The Reach


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- Afflicted Houses -

  •     (Primarily Northern and Northwestern Reach)
  •      Tyrell of Highgarden
  •      Oakheart of Old Oak
  •      Crane of Red Lake
  •      Rowan of Goldengrove
  •      Cordwayner of Hammerhal
  •      Graceford of Holyhall

Lives Lost: 5,000+




(199 AC) Late Rebellion of Cider Hall

Tyrell Forces:

  • Tyrell of Highgarden
  • House Hightower of Old Town (Partly-Last Leg of War)
  • House Oakheart (Supported throughout)
  • Others(?)


  • House Fossoway of Cider Hall
  • House Florent of Brightwater Keep
  • House Ashford of Ashford
  • House Merryweather of Long Table
  • Others(?)


               Not Involved:

  • House Redwyne of The Arbor
  • House Tarly of Horn Hill

Lives Lost: 1,000+

Taxation Increased exponentially to repair Highgarden after the Black Blight - sparking the Late Rebellion of Fossoway of Cider Hall. Anger and disagreement manifested to poor terms of reparations that economically incapable Lords found unfair, and draining to their regions. Taxation was enforced still, and the rebellion began.

Southern Reachlander Houses stayed neutral to the battle. Their participation would not exist in the early stages of the Rebellion as the preservation of what they had left post Black Blight had been more important than the taxation they would have to endure.


(200 AC) House Hightower Ends the Late Rebellion


While the rebellion brewed upon most of mainland Reachlands, Oldtown remained secluded for the better part of it, preferring to concern themselves with trade and the gathering of resources for the upcoming winter while ignoring the call for taxes and war. Intimidated, Lord Leyton Hightower devised a plan that would ensure Oldtown remained in power long after the Tyrells of Highgarden or the Fossoways of Cider-Hall make their last stand. But even so, he was not blind to the disgrace he might one day face. Scouts were sent to infiltrate both friends and foes of Highgarden, looking to secure a safe entrance -- and exit, to the conflict. They would join the fold on the side of Highgarden at the last, and deciding battle of Brightwater Keep. Partly reluctant but relieved, Highgarden welcomed Oldtown’s forces to their midst and proceed onward, decimating the remaining forces of the mutineers as one. Meanwhile Steffon Hightower was sent to claim the seat of House Fossoway’s last untapped source of steel; House Leygood. Tasked with a mission to ensure no splinter factions would formate and prolong a conflict that, in Leyton’s mind, should have never come to see the light of day, Leygood faced an annihilation on a scale that was, of yet, unknown to the rebellion. Men were butchered, women burned, even the children failed to escape the fate that befell their elders. House Leygood was wiped off the face of the Reach, and with it the rebellion was terminated. As means to solidify their broken relationship with the Overlords of the Reach, House Hightower offered House Leygood's lands to Highgarden and bent the knee once more, vowing to ensure the Roses remain in power for centuries to come. Their promise, heartfelt as it might have been, did nothing to cease the scowls that filled the ranks of those most loyal. They were named turncloaks and cowards, heavily distrusted among the houses that suffered the most during the Black Blight. But mere words of insult could not stop the inevitable and in 200 AC, Oldtown returned to the fold, leal bannermen of House Tyrell once more.

It was the beginning of an era, but the end of a great many Lords that chose to overreach beyond what their grasp could handle. Many were executed in a witch hunt driven by the Tyrell paranoia which threatened to re-ignite the flames of ambition among those few bannermen that chose to ignore the cries of war; but the worst had already passed, and now Cider-Hall was to face the repercussions for disloyalty. Jon Fossoway was the first to go along with his most staunch supporters, his head taken in front of a great many observers to solidify the illusive fear Highgarden wanted to instill among it’s people. Among them, one in particular was spared the brutal fate so many suffered. Lord Dietrich Florent was especially famous with the people; many of which knew him to be a Knight of true virtue. They credited his betrayal to nothing more than loyalty to his Fossoway sister - the late Jon Fossoway’s wife. In their paranoia Highgarden was reluctant to take the head of a man supported by the masses, and settled with merely imprisoning his eldest son under the guise of wardship. Even then that the rebellion was broken, conflict still threatened to brew. And were it not for the Treaty of Unification, it might have.


