Featured Roles in ROIAF


Featured roles are those roles that are required to bring our story together in a cohesive manner at the start. Such roles come with a bit of prewritten background that interest many players. They have stricter requirements than most roles do.  To play a featured role you must be a strong writer.  You must include others in your story, including those who are in other houses and playing smallfolk. You must agree to maintain an active presence on the sim and to obey all sim rules, particularly those involving meta and powergaming. 

Details of the below roles may be altered, pending consultation with the Lore Admin.

Featured Roles

The Crownlands


Jaremy Darklyn, 18/19, Heir to Duskendaale and squire to King Aeron Targaryen. Serious applicants only. Please IM Noir Requim before applying.


Most devout members (one male, one female) - The Most Devout are a council of the highest ranking clergy of the Faith of the Seven. They can be identified by their cloth-of-silver vestments and crystal coronals. The High Septon is usually elected from among the Most Devout, so there is scope for a (male) Most Devout player to become High Septon in the future. These players will need to have a fairly comprehensive understanding of the faith of the seven, though the nature of the character and their own faith (or lack of) will be up to them (within reason), as will their level of corruption.

Because of the highly influential nature of this role - you must be a player with a strong sim history to apply.

Formerly Landed Knights - Pittwater OPEN

_____ Pittwater - Eldest son of the late Cletus Pittwater, a man who began as a commoner and was knighted and landed, a faithful servant of King Maegor. Gifted Pittwater Keep within King's landing, he was known to keep the peace - and occasionally to break it - in Flea Bottom. Stripped of his lands a titles and executed for his strong objection to a female gold cloak commander during court (wherein he attempted to decapitate said commander), those left behind - his men and his family, lead by his heir - face a choice. Serve the crown and attempt to regain the lands and titles lost by Ser Cletus, or make their living through more nefarious means in Flea Bottom.

House Rosby OPEN

Lord/Lady/Heir Rosby. 20-50's depending on character. Rosby is a minor Crownlands house who some claim are no better than glorified smallfolk. Making a name for themselves during the Winter through smart trading deals, Rosby has grown to be a known hub for black market goods in the region. Role can be male or female, level of corruption negotiable.

Watersons OPEN

-----  Waterson and ----- Waterson (sister)  - not dragonseeds themselves, but these are descendant of dragonseeds through smallfolk. They are somewhat distant cousins of other Watersons represented thus far as everything from criminal to armorers to the King. They may have Valyrian features - but not all of them. White hair, but not purple eyes. Purple eyes, but not silvery hair - etc. Its your choice what venture they are involved with or if they are criminals and entirely possible they are taking advantage of the recent departure of Galon Waterson to attempt to take over his criminal empire. 


[Interested applicants please message Jaehaerya (nichole.trafalgar) to consider applying.]

Lord ____ Velaryon, 22-25, Master at Arms for Driftmark. Son of Daerion Velaryon and Ermesande Velaryon nee Sunglass. Personality is an open book. Is he jealous of his more noble kin? Bitter of his 'minor' posting? Happy to flounce about and spend their coin? Open minded and creativity welcome.

Grand Maester OPEN

Grand Maester _____. The Citadel has recalled the Grand Maester from the Red Keep and dispatched this man in his stead. It is your choice who he is and how loyal/corrupt/distinguished his character is. A very strong ASOIAF knowledge is critical for this role.




[Interested applicants please message Alkaia Exonar to consider applying.]



The North

[All interested applicants please message Erin Grashnar to consider applying.]




The Reach

[All interested applicants please message Loreyon Redwyne (monsieur maven) to consider applying.]



Lord Dietrich Florent (Late 40s+) The Lord of Brightwater Keep, Dietrich Florent is an immensely popular and well-liked figure within the upper echelon of the Reach. Decidedly anti-Tyrell given his involvement in the Rebellion of Cider Hall, his eldest son and heir was taken as a political ward to Oldtown, though most agree that it is actually imprisonment. A man revered as a "true knight", he very likely would wish to see his son and heir freed.



The widow and children of Jon Fossoway are a family rich in political drama and intrigue. In 199 AC, the Fossoways led a rebellion (Known as the Rebellion of Cider Hall) that saw Reachlander pitted against Reachlander in opposition of increased taxes--an uprising that was put to bed when Hightower forces joined Tyrell's and they executed the Lord Fossoway. Houses Florent, Merryweather and others were among their allies, and all likely harbor resentment for the conclusion of this conflict in addition to perhaps an interest in settling the score between the rebellious houses and the lords Tyrell and Hightower.



The Riverlands

[All interested applicants please message Melanie Bracken (alyssavond) to consider applying.]



Lord ___ Frey (47) Lord of the Twins and one of the most powerful bannerhouses of the Riverlands. The tension between the Houses Frey and Tully have been tenuous at best and violent at worst. A broken betrothal due to the promiscuous actions of the Lord Paramount's sister Lysa Tully has seen relations between the two houses deterioriate to non-existent and contention breeds between the old families as nothing but silence transpires between them.


The Stormlands

[All interested applicants please message Erin Grashnar (Erin Grashnar) to consider applying.]


Lord Selmy: Lord ____ Selmy (Lord of Harvest Hall. Aged 38+) - Chief provider of food for the Stormlands, since the winter blight. He has become Lord Baratheon's Right hand and close friend. -Open


The Vale of Arryn

[All interested applicants please message Shaelyn Grafton (demi bluemood) to consider applying.]


