork no longer flooded their crops, and could not send their taxes to their liege lords of Riverrun. He grew ever more pragmatic, forsaking much of his training in order to assist tending to Pinkmaiden’s people and its lands. It was not always enough. The experience would harden the boy into a man. He did what he could. When it made a difference, he could feel pleased. When he could not, that was that.

Rupert returned to Riverrun after the death of his Lord cousin Willem, present in time to hear his father declared as Lord of Riverrun. The relationship between father and son was an awkward thing, cut off as Lucas wed Camylla Mooton, then set off for King’s Landing. Rupert got left to his own devices, finding interest in cartography and learning how the terrain of the Riverlands could be used at an advantage.. whether to settle, farm or matters of war. His stepmother, closer to his age than Lucas’, befriended him.

[Months later, Lord Lucas enabled Prickly Halls to be searched, and it’s master Ser arrested for accusation of treasons against the crown. When his sister Katherine protested, she was ordered arrested and shortly died in her cell.] Something must have snapped the day her body was brought back to Riverrun, for Lorent declared his intention to forsake his inheritance and join the Night’s Watch.

That day, Rupert became the heir.

He had barely recovered from the sudden absence and his own sense of disbelief before Camylla went to join her husband in King’s Landing. Weeks later, her carriage was found upturned, and the former Mooton bloodied at the side of the road from a bandit attack. Raymun mourned as privately as he could, ever dutiful, ever wanting to forget.

The realm seemed to go mad towards the end of 211AC. Lord Arryn declared himself a king, lions were at each others throats, and the Riverlands were poised to be in the middle of it all. Rupert communicated with his father as much as possible, trying to understand his actions… why he decided to wed not even a year after Camylla’s death. He did not give up on him. Yet. He would descend that rocky slope soon enough.

It might have been choice, or the fact he had none, but he ended up supporting the stand against Lord Lucas’ orders to attack the Vale army, for had the Lord Protector not asked them to stand down? He was knighted on that day by Lord Piper

The marriage to Edyis was annulled, though Lucas must have sensed his son’s lack of resistance to the defiance. Disappointment, Rupert had read in letter. And then, Lord Lucas’ secret marriage to a Blackfyre reached Riverrun. A letter in a familiar hand, that of his sister, Aryena.

There had been also a proposed idea that his father had wanted him to marry to one of Lord Gerold Arryn's daughters. Something that he'd refused, the riverlands demanded his attentions. Especially as more and more news of Lucas's faults and failures came to light. When Lucas fell to complications some say illness, some say to murder. He saw to his father's death tasks starting to set up meetings, to start building the Tully Legacy from the ground up.

A council would need built of sage people that would help a young man, but he had his own style and way. Family, Duty and Honor. He upheld it even if it meant having to crush a few along the way.

Goals: [Open]
Likes & Dislikes: [Open]
Special Bonus: Skilled Administrator, gifted at managing holdings and trade



Named for his ancestor Halleck, who was the second to last King of the Riverlands, this man has been raised from birth with no other purpose than reclaiming his familial home and rule. Now in his forties, Halleck has lived on the Stepstones his entire life. The home was modest, on the exterior, the Hoares appeared to be just another mercantile family with ties to the less savoury elements on those Isles. But, within, a maester was resident. Within the modest home, Halleck and his siblings were raised to live dual lives, learning the traditions, history and martial tools necessary for the nobility of Westeros in tandem with the neccesary tools of the merchant trade.

Recent events have brought a flurry of activity to the Hoare home. Suddenly, they again use their noble name. Suddenly, and almost improbably, Halleck Hoare has become a knight amidst rumors of bribery or blackmail to his sponsor's cause. He is not a comely man, nor a particularly kind one. But, he is known for his wits and strength of purpose.