(199 AC - 206 AC) Silent Secession of The Arbor & Isolation


Lord Alyn Redwyne refused the increased taxation with great indifference to the true purpose that it would serve to the region during a time of civil dispution and primitive war. He believed otherwise, and would not see the Arbor become a casualty as other Houses had - especially with an approaching Winter. Lord Redwyne would stop succumbing to taxes altogether for an extended time. He would act independently and prosperously in independent trade in the midst of a warsome mainland Reach. His profits were his own and sustained well within the Arbor in contribution to manning the Redwyne Straits. Towns, Vinetown, Starfish Harbor, and Rymasport became prime import and export valves within the silent secession. With this, boundaries were drawn along the waters from Oldtown to the Redwyne Straits prohibiting any pass of way. Mid-way through the war, House Redwyne retracted his men fighting on the side of Tyrell, thus crippling the Overlord’s ability to fight heavily.

“No more men” were the words that rung.

Though The Arbor thrived beyond prior executions of trade, ties had been cut indefinitely through the persistence of the Late Rebellion. Disgraced, The Arbor went into isolation from the Southern continent of Westeros - this included The Reach, Dorne, and Southern Riverlands. Lord Redwyne no longer supported House Tyrell or The Reach.

Redwyne’s decision to close direct trade with Mainland Reach manifested enemies well within the region of the Reach itself. Particularly, House Tyrell, House Rowan, House Oakheart, and the remaining House Fossoway. Enemies were formed with the continued prospering of Redwyne without needed affiliation of The Reach and with the perennial isolation and the refusal of the Arbor to aid in reparations.


(200 AC) Funded Restoration


Lord Oakheart & Lord Tyrell’s dealings within the rebellion crafted a stronghold alliance between the two Houses that would last greatly long so after the rebellion ended. While Old Town was not a major casualty during the rebellion of Fossoway, Tyrell was. While it was being recognized that The Reach had been crippled with Tyrell’s lack of leadership and ability to uphold during battle, Lord Oakheart took it amongst himself to craft a marriage outwardly so out of The Reach to support a restoration for which Reachlander Houses refused: Redwyne, Hightower, Rowan, Tarly being the major four that turned from the Highgarden seat’s request for individualized reasons. Lord Oakheart wed his oldest daughter, Ayson Oakheart, to House Rowan - the Dowry and Bride Price being an unfair exchange. It was promise and profit. Oakheart gained a profit, while House Rowan gained a promise. Lord Oakheart’s mindset changed in understanding the power he’d gained in linking regions, and decided that with the profit he’d gained, he would not give it to Lord Tyrell but wager his ability to aid in restoration based on more benefits that the Lord Tyrell could promise him and Old Town.

(This is where we start the lore, Oakheart and Tyrell wagering for restoration - while Webber is funding Tyrell. Lord Tyrell might actually be the one winning here with various funnels of income).


(206 AC) Treaty of Unification


This age of isolation would end with the passing of the White Lady in which would spark Tyrell to extend a Treaty of Unification in which explicitly states the consequences to waging war on region lands against a brother-house.


(206 AC) The "Red Waters"


House Rowan’s loss during the Black Blight would not have particularly crippled this wealthy merchant House, but more so brought them into a state of shock and question in regards to the well-being of The Reach and the capability of Tyrell to defend in crisis. Rowan recovered the quickest with aid by Lady Webber - House Rowan being amongst her first priorities. Though, Lady Webber’s bargaining called for more land which was granted in due respect by Lord Rowan without question to her loyalty.

Unimpressed with Lady Webber’s later dealings to Lord Tyrell, House Rowan slowly ripped the very lands he’d promised to Lady Webber away once her fundings had stretched outside of the vicinity and to the Lord Paramounts. He questioned loyalty, Lord Rowan, for which was not hidden from public view.


Lady Webber while turning away from Lord Rowan, was gaining favor and popularity within the Western Reach very quickly, particularly with House Tyrell of Highgarden. Suspicions grew rapidly from the Southern-Reach as well as the Eastern-Reach.