Lord Elliott Corbray (18?), legitmised bastard son of Viktor Corbray, heir to house Corbray. Was legitimised by his sister's (Camilla Corbray) request prior to her murder/disappearance.


The Westerlands

[All interested applicants please message Leoric Lannister (Jaxx Ilsker) to consider applying.]



Ser ___ Swyft (Early 50s+) The longtime Lord Commander of the Westerlands Forces and loyal supporter of the House Lannister, Ser ___ Swyft is a legendary warrior of unnmatched prowess and skill. Recently his brother, the Lord Swyft of Cornfield had pledged fealty to the Reynes of Castamere--thus brokering a very personal contention between the two brothers.


The Iron Islands

[All interested applicants please message Citadel (roiafcitadel) to consider -and before- applying.] 

HOUSE GREYJOY CLOSED (played by Xaaz Bogbat)

Lord Greyjoy: Lord Dalton Greyjoy (Lord Reaper of Pyke, Aged 38+)

A mysterious man. Mysterious because few know much of his past. Most of his young life was spent exploring, sailing, reaving and raiding far away from his homeland. He escaped much of the horrors of Winter on the Iron Islands, the civil war, the kinslaying and massacres. Yet he outlived both his elder brothers, some claim the man is responsible for the mysterious slaughter of these two brothers who were at war, thus inheriting the throne of the Iron Islands, but few dare to make an issue out of it.

Lord Greyjoy is as much feared as he is mysterious, despite his bad health and traces of greyscale. His keen interest in the divine and the marks of greyscale on his skin make some believe he has been touched by the gods, or something far worse and sinister. Due to his divine interests, and a septon he has kept as a thrall and close advisor, since many years ago, the man has taken a liking to the Faith of the Seven and believes that after the last brutal winter of famine and anger, the Iron Islands are best served involving themselves with the politics in King's Landing, if they wish to survive the next winter.

He is responsible for bringing in Maesters to the ironborn houses, as well as the construction of a few septs, and now after being summoned to the capitol by King Aeron, to aid against the pirate threat from the East, he seeks to have some of his sons knighted under the Faith of the Seven as a sign of goodwill to Westeros. His challenge is maintaining the uneasy balance between involving the ironborn in Westeros and respecting the old ways.


Greyjoy Family Tree can be found here: Click here



Lord Goodbrother: Lord ____ Goodbrother (Lord of Hammerhorn: Aged 25+) - House Goodbrother has perhaps always been considered the most civilized of the Iron island houses. The Drowned Men often mockingly refer to them as 'greenlanders' for they embraced the foreign and meek mainland customs much more eagerly than anyone else on the Iron Islands. Nonetheless the current lord Goodbrother is a shrewd diplomat and of a mercantile mind even with the ironborn blood running through his veins.



Lord Drumm: Lord ____ Drumm (Lord of Old Wyk) - Dagon Drumm the Undead, one of the most infamous reavers the Iron Islands had ever seen, left a strong impression on his son before he sailed north to reave during winter and never returned. The Drumms are highly respected for their military prowess and fearlessness. Much like his father, the current Lord Drumm puts a lot of value in the 'old ways' and the faith of the Drowned God. He is sceptical and distrusting of mainland culture.




The Spoiled Prince OPEN

XXX - "The Spoiled Prince". This exiled Prince of Pentos served in his role only a short time before word of planned assassination over a trade dispute sent him into flight. Now exiled and despised in his homeland, he and a small, but disciplined group of men travel to King's Landing as "The Lost", a sellsword company whose motto and motivation is "Again Home" and who seek now the permission of the Crown to set up business in the property formally owned by Cletus Pitwatter.

SAAN Pirate-Lords OPEN

The Saan family is a Lysene line of Valyrian descent that has produced a number of famous pirates over the centuries. Saans have been distinguished pirate-lords for at least three hundred years, dating back to the reign of King Aegon I Targaryen. Growing uninterested with their current situation, they have turned their eye on Westeros; the Blackwater Bay particularly enticing.

House Rogare OPEN

--- Rogare and ____ Rogare and ___ the Auditor. The son and daughter of the current Patriarch of House Rogare in Lys. These two travel with the bank's auditor (can be male or female!) who is there to keep a handle on expenses and ensure that funds are not dispensed without significant advantage to the bank or House Rogare's plans.


A man of martial and criminal prowess, the Golden Company’s agent has been sent to Westeros to further the agenda of Aemon Blackfyre, twin and brother to the slain Balerion. They are working to integrate themselves into the criminal underbelly of King’s Landing; employing the services of smugglers, assassins, sellswords, con artists, whores etc. They walk the fine line between the world of court and criminality and have the potential to be part of both worlds, should they garner a position as a hired sword to the right man or woman.



[All interested applicants please message Greenseer (ROIAFGreenseer) to consider applying.]



A man of common birth and noble ambition, the King’s Herald is arguably the most influential and powerful man of lowborn origins to be found within the Targaryen court. Heralds are traditionally responsible for formally announcing and conducting tournaments and to do so, must be intimately familiar with noble standards and colors. The King’s current Herald is a man of singular determination, to have pulled himself up from the gutters of Fleabottom and taught himself the history of Westeros’ nobility -- to the extent that none can question his ability -- although many still question his origin. Beyond tourneys and festivals, however, this man is the very voice of the Crown and is responsible for conveying its word to the people of King’s Landing and beyond. His power is not concealed in his name or his lands, but in his speech and he has the ability to shape the public’s perception of any royal decree.