Goals: Reacquiring Harrenhal, Claiming rule of the Riverlands
Likes: Tests of strength and skill, taverns
Dislikes: Politics and smalltalk
Special Bonuses: Hoare blood, ancestral claim to Harrenhal, the Riverlands, and the Iron Islands



Lord of Highgarden, Lord of the Reach, A hardened man
  • Lord ______ Tyrell
The dissillusioned hero, come to make things "right"
  • Ser Garlen Tyrell
A lowborn but cunning Regent to the Arbor
  • ..., Regent of the Abor



When a rose closes in the cold of night, it can become as hard as a rock. This is the story of Lord Tyrell. What was supposed to be a simple visit to the Shield Islands in 203 AC soon turned into the obsession of a man. When the ironborn attacked, seeking to reave the shores and fishing villages and steal a maiden, they had not counted on that maiden being the young mistress and love interest of _____ Tyrell. Even less had they expected that such would take his small host of men on ships stolen at the docks of Grimston and follow them back North.

At the Stony Shores when the Ironborn sought to reave even more ______ Tyrell and his men finally caught up, having lost near half his crew in the cold touch of the White Death Winter, whose chill reached even deeper for the bones of men on the open seas. One could have called him a mad man for making this decision and sacrificing his men for the mere wish of rescueing a commonborn girl, but it was at the Stony Shores that from a rose a tough diamond would be carved. It was at the Stony Shores that this rose learned how to bleed and make other men bleed.

When the battle had finally ended only red shores and a few of his own men remained. _______ Tyrell had suffered near so many wounds that he could barely keep his eyes open and stop the world from fading to black as he held in sorrow the body of the woman he tried to rescue. But when him and his men dragged themselves back to their boats he stumbled upon something glistening and shining bright with the burning scarlet reflection of the setting sun. Unable to rescue his young love, he had instead found a valyrian sword that would forever remind him of the blood he had spilled for her. When he passed out he dreamed a dream of swords and blood, of a throne made of swords and beside him sitting the woman he had lost smiling at him, thanking him for trying to rescue her. He himself would never be so kind to thank himself for trying but failing.

Finally returning to the court of Highgarden years later, he had changed his sigil to that of a bleeding rose and proudly wielded the valyrian sword: 'Red Rain'. It had taught him that only in true sacrifice and misery true men and true rulers could be forged. It only made sense that the Seven had chosen to pass on Highgarden to him with the passing of Lord Henry Tyrell.

Now, a bleeding rose hard as stone seeks to bring a new future to the Reach and to Westeros.

Goals: the Iron Throne
Likes: Discipline, Sacrifice
Dislikes: [Open]
Feature Role Bonus: Red Rain (Valyrian Steel Sword)

(Note: This feature role only describes a short but important fragment of his life. You are free to fill in the rest with your own story)



They call him ancient, but not to his face. He's storied. He's experienced. He's wreathed in glory, but now he's old.

Garlen Tyrell remembers dragons. He is one of a very small number of people alive who still do, though the dragons he knew were stunted and small. The kings he served were Vaegon and Rhaegal Targaryen, and in his capacity as a general, he served with great distinction. Garlen won tourneys. Garlen was the subject of songs, maidens vied for his attention and men took pleasure in his company, be it at court or in a tavern. In his youth, Garlen Tyrell was greatly admired.

All that changed with the realization that there would be no more dragons for Rhaegal or his sons. No eggs would hatch. Those that didn't were stashed, said to be stone, said to be dead things; and with their dying, so went Garlen's hope. 

He left court when it became clear to him that the Targaryen dragons were now simply men.  For years and then decades, no one outside his family heard from or spoke of him, except as a legendary warrior of the past. Now he returns to King's Landing, old and nearly forgotten, bearing the object of his lengthy search: a long shard of the legendary Oakenseat. In his mind, the Reach no longer owes fealty to dragons without dragons. In his reborn hope, Highgarden will rise and the nobility will turn to House Tyrell to bring a world of strength and rebirth to the realm.