While popularity for the Lady Webber grew, chaos followed. 10 Merchant ships of House Webber go down off the Coast of Sunflower Hall. Hundreds are killed.They called this “Red Waters.”


(207 AC) House Redwyne Returns

The Treaty of Unification brings House Redwyne of The Arbor back into the Region, with suspicion, but fully so.


(210 AC) Journey to Tumbleton


The state of The Reach has reached one of underlying dissatisfaction and unresolved tension between House Tyrell, Oakheart, Webber and the other regional houses that sat by as the reign of Webber became widespread and the funded restoration of Tyrell and Oakheart took  center stage. While the southern most Houses of the Reach kept an eye on the progression of Tyrell and Webber, harmony washed lightly over the common people of the Reach. Regions took individual responsibility for their people, while Tyrell allowed an almost hands-off approach to the ruling. He bathes in riches beyond his imagination, and dances the dance of wealth with Lady Webber. All houses have been summoned to the Grand Tourney of Tumbleton, where the most possessions have been staked as prize. In a time where greed and neglect rule the Reach, it has sparked all true ears as to who might gain the true hand of power once acquiring this prize, the egg of a dragon. 

Multitudes of highborn and lowborn visitors converged upon Tumbleton in the Reach; Lord Footly's eerily lavish offerings and keen Tournament having drawn the attention of many. Combat and celebrations were commonplace; until during a great feast held in honor of the revitalized process of intermingling between regions -- Lords Deron Baratheon, Steffon Hightower, Garridan Tyrell and Tytos Lannister were outspoken and angered the last of the mighty Targaryen Kings: Maegor II. The Westerlands was to pay one fifth of its annual revenue unto the Crown, the Stormlands made to offer up one fourth of their annual lumber alongside their revenue -- Lord Hightower suffered even worse; his body beat whilst in custody of the Crown, his son and heir made to serve the Red Dragon King as a Ward. Soon enough Belfrey Belmore was taken by The Stranger, Lord Alyn Redwyne of the Arbor appointed as the new Master of Laws upon the Small Council.

The Tourney of Tumbleton in all its glory then commenced: a great many nobles and knights having competed; but in the end, Lord Darius Lannister was victorious. Lord Darius won much in terms of prizes: gold, the lands of Whitegrove and most tantalizing of all -- a Dragon's Egg. Upon the moment of awarding the Tumbleton Champion; Lord Footly and King Maegor found themselves in shock equal to that of many others gathered in that great hall amid the Reach during Spring -- the Dragon Egg was missing. Soon enough, the last Targaryen King seemingly embodied the rage of the Dragons upon which his ancestors rode; his wrath felt within the entirety of Tumbleton as a blockade was ordered alongside a search. No one was permitted to leave as Gold Cloaks and the City Guard formed a perimeter during the time spent searching every tent and building in the area. Upon finding the long sought Dragon's Egg in a local tavern adjacent the Tumbleton tournament grounds; the prize was handed unto none other than King Maegor II himself -- yet no one at the time knew what the Dragon Monarch held in his palms was actually a poison lathered instrument of death. Maegor collapsed, and in the coming days before his death; rumors of a Last Will and Word spread quickly, or even perhaps a hidden multitude of them. King Maegor met his end; assassinated through poison. A prolonged period of mourning began but not before Haera of Myr, Lord Garridan, Lord Footly and a Red Priest by the name of Visandros were implicated. Lord Footly found his death at the blade of another, rumors of the time hinting at murder under suspicious circumstances; Visandros of Asshai met The Stranger at the trial as he was found guilty -- Haera of Myr sentenced to exile, never to be seen again. Though, many stood in defense of the Myrish former Queen (including the released Lord Tyrell) her innocence proclaimed despite the verdict rendered. The newly appointed Lord Regent, the former hand of Maegor II -- Prince Dakario Martell; acted swiftly in the period of time that followed the Red Dragon King's death, having named Lord Steffon Hightower as the new Hand of the King alongside having sought suitable others with which to fill the remaining seats that were left empty upon a Small Council that lacked a designated Ruler.

