How do I get involved with my Region?

Whether you're new to roleplay, or a seasoned veteran, making your start in a new region can be daunting. We've assembled an FAQ to help guide you on your way to fitting comfortably in whichever wonderful region you've chosen for your character's origin!

Q: I have completed my application and have been approved to a region. What do I do now?

A: Welcome! We’re glad you decided to be a part of ROIAF.  Now the fun begins!  Firstly, the IC lead of your house (not necessarily the Lord Paramount of the region) should be in touch with you, helping you along with your character. What their goals are, how you fit into the family dynamic, making sure you understand your role, etc.  If by chance they have not, drop them a message or a notecard! If you are the IC lead and are still stumped as to where you fit in, get in touch with your region’s OOC lead. Never be afraid to ask someone for assistance. We’re all here to create fulfilling stories with one another and someone is always willing to lend a helping hand!

Q: But what am I supposed to be doing after that?

A: Regions weren’t run by one man or family alone. From lords’ councils to ladies’ personal courts, there are many roles that a region depends on for its success. Seek out your liege IC and prove yourself worthy of their service! Roles can also be obtained in many other ways than the Lord Paramounts, you can climb the social ladder by meeting/befriending many nobles within your region; it’s important to make these connections and will often be noticed by those who can grant IC roles/titles.  The main thing is to be active and show up as much as you can.

Q:How do I meet people from my region?

A:Each Region has a consulate or embassy, which would be a base of sorts for your characters while they are in King’s Landing. Visit it when you’re not exploring other areas. Also, your region group inworld will have a list of all people in your region under the members tab. Be brave and send one or the entire group a message! Ask when they’re usually around and available for roleplay.

Q: What if I am not a playing a noble? How can smallfolk get in on the action?

A: Smallfolk have little of the social restrictions of the nobles, and therefore have a bit more free range. If you’re a merchant, try hawking your wares. If you can sew dresses or are handy with a sword, capitalize on it! Gain their trust and nobles from your region may wish to employ you into their service if you have a valuable skill. Make yourself available and don’t be afraid to engage.

Do’s and Don’ts --


Make yourself available for RP. Stand in open areas--near markets, busy entrances and docks. The more visible you are, the more apparent it will be that you are interested in engaging with others. Make use of those regional embassies! It’s a great place to meet people and build stories with people who may share common goals/interests.

Pay attention to your regions group chats and notices. There may be an event, or player in your region looking for someone to write with.

Check the website often. Study your regional history and current lore. It’s much easier to have a sense of where you need to be going if you’re up to date on the history.

Contact your OOC lead if you need assistance in coming up with ideas or have any questions.


Stand in one spot and wait for RP to come to you. The easiest way to get involved is simply being active.

Be afraid to ask for help! Everyone hits a rut and needs help from time to time. Never be afraid to contact a lead for assistance.

Get discouraged. Being a new player, or simply being new to a region, can be overwhelming sometimes. Just take a deep breath and get out there and have fun. We’re all here for a common purpose. Regional relationships and conflicts are important and beneficial for a rich roleplay experience. Being active and engaging not only helps your character fall into place, but aids in moving along the entire story of your region From the richest noble to the poorest smallfolk character, we all have something to contribute!

Remember to have fun!