Goals: The dissolution of the Iron Throne and the birth of a new realm under Highgarden
Likes: Mulled wine, the training of young men and quiet conversation
Dislikes: House Targaryen
Special Bonuses: Tyrell blood, Legendary Artifact - Oakenseat Shard



Born as but the son of barrelmakers who thrived with the wealth of wine in the Arbor and the endless barrels it required to store that drink of the gods, this man quickly showed his prowess at mastering coin once of age. But what made him notable even more was his paranoia and distrust for how the Tyrells, Hightowers or even Ironborn could pose a threat to the strength and peace that reigned over the lands of wine.

While he did well managing matters of coin and trade for the steward of the Arbor the man grew more influential through the high tales he spun of how other Houses in Westeros could pose a threat to the Redwynes or other families in their lands. When Loreyon Redwyne's trial finally came to pass everyone knew that this man had predicted it all along long ago: the Tyrells and even the Crown itself plotting to bring ruin to the Arbor and it's people. If only the court or Loreyon would've paid him any heed.

The death of Lady Mathylda only adds truth to the tales he spun with masterful fearmongering. 'The Crown and Tyrells were out to get them and had plotted the murders all along! And the Hightowers, they were in on it too! And the Ironborn who were invited to court by King Aeron! The King who humiliated Lord Loreyon!' - But whether his tales and predictions are true or not, they were the only reason why the court of the Arbor decided to appoint this courtier of low birth as their Lord Regent - even over the very uncle of the infant Lord Redwyne.

Goal: Become Lord of the Arbor (or more?)
Likes: Making up stories, inciting distrust between people for his personal gain
Dislikes: Tyrells, Hightower, Ironborn, Targaryens - whomever he can throw before his cart to spin his tales
Special bonuses: Lord Regent of the Arbor, Masterful diplomat and fearmonger



Scions of an ancient andal king, emboldened to reclaim their ancestral name
  • Qarlan Lorassyon
  • Hugor Lorassyon
A mountain clansman, rooted in violence and vengeance
  • Barabas the Bastard


Words: Always Faithful
Sigil: A seven pointed star balanced on spear-tip
Colors: Blue and gold

Long believed extinct, House Lorassyon has masqueraded as a cousin branch of and been shielded by House Arryn from the earliest days of the Andal invasion. The family of Lorassyon are the last surviving descendents of Qarlon the Great, who once ruled much of Lorath Bay and led an invasion against Norvos, only to be repelled by the Valyrian dragonlords and have their Keep scorched to the ground.

With the knowledge that any dragonlord would have cause to finish the job started by their descendants, House Lorassyon has remained shielded and hidden over the centuries, always marrying under the auspices of being a Arryn relative and keeping their andal line as pure as possible. Now, with the latest Targaryen king only an infant, they dare to emerge from their long hibernation with the purpose of scourging the dragonlords from the Iron Throne.

Lord Qarlan Lorassyon (formerly known as Arryn)
Age 46
Classically Andal in appearance
He calls it destiny. Born at a time when House Lorassyon might finally safely emerge from its long wait, Qarlan Lorassyon is a near religious fanatic, though his intelligence and a long history of hiding the true family identity allows him to adapt as need demands.

Goals: Spreading the Faith of the Seven, see an Andal on the Iron Throne
Likes: Andals, [Open]
Dislikes: Non-Andals, especially Valyrians
Special Bonuses: A historical claim to the ancestral throne of the Andals, full fluency in High Valyrian

Ser Hugor Lorassyon
Age 32
Classically Andal in appearance
Hugor is a knight's knight, a man drawn to glory in battle like a moth to flame. Named for the first Andal king, his father held him to that impossible standard, molding him into the perfect specimen of Andal might.His father's lessons brought a devious streak to the otherwise perfect knight, though it was one his father taught him to never show in public.