The Tyrell name, as well as the the Reach as a whole, was slandered though out the disastrous tourney. It was a heavy blow towards the region's already weakened morale. Lord Tyrell's son, Owen, was particularly upset by his father's actions. Angered and ashamed, the young Lordling plotted to have his father murdered and to take his place at the Lord of the Reach. The plan may have gone through had Owen not attempted to pull Lord Hightower into his schemes. The plot was revealed, but it was too late to stop it. Lord Garridan was severely injured in the attack and Owen was arrested for attempted kinslaying.  


(210 AC) Greywood


The family retreated to Highgarden and for a time it seemed that the Lord would survive. A deadly infection ravaged Garridan's wounds and with his dying breath, he declared his youngest son heir and his eldest banished to take the Black as a member of the Night's Watch. It appeared that the Stranger was not satisfied by just taking Lord Garridan, for soon word was spread that the Master of Laws, Alyn Redwyne, had passed in the night. The man had been missing for several weeks, though it was eventually revealed that he had returned home to his wife and children to recover his failing health. A weak heart and a heavy frame from years of hard drinking and heavy eating had led to the man's death, according to the attending Maester. Though there are many who speculate that it was something far more dangerous that led to the Redwyne's death.


The King's body, now foul and decayed, departed Tumbleton with a Royal procession. Many followed toward King's Landing, yet due to heavy flooding and unforeseen weather; Greywood Keep was where the funeral took place.

Whilst in Greywood, Lord Steffon Hightower stepped down from his position as Hand of the King (Regent) and returned to Oldtown. Looters and bandits had begun to take advantage of the chaos the recent storms and incurred flooding had wrought, as well as the loss of stability with the recent deaths of Lord Garridan Tyrell and Lord Alyn Redwyne. His involvement was needed to remedy this dire situation before it got further out of hand. While this may have been good for the Reach, many wondered what it meant for the realm as a whole. Lady Webber was seen often in the company of the Regent's wife and was soon invited to join the Regent's court and family in Greywood Keep.

Lord Lyonel Tyrell, the second son of the late Lord Garridan, took up the mantle of his father and became Lord of Highgarden, the Defender of the marches, the Warden of the South and the Lord Paramount of the Mander. For a time, Lyonel seemed to be the sort of ruler for which the Reach yearned. Nicknamed "the Strong Branch," Lyonel set out collecting a council and meeting with Lords and Ladies of behalf of Highgarden.


(210 AC) The Flight from Greywood

The Court's time in Greywood was peaceful for the most part. Picnicing, feasts, and weddings took place throughout the different families of Westeros. Alas, the peace was not to last. Religious fanatics, named the Faith Militant, attacked the Regent's informal court under the disguise of simple farmers and scouts. Babbling madness about gods and dragons, the lunatics proceeded to burn the small settlement of Greywood. The Lords and Ladies of Westeros fled Greywood and soon arrived in King's Landing.

The madness of Greywood had clearly been sparked by the rioting and destruction of King's Landing. Gold Cloaks hurried the nobility inside the Red Keep and locked them firmly inside. It was soon noticed that Lord Tyrell had left the Red Keep. With his family safe inside, the young Lord returned to Highgarden and left behind a letter to his family declaring his intent to leave his family name and join the Citadel in Oldtown. The future Maester had declared his younger brother, Lord Embrose Tyrell, the new Lord Tyrell. Unease spreads among the reach as the sickly, young Lord was never meant to be Lord Paramount. An ill third son now rises to lead the Roses. This "Wilted Rose" is the hope of the Region. With other new arrivals, such as Lord Gerold Hightower the brother of Lord Steffon, the Reach is in a state of discomfort. Still, it's ladies seem to thrive while the men are more uncertain. Lady Myrcella Webber rises to become Mistress of Keys at an absent Queen's Court. Even there, the peace does not last. The North rebels against the Dornish regency and other Regions begin to form alliances.

Rumors of Lannister plots swirl and the threat of the Lions begins to take shape.


