The Vale of Arryn


Current OOC Lead: Shaelyn Grafton (Demi.Bluemood), Brise Grafton (Gertude.Ermintrood)

Current IC Lead: Gerold Arryn (Avhishisata)

The Vale of Arryn conceals a great many things and in Winter, those mountains proved nigh on impassable and a snowy shroud for much of the Arryn’s increasing strife. Pockets of militant resistance seemed to thrive, even in the most inhospitable of places - their passions and desperation fueling their attacks against the Valemen around them. Largely cut off from the outside world, the Arryns put down their rivals and suppressed the violent arm of the Faith which had survived the Blackfyre Rebellion only to take purchase along their southern borders. Once the most loyal of allies to the Crown, the Arryns now descend from their high perches to find a realm much-changed to the one they once so valiantly served. What now, for the falcon-lords as they too, join in the migration to Tumbleton?



A stalwart ally of the Targaryen Kings, the Arryns lived up to their honorable words when they rode to the aid of Maelys and Maegor Targaryen during the Blackfyre Rebellion. It is largely accepted that the Arryns and their vassals were decisive in turning the tide of that final battle and they have been greatly rewarded since; with various Valemen holding positions at court.

Yet, it is the Vale of Arryn which many argue has suffered the worst that Winter had to offer. Great black clouds darkened the sky, casting an ominous shadow over the land and rendering day to bleak night. Blizzards raged, sometimes for weeks on end and snow piled impossibly high in ten foot drifts that filled the mountain passes and made travel impossible. Ravens were  sent into the fury of the White Lady only to vanish, messengers were buried in avalanches, riders and mounts swallowed up and drowned by the snow. All communication outside the region came to a halt - save for the port of Gulltown which provided links to the North and across the Narrow Sea. Lightning was seen often in these storms leading the more religious and superstitious to whisper of  ill omens  and the anger of the Gods.

These are whispers which ill-suit the ruling Arryns, quietly fearful of the pockets of Faith Militant which still reside within their borders. Brought back into the fold by King Maelys when the course of the Blackfyre Rebellion seemed to turn against him, many were quietly relieved when Winter brought a quick end to the Faith’s militant fervor. However, not even the icy winds could subdue them and the Southern borders of the Vale are dotted with the Faith’s outposts - largely isolated by the growing snow drifts and impassable mountain roads.

Meanwhile, the Mountain Clans have grown more and more daring as Winter drags on and their desperation reaches its peak - seeing several settlements raided and ruined, including those of the Faith Militant along the borders. However, the anger of the Gods culminates in a ‘False Spring’ which brings floods to the Vale of Arryn - washing away any evidence of Winter’s pain.

The waters might well have sedated those militant factions within the Reach, but it is not without trepidation that Lord Arryn departs his family’s seat to make for the Great Tourney of Tumbleton. And having been isolated for nigh on ten years, there are many who would look to the Arryn’s arrival with some curiosity and intrigue.


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210 AC



The insular nature of the Vale outwards and even inwards due to the harsh winter past, is finally broken once House Arryn of the Eyrie, originally of Gulltown, arrives at Tumbleton. There they are joined by House Corbray who appeal them for aid after the harsh winter.




Despite King Maegor dying from poisoning at Tumbleton House Arryn is distracted with it’s own troubles as Lord Osric Arryn of the Eyrie Arryns returns from his travels in Essos. Him and his wife making a claim to their rightful titles. House Arryn of Gulltown disputes the claim and civil war ensues, half of the banners supporting the Eyrie, the other half backing the Gulltown Arryns. House Corbray and House Grafton side with Lord Osric Arryn, who in the end wins the civil war.


King Maegor’s death is shortly followed by the Faith uprising within King’s Landing. The are similar rumors of strong pockets of the Faith Militant within the borders of the Vale.


King’s Landing:


Lord Osric Arryn and Lord Viktor Corbray side with Daemon Darkstone in making him Lord Protector of the Realm.


Lord Tytos Lannister, Lord of the Westerlands, declares himself King of the West after declaring that the council of Lords that appointed Daemon Darkstone was chosen unfairly with the intent of legitimizing Maegor’s bastards. He declares war against King’s Landing and lays siege upon the city.