Goals: Spreading the Faith of the Seven, see an Andal on the Iron Throne
Likes: Andals, Tourneys, [Open]
Dislikes: Non-Andals, especially Valyrians
Special Bonuses: A historical claim to the ancestral throne of the Andals, full fluency in High Valyrian

House Lorassyon has several non-feature roles as well. These will be treated as any other important Vale banner and subject to the same restrictions.

The sons and daughters of House Lorassyon are all fluent in High Valyrian - taught to them to give them understanding of their enemies from an early age. They are all religious in nature, but also well steeped in the need for deception. After centuries of hiding, waiting and plotting, House Lorassyon is home to the sly and devious side of Andalism.

Qarla: Daughter, age 30 - Widowed after marrying one of her "Arryn" cousins and now returned home.
Tywell: Son, age 29
Roland: Son, age 28
Argos: Son, age 25
Alyssa: Daughter, age 24 - Betrothed twice, but each time to a man who died at war before the marriage.
Sia: Daughter, age 22



Whether it is the Faith Militant or the mountain clansmen in the Vale, they all served only one purpose to Barabas: Vengeance. While few know his true origins, and he himself claims to have been knighted by a man named Jon Stone, he leaves little to the imagination by nicknaming himself ‘the Bastard’. The man and his company is known for the remorseless manner in which they deal with the undesirables of the Vale: Poisoning the wells of Faith Militant camps, murdering the poor on accusation of being rebels or Faith Militant, extorting farmers through usury or eating their infants. He is most infamous above all for being ‘immune to justice’: While some lords in earlier years tried to put him to justice for his crimes against their smallfolk; Barabas always managed to escape his shackles or cells somehow. After a while the nobility stopped bothering even trying to deal with the man. Who better than him to call upon after all when they need yet another peasant or faith militant rebellion quelled.

The rare tale explains Barabas being the son of a mountain clan chief and a septa of the faith militant, certainly explaining his size. Both parents abandoned him as a newborn, and left him at the feet of an old hedge knight named Jon Stone.

Goals: Terrorizing the smallfolk & clergy
Likes: Amusing himself
Dislikes: Smallfolk, the Faith, Knights & being called a knight
Special Bonuses: Escape Artist - Always somehow manages to escape captivity (under normal circumstances. Admins must still be contacted!)



The Children of Aegon Targaryen
  • Daeron 'Demonscale' Targaryen (eldest child) - Filled
  • Vaegon Targaryen, The Merchant-Prince - Filled
  • Shaera Targaryen - Filled
  • Maekar Targaren
A Long Lost Legendary Commander of the Kingsguard
  • Ser Lothar Baratheon the Just

An Intelligent Companion With Higher Ambitions
  • Mysaria Lohar - Filled

* Aegon Targaryen has abdicated and revoked the rights of his progeny to the throne. 


Maekar Targaryen  The scholarly son of the Wandering Dragon
(Please introduce a serious flaw of your own. For balance sake, this application will not be approved without a flaw equal to those of his siblings)

Maekar Targaryen had no plans to travel to King's Landing with his siblings. He'd originally thought the trip a waste of time when there was so much to be learned at his father's side. Like the Wandering Dragon, Maekar placed great value on learning and exploration. But, like any young man, there came a time when he was ready to make it on his own.

The youngest dragon is devoted to his studies and the secrets and power which might be unlocked from the distant, forbidden places his father sought. But, after a bout with a wasting illness that left him unable to travel with the vigor of even his elderly father, the choice to join his twin brother Vaegon and their siblings Shaera and Daeron was an easy one.

With him, he brings three items discovered on recent journeys. The first is a Myrish eye, carved from an unusual dark stone and fitted with an exceptionally clear lense. The second is a small portrait of his father, painted inside a silver case and a close likeness despite the fact that they found the trinket on arrival at a distant city. The third is a delicately curved valyrian steel dagger with an ancient, faded bone hilt which he values more for its age and story than its uses.