(210 AC) King's Landing and the Great Council

The time spent in the capital is one of danger and tension. Lords rise and fall in power as the threat of the Lions' power grows and the raging of the Faith MIlitant outside the Keep gates. Lord Dakario declares Maegor's bastards legitmiate. Aeron and Daemon take the name Darkstone as Maegor's other bastards stake no claim over a name. Lord Dakario and his daughter lose their lives in an attempt to search for the missing prince and heir to the Kingdom of Westeros. Anti-Dornish feelings grew in the wake of Dakario's declaration, but the tension does not disappate in his death.

Lady Webber's webs reach wide and soon the woman of the House of Webs has a vast amount of wealth behind her. Enough so that her fleet is seen to be rebuilt as three merchant ships are seeing flying the Webber colors of red and black in Oldtown.

The sons of the great Reach lords arrive in the Capital to fill the vacant shoes of their fathers. Lord Otto Hightower, son of Steffon Hightower, rises to power as Regent of Oldtown and Steward of the newly appointed Hand and legitimized bastard, Daemon Darkstone. Lord Loreyon Redwyne, the new Lord Redwyne, asends to Master of Ships. Lord Embrose Tyrell passes of his illness and the long forgotten exiled son of Garridan returns.Malistar Tyrell takes the helm of the Reach and begins his mission of uniting the Reach.

The Lion's plans come to light and they begin to lay seige on the Capital, in attempts to remove Lord Daemon from his place of power, causing Lord Arryn to take control as Marashal of the Realm and lead the attack against them. The Reach Lords take a leadership role in supporting the Arryn and Darkstone and upon the Lions' defeat a Great Council is held. Lord Darkstone is named Lord Protector of the Realm, with support of the Reach.

In what ways will the Darkstone repay the support and favor of the Reach Lords?

At the death of the Lord Protector, Daemon Darkstone his brother Aeron Darkstone ascends the to the throne and is crowned as King Aeron Targaryen. King Aeron searches for his Queen to be and enacts the Maiden Vault. A Lady is chosen from reach region to reside in The Red Keep while His Grace determined which will be his Queen. Lady Olenna of Redwyne, cousin to Lord Loreoyn and Lady Alora of Hightower, daugther to Lord Steffon Hightower were chosen, surpassing the Tyrell sisters Elia and Odette. 

Garridan's line ends with the imprisoment and likely death of Lord Malistar. The cousin, Ser Hector Tyrell becomes Lord Paramount of The Reach and heads for King's Landing. His son, Ser Lysander joins his side, his daughters Odette and Elia residing in the capitol for they had supported their cousins in the capitol. 

Lord Steffon Hightower becomes Warden of The South, surpassing the newly positioned Lord Paramount Hector Tyrell. 

Lord Loreyon Redwyne marries Arwyn Arryn of The Vale. Lord Loreyon continues to aggressively expand his already impressive trade network by signing trade agreements and providing courier service between regions. The already wealthy Redwyne family continues to increase their wealth and capitol, certainly surpassing most Great Houses.

Lady Olenna of Redwyne marries Lord Hector Tyrell in Highgarden. Lady Elia and Ser Lysander were noticibly absent, remaining in King's Landing.

The kin of Lord Tarly, Lady Sabine joins their fellow Reachlanders in the capitol. 

The kin of Lord Oakheart, Lady Caimbria and Ser Alester with wife Lady Danelle (née Tarly) join their fellow Reachlanders in the capitol.

Ser Lysander investigated throughout the Riverlands on behalf of His Grace.


(211 AC) House Tyrell promises a Golden Era

Lord Steffon Hightower is murdered by his own son, Otto Hightower in rumoured self-defense. Lord Otto Hightower becomes Lord of Oldtown. Lady Alora returns to the capitol with her sister Alerie at the announcement of Lord Otto Hightower becoming Lord of Oldtown.

Lady Lia Tyrell joins her family in King's Landing. Lady Odette of Tyrell remains in Highgarden.

Lord Paramount, Hector Tyrell reclaims his title as Warden of The South and is offered a position as Marshal of The Realm by King Aeron. 

Ser Yosef Tyrell, brother to Lord Paramount Hector Tyrell joins his brother in King's Landing.

At the Northern Festival, Lord Loreyon Redwyne wins the melee, defeating His Grace. Lady Elody of Redwyne (Loreyon's sister) and sister to Olenna, Lady Laelia join their fellow Reachlanders in the capitol.