The Siege of King’s Landing is thwarted by a sudden appearance of Osric Arryn’s troops. Viktor Corbray fights and kills Lord Serrett in the ensuing battle. Lord Osric Arryn is named Hand of the King for his support during the siege, where as Lord Viktor Corbray is named Deputy Commander of the Goldcloaks under Aeron Darkstone.


Lord Osric Arryn is found poisoned in the Tower of the Hand. Aeron Darkstone is named Hand of the King, and Viktor Corbray becomes the Commander of the Goldcloaks.


War in the West ensues. Lord Grafton and Lord Corbray rally the Vale troops after a significant loss at the siege of Casterly Rock. They attack the Golden Tooth, taking it for the Crown. Lord Lefford is escorted back unharmed to King’s Landing by Lord Corbray. Lord Grafton is taken ill from the siege, and secludes himself in Gulltown to recover.


The investigation into Osric Arryn’s murder continues, and through questionable methods, Osric’s own servant confesses to poisoning him. His reasoning was that Osric should not support a Bastard. Rumor has it, those of the Vale are opposed to any bastards taking the throne, although it may have just been a small pocket of people.



Aeron Targaryen becomes King and names Viktor Corbray as his Lord Marshal on the small council. Camilla Corbray is named Mistress of Robes to the court, while Andar Arryn takes his seat as Lord of the Eyrie. Lord Arryn gifts the Paps to Viktor Corbray for his service to the Vale, whom married Laenna Celtigar and retires to those holdings.


Camilla Corbray and Arianna Arryn are sequestered in the Maiden vault as potential wives for King Aeron.


Lord Andar Arryn is named Master of Coin on the small council.


House Arryn allies with House Redwyne of the Reach, marrying rwyn Arryn to Lord Loreyon Redwyne.


House Corbray allies with House Dondarrion of the Stormlands, with the marriage of Aurora Corbray to Lord Dondarrion. A trade deal is negotiated within this arrangement.

House Corbray solidifies it’s alliance with House Grafton with the marriage between Tesni Grafton and Lord Branwyn Corbray.


211 AC

- Lord Andar Arryn dies on top of a whore inside the Red Keep.
- Lord Baelon Grafton returns to the Vale after an extended illness.
- Lord Viktor Corbray and his son, Branwyn, die in a shipwreck off the coast of the Vale, due to storms. Lady Tesni Corbray is presumed dead as well.
- Lady Camilla Corbray assumes the mantle of Heart's Home and The Paps.
- Lord Athen Arryn, son of Andar Arryn, now the fourth liege lord of the Vale in a year, is named Lord of the Vale and comes to King's Landing.
At request by Lady Camilla, King Aeron legitimizes Viktor Corbray's bastard, Elliot Stone, now to be named Elliot Corbray and declares that he will be granted all rights of inheritance, possibly placing him before Ysmay, the older trueborn daughter.
- Lord Athen Arryn is betrothed to Lady Camilla Corbray who goes missing shortly after, never to found or heard from.
- After a mere few months of being Lord of the Vale, Athen Arryn is found dead in the consulate along with Lord Eon Royce. It looked to be the product of a physical altercation near a stairwell.
-Lord Gerold Arryn is named Lord of the Vale and travels to King's Landing, his new wife following him a few days after. This is now the 5th Lord Paramount of the Vale to travel to King's Landing in a year.
To be continued (Currently ongoing in RP)





Some of these characters are merely suggested pre-written concepts that you can expand on, keep, or change to fit your needs.


 House Arryn of the Eyrie (OPEN)


Features of an Arryn of Eyrie: Golden to medium brown hair, straight or wavy hair, bright blue eyes, with soft facial features. Light-pale skin with freckles. Arryns are considered the purest of the Andal families.

House Arryn Family Tree


  • Lord  Gerold Arryn, son of the late Albert and Catelyn Arryn, LP of the Vale, 30, (Avhishisata)
  • Lady Rowena Arryn, wife of Lord Arryn, nee Waynwood, 18 (Oor Breen)
  • Lord Artys Arryn, brother of Lord Gerold Arryn, 25, (NPC)
  • Lady --- Arryn, sister of Lord Gerold Arryn, 20s (Open)
  • Lady ---Arryn, sister of Lord Gerold Arryn, 20s (Open)

  House Grafton of Gulltown (CLOSED)

Features:  Dark brown to black hair, blue-green eyes.  Women are on the tall side with defined curves. Men are often fit, but not bulky, and appear rugged, but clean. Freckles. Bloodline is Andal.