SER LOTHAR BARATHEON THE JUST - Former Lord Commander of the Kingsguard

Born to House Baratheon in 159 AC, Lothar as a young lad with his kind and gentle nature felt at odds with what his family expected of him. He trained for knighthood, but never felt it was his calling. Instead he joined the priesthood of the Faith and took his peace with such, taking to study and prayer. Two years later he was assigned to the Sept at Grassy Vale, a peaceful village under the watchful eye of House Meadows and Grassfield Keep.

Later that year, 181 AC, Lord Meadows held a tourney, small but notable enough that House Baratheon, Tyrell and Lannister and some of their banners had given the honor to attend. Lothar could expect little sympathy from the family he had abandoned though, only to find himself mocked and harassed by a Baratheon cousin, Garen, who would join the lists and boast of his strength after every opponent he had defeated.

Perhaps Garen had been drunk later that night, too deep in the wine after winning the tourney - one might never know what had possessed the man to search out the Sept that night and to break whatever statues, windows, crystals and furniture he might find - even less might one understand why he had taken to the rapine of a Septa in prayer within. To Lothar the answer was obvious, his family had disdained and demonized him for joining the Faith, and his cousin was seeking revenge in their name. He awoke to the screams and noise, only to find his cousin defiling the woman upon the altar, reached for the warhammer which Garen had put aside - and hesitated a long while. He could have smashed the man's head there and then, but didn't - as he saw the Septa's trembling hands pointing to the Father and the Mother. Justice and Mercy. Instead he slipped away and would let the Gods decide.

The next morning when the hideous defilement of the Sept had been discovered by the Smallfolk they tried to attack the noble pavilions near Grassfield Keep, but were held off by the guards of Meadows. As soon as word reached King's Landing what had happened Baelor the Blessed himself came down to Grassy Vale. It was by Lothar's confession that Garen Baratheon found himself accused before Baelor Targaryen of the defilement of the Sept. Baelor was swift with his justice, trusting in the confessions of a septon, but Garen demanded a trial by combat - but with no Kingsguard and no volunteers to champion in the name of the Sept, not even among the Lannisters and Tyrells, who had already been beaten once by the champion of the tourney, it appeared that Garen Baratheon would win his innocence by default.

It was Lothar, the septon, who stepped up and volunteered to be Baelor's champion.

The next morning Garen was armed with a blade and sword, unable to find his warhammer - only to find Lothar wielding it instead, whom had kept it from the night he had witnessed the debasement of the Faith. Perhaps Garen Baratheon wasn't as well trained with the blade as with his usual familiar weapon, or perhaps it was truly the justice of the Seven which shined it's light upon the duel - but Garen found his skull cracked by one heavy blow of his own hammer.

Baelor impressed by the sense of justice and vigor of the Septon, but the High Septon was less so when he found out one of his own had slain a Baratheon and taken up arms to do so, even if it had been in a trial by combat. Lothar found himself outcast from the Faith, but Baelor saw it differently and with Rhaegel's approval made him a Kingsguard instead. "The realm could use more septon-knights," - Baelor had said.

Ser Lothar Baratheon the Just became one of the most beloved Kingsguard in the Seven Kingdoms, renowned for his bravery and righteousness. Soon after Baelor passed away before he even could witness the construction of the Great Sept coming to completion. He served faithfully and dutifully even being made Lord Commander before Ser Marcyl Bulwer. But found himself lost again under Maegor Targaryen's rule when he witnessed the man's vile nature and instead left to Essos as Aegon's champion, a man who was much kinder and dreamed of a brighter future in which the realm would be restored again. Even Lothar was convinced that Aegon or his children would inherit the throne before any of Maegor's bastard seed would, or perhaps that is only what he hoped for.

Even though Aegon's children in their young adult years turned out to become even more vile and sinful than Maegor himself, he reminded himself that he had sworn an oath before the gods to forever guard and protect the Targaryen family. Perhaps one day, one of them would still find whatever little good was left in them, or maybe one of their children would be as benevolent and just as Baelor Targaryen again, maybe even by now Maegor might've stopped whoring and found himself a true heir by now. These were the last dragons after all and Westeros would always need a Targaryen to rule.

Goals: Oathbound to protect Targaryens from harm, bringing justice to Westeros
Likes: the Faith, Justice and Honor, men who stay true to their oaths and word
Dislikes: the sinful tendencies of the Targaryens he is sworn to protect, honorless knights
Special Bonuses: Baratheon blood, former Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, pristine reputation for honour.



House Lannister of Casterly Rock
  • Lady [name] Lannister, Lady Regent of the Westerlands (IC Lead) - Filled
  • Her eldest sons - 1/3 Filled
  • Her youngest sons 
A Landed Bandit (Female)
  • Ferrys the Beaut, 'Lady' of Fang Tower - Filled



Age 33, 32, 31 ~
Can come in married.
They are all keenly aware of the competence and cunning of their mother, more than grateful for the good she has done to their family. If it weren't for her they would all be the poorest Lannisters in the Westerland's memory doomed to wearing rags. It is by her hand that they managed to escape the over-controlling nature of their father who never allowed them even a copper coin or their own responsibilities. Even the heir understands that the longer his mother remains in charge the wealthier, more lavish and easy his own life will be, as such he is in no hurry to succeed her and like most of his eldest brothers he is content to do her bidding.

Goal: Assisting their mother in maintaining control over the Westerlands
Likes: [open]
Dislikes: Their father
Special Bonuses: Lannister blood



Age 22, 21, 20 ~
While they grew up during their teenage years their mother seemed already well in charge of their household, as such they mostly seem to know her as a woman obsessed with control and power, and have been more critical about the scheming and cruel ways of her and their older siblings. In their mother's eyes they remind her more of their father and his soft-hearted and bumbling manners. While some might regard them as the kinder Lannisters they find themselves often the victim of japes and mistreatment by the rest of their family.

Goal: [open]
Likes: Their father
Dislikes: Cruelty
Special Bonuses: Lannister blood

Additional Notes
Lord Cerwen Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, age 52
The son of Tybald Lannister, brother to Tyr Lannister and an unnamed female Lannister née Vikary



A life bathed in blood
  • "Bonegate Sand", Bastard of Yronwood - Filled


Background Notes:

Born between 165 and 179 to Lord Aron Yronwood.

Raised to be a knight, raised to lead men into battle for the glory of his father, he is a man baptized in blood. His mother was his first victim, claimed in childbirth, but far from his last. Rumours surrounded him as he grew of deaths on the training grounds, or in back alley brawls. It wasn't until he was already several years a knight and given command of a small group of men during the Battle of the Boneway that the depths of his barbarism were truly shown. Many still whisper about the horrors wrought by his command, of men dismembered or disemboweled and left to die without mercy. Still, it was not enough to save the day and the battle was lost, as history well attests to.

He was locked in Ghaston Grey for a year, the time only serving to sharpen his reputation for fierce, bloody effectiveness. His time was short there, but eventually he was released along with the rest of the tangential combatants, those who didn't orchestrate the thing. Though he surely wished he had, for hardly ever was there a man who believed in Dornish supremacy more.

The next time notice was paid to him was during the Vulture King affair. Yorra Yronwood, the lady of Yronwood, bade him take some men to help Lewyn Martell as a show of good faith. The results were expected and bloody. While Lewyn took his time to try and corner the Vulture King, our Sand took the fight to every group of the man's outlaws he could find...and potentially several other groups he merely claimed were affiliated. Gruesome, terrible efficiency tore through every group he could track down, and though he didn't land the killing blow on the Vulture King himself, many credit him with the defeat of the King's armies.