House Grafton Family Tree

Lord Baelon Grafton, Lord of Gulltown, 50 years, (NPC)
Lady Brise Grafton, eldest daughter of Lord Grafton, heir to Gulltown, 25 (Gertrude.Ermintrood)
Lady Shaelyn Grafton, daughter of Lord Grafton, 22 years. (demi.bluemood)
Lady Alara Grafton, niece of Lord Grafton, 19 years, (EveGrace000)
King Aeron Targaryen, nephew of Lord Grafton, 25 years. (Noir.Reqiuem)
Lord Stannis Grafton, brother of Lord Grafton, 30+ years. (RoyalAngryBull)


  House Corbray of Heart's Home (OPEN)

 Strong andal features. straight, medium to light brown hair and sea blue eyes, occasionally light as the sky, light and freckled skin, but not pale as snow. Some darker hair for children of Viktor Corbray and Melanie Corbray nee Borrell.

House Corbray Family Tree

  • Elliot Corbray, recently legitimized son of the late Lord Corbray, 18 years (OPEN)
  • Lord--- Corbray,  brother of Lord Corbray, 30+ years (OPEN)
  • Lady Ysmay Corbray, daughter of the late Lord Corbray, 18 years. (ishikaisis)
  • Lord --- Corbray, cousin of Ysmay, advisor, 20+ years, (OPEN)
  • Lady --- Corbray, cousin of Ysmay, 18+ years (OPEN)


  House Royce of Runstone (OPEN)

Features: Light to dark brown hair, green or brown eyes, Pale skin

House Royce Family Tree

  • Lord ----Royce,  Lord of Runstone, 49 years, (OPEN)
  • Lady--- Royce nee Hunter, Lady of Runstone 30+ (OPEN)
  • Lady Arianna Royce, Sister of Lord Royce, 19 years, (Bunny.Donnelly)
  • Lady---Royce, Brother of Lord Royce, 20+ years (OPEN)
  • Lord--- Royce, Brother of Lord Royce, 18 years, (OPEN)



 House Waynwood of Ironoaks (OPEN)

Features: Pale skin, light blonde hair, light blue eyes

House Waynwood Family Tree

  • Lord Alester Waynwood, Lord of Ironoaks, 40+ (OPEN)
  • Lady Elyana Waynwood nee Grafton, Lady of Ironoaks, 35+ (OPEN)
  • Lord --- Waynwood, heir of Ironoaks, 20+ (OPEN)
  • Lady --- Waynwood, nee ---, wife of heir 18+ (OPEN)
  • Lady ---Waynwood, daughter of Lord Waynwood, 21 (OPEN)
  • Lady ---Waynewood, daughter of Lord Waynwood, 22 (OPEN)
  • Lady Rowena Arryn, Lady of the Vale, 18, (Oor Breen)


House Egen  (OPEN)

House Egen Family Tree

  • Lord Robert Egen, 40+ (OPEN)
  • Lady Lyanna Egen nee Royce, 40+ years (OPEN)
  • Lady Myranda Egen, daughter of Lord Egen, 22 years (Rikki.Bridger)
  • Lady --- Egen, daughter of Lord Egen, 19 years (OPEN)
  • Lord Ronnel Egen, heir of House Egen, 18 years, (OPEN) **Contact Demi.Bluemood before applying**


Other Houses to be opened: 

   House Belmore

House Borell

 House Coldwater

 House Donniger

 House Hardyng

 House Hersy

House Hunter

 House Lipps

  House Lynderly

 House Melcolm

 House Moore

 House Pryor

 House Redfort

 House Royce of the Gates of the Moon

 House Rutherford

 House Sunderland

 House Templeton

 House Tollett

 House Upcliff

 House Wydman

 House Waxley



**Note: Each opened house has common knowledge or lore established. You MUST contact an OOC lead for this information prior to applying on the website to be accepted.**


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