Once more he prepares to enter public light, though this time under much different circumstances. One of his contacts from Ghaston Grey ended up being pressed into joining the Night's Watch, and was part of a ranging that found the burial grounds of the six Dornish kings Nymeria sent to the wall an eon past. The ranger in charge of the group, Malister Tyrell, took little convincing to take the crowns and desert, and the Ghaston Grey contact made arrangements to sell the crowns to our intrepid Sand so that the deserters could get supplies and travel to Essos.

Armed with six crowns, our Sand aims to make himself a lord like his father, though not of Yronwood Castle. Instead, he has set his eyes on the Stepstones, wishing to barter the crowns for enough troops to invade and start house Yronwood of the Stepstones, ideally ruling several of the larger islands. Only time will tell if that negotiation will actually work, on if his ambition will actually come to fruition.


Raised by a strict father, XY Sand has a focus on propriety and decorum, at least in public. He obsessively cultivates his public persona, a stern and stoic mask of confidence and competency. He acts every bit the part of the stern lord of Yronwood he has wished to be his whole life, though he is still Dornish. He still has a trail of his own bastards behind him.

He counts every rung on the social ladder, knows exactly where he fits in and exactly where he wishes to fit in. He treats people almost explicitly based on how he perceives their social standing, at least in public. Those beneath him well know it, he revels in titles and honours whenever he receives them, and could write several books on propriety if pressed. These are things he has been taught to never get wrong, unless getting them wrong serves to further his ambitions.

Goals: Wants to rule part of the Stepstones and be legitimized as a Yronwood in the process
Likes: Efficiency, battle, being in control, climbing the social ladder, power, Dorne
Dislikes: Impropriety, people who don't know their place
Special Bonuses: Legendary Artifacts - Crowns of the Six Dornish Black Kings




The man known as the High Septon was once simply a peddler's son named "Jon", but no one remembers that. Exceptionally intelligent, as a boy he secured himself a position as a servant in the High Sept of Baelor. Along with his childhood friend Myrna Tarbeck, who was to later become the Most Devout Aelin, he rose in rank. The two were inseparable as young adults, and when they both took their final vows, they spent a year in study at the Starry Sept together.

The next year saw Septa Myrna returning to her home, where she lingered for the next few. Without his childhood friend and constant companion, Septon Aegil, the name he had taken, returned to the Great Sept of Baelor. There he began to rise and was soon acting as steward to the High Septon himself. Aegil was never one to spend a great deal of time in prayer, and there were rumors that he spent far too much time in winesinks and amongst the less palatable residents of the city, but his ear for languages, exceptional memory and talent for finding fault in even the highest of nobles soon had him named Most Devout.

Even high station didn't stop the rumors, but the continued service he did the High Septon and the growing fear of the headaches his condemnations might bring soon had him almost without peer amongst those who wore the crystal coronal. Now, whether by use of blackmail, bribery or simple politics, he rises to claim the crystal crown.

Goals: Lifting the Faith to a position of supremacy
Likes: Abasing arrogant nobility, grieving widows, displaying an encyclopedic knowledge of the Faith
Dislikes: Unbelievers, anyone who doesn't give the Faith its due, hypocrisy in others.
Weakness: Awareness of own hypocrisy.
Special Bonuses: Controls the Faith. Considered by some to be the avatar of the Gods.



Age 35+

Named after after her father, Allyria of Aethelmure, is the daughter of Maester Aethelmure. Through his kindness and generosity she learned to share the same fascination for the mysteries and sciences of the world. Would she have been born a man she might have been working alongside her father, but fate was not that courteous. Neither was it for a lack of trying, despite her father’s high status at the Citadel none of his petitions to allow his daughter to study and forge the chain of a Maester was approved by his colleagues.

This did not stop Allyria from giving her entire life to her studies though. A determination admired by her father and for which he has kept supporting her through her entire life. It was with his help that she created a school and a name for herself. At first it were but the sons of merchants or foreigners who wished to attend her classes and lectures so that they might help with their preparation or studies to become a Maester at the citadel, but once her brilliant mind and great skill at teaching became more known the nobility started sending their sons too. Some of her students moved on and became Maesters in their own right, while others remained attending her classes even after they failed earning their chain. She always treats her students more as colleagues and brothers in science; always encouraging them to give their own lectures and present their own theories before the class, something that must’ve helped in them regarding her as their equal and friend. The friendship and respect she forged instead eventually earned her the rare position as an advisor at the castles and keeps of certain noble families.

The Faith however always treated her with disdain and it is under the accusations of necromancy and threats of violence by the local septons that she had to abandon her position at Ashford, despite the objections from her friend and once student, Lord Ashford. With her father’s help she found for herself and her students a place in King’s Landing where she can continue her classes. With her new predicament there is little chance at a life of wealth or fancy dresses, she’ll have to scrape the coins to get by and open part of her new place as a sick house where she and her students treat the ill for meager coin and donations, but luckily such might help in her studies.

She arrives in King’s Landing and once again turns her gaze to the starry night sky, wondering what mysteries and knowledge the Gods still have hidden away from her.

Goals: Discovering the mysteries of the world through her studies
Likes: People who show near as much interest in science as her
Dislikes: Fancy dresses, prefer to dress in plain robes. Reluctant about romance, it might distract her from her work, or worse, her would-be husband might demand her to stop teaching
Special Bonus: Her uniquely brilliant mind has a chance at revealing a scientific discovery to the world of Westeros in one of three separate fields. You must choose which field you are an expert in within your application. Choosing one makes you average and only lightly educated in the others:

  • Physics/Mathematics: Light and dark are such curious things, even though neither is mentioned as an element in any of the Maesters’ tomes. Why does light and dark behave the way they do? [candle light, glass, water, shadows]
  • Astronomy/Philosophy: The stars in the night sky move, but why do they move in such an odd manner around Westeros? [geometry, shapes, observing the stars]
  • Biology/Medicine: The people you treat in the sick house have their ailments and some of the common diseases we think we know how to cure, but there seems to be a pattern behind some of their ailments. [treating the sick, logging their stories and treatment] - Choosing this expertise does not allow you to cure any diseases the Maesters can't cure, unless you make your eventual breakthrough.

To make an eventual scientific breakthrough you’ll have to occasionally provide RP logs to the story team with role play relevant to the field in which you wish to make a discovery. The discovery will require a dice roll after three months of RP and discussion with the admin team who will then provide your character with the details of your discovery. Should your first roll fail, you'll get a new chance every following month. Only ONE eventual breakthrough can be made, so choose your field carefully. Be warned however that the Faith and feudal society as a whole might be sceptical about your findings, even more so because you are a woman, with which we mean you might be prosecuted and murdered.



The unexpected and suspicious death of King Aeron left Lord Dalton Greyjoy feeling uncertain of his place in King's Landing. It was King Aeron who had invited and welcomed him to court in the Red Keep after all, but perhaps he felt he had supported the wrong man or the wrong side during the rebellion against the crown. Despite the threat of pirates from the east and whatever insistence other lords had made upon the need for his ironborn fleets, he felt that in the end the politics of King's Landing were none of his concern and would only needlessly put the lives of his own people in danger for little gain.

Lord Greyjoy and his fleet have returned back to the Iron Isles since then. Ever since Pyke has been only silent, not even responding to any ravens or summons. Reports of ships and settlements being raided along the western coasts of Westeros once more seem to indicate that the Iron Isles are once again upon the brink of rebellion.

Note: We are only open for smalltime banners and smallfolk from the iron islands. Your presence in King's Landing will be regarded as undesirable and you'll be forced to survive through means of crime, deception, banditry or whatever other unsavory means possible. Your people are known for their cruelty and reaving with little regard for anything but their own selfish needs.