Lady Olenna Tyrell (née Redwyne) is pregnant with two and lost one child.

Lord Tyrell and Olenna Tyrell (née Redwyne) return to Highgarden to bring life with Olenna's child. Their caravans are attacked on the Roseroad near Bitterbridge by anti-King bandits. Lady Olenna is captured, a ransom is given. 




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FAMILY TREE (click 'The Reach')

The Reach Family Tree


 House Tyrell of Highgarden

NOTE: Features of Natural Born Tyrell: Brown hair, Brown/Amber Eyes, Faintly sun-kissed skin.


■ Lord Tyrell,Lord Lysander (25 ) [Player: harlocked]
■ Sister of Lord Tyrell, Lady Elia [Player: Amalthea Mcmahon]
■ Brother of Lord Tyrell, Lord Haryld (23) 
 [NPC Heir in Highgarden]
■ Brother of Lord Tyrell, Lord X (21)  [Player: eldenlannister]
■ Sister of Lord Tyrell, Lady Lia (18) [Player: kalibrated]

■ Uncle of Lord Tyrell, Ser Yosef Tyrell (42)  [Player: alteredcarbon]

(Optional read: House Tyrell's complete recent IC history can be found here.)


 House Hightower of Oldtown

NOTE: Features of Natural Born Hightower: Fair blonde, Gray/Blue Eyes.

■  Lord Otto Hightower, (19) [ENGAGED TO THE NPC XXX Redwyne] [NPC]
■ Older Sister to Otto Hightower, (21), Alerie Hightower [Player: wokeupflawless]
■ Younger Sister to Otto Hightower, (18), Alora Hightower [Player: CandyGunPowder]

■ Elder Sister to Lord Hightower, Arianne Fossoway (nèe Hightower), (33) OPEN
■ Male Cousin to Lord Hightower, X Hightower, (25) OPEN
■ Maester of House Hightower, Orwyle, (63) OPEN


 House Redwyne of the Arbor

NOTE: Features of Natural Born Redwyne: Vibrant Red hair (Curly/Wavy), Bright green eyes, Faintly sunkissed, Freckled Skin

Lord of The Arbor, Loreyon Redwyne (25)  [Player: MavenHaus Monitor]
■ Lady of The Arbor, Arwyn Redwyne (née Arryn), (19) [Player: harvelina]
■ Sister of Lord Loreyon Redwyne, Mathylda [Player: catriech]
■ Sister of Lord Loreyon Redwyne, Elody Redwyne, (18) [Player: Orlik Toxx]
■ Sister of Lord Loreyon 
Redwyne, X Redwyne, (19) OPEN
[Engaged to Lord Otto Hightower]

■ Aunto to Lord Loreyon Redwyne, Mary Redwyne, (46) OPEN
■ Uncle to Lord Loreyon Redwyne, Lord Oswyn of Redwyne, (45) OPEN

■ Female Cousin of Lord Redwyne, Laelia Redwyne, (22) [Player: elizabethdarcie]
■ Female Cousin of Lord Redwyne, Lady Leia of Redwyne, (18) OPEN
■ Male Cousin of Lord Redwyne, Lord X of Redwyne, (19-25) OPEN

 House Tarly of Horn Hill

NOTE: Features of Natural Born Tarly: Ginger to brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin

■ Lord Edgar Tarly, (early 50s) OPEN
■ Eldest Son of Tarly, Heir, X (22+) OPEN
   ■ Second Son of Tarly, (22+) OPEN
   ■ Eldest Daughter of Tarly, Sabine (20+) [NPC]
 ■ Youngest Daughter of Tarly, X(20+) OPEN
 ■ Youngest Son of Tarly, (18-20 ) OPEN

■ Eldest son of Lady Astrid, Lord XXX Tarly, (20+) OPEN
■ Second son of Lady Astrid, Lord XXX Tarly, (19+) OPEN
■ Daughter of Lady Astrid, Lady XXX Tarly, (18 +) OPEN

 House Beesbury of Honeyholt

NOTE: Features of Natural Born Beesbury: light brown to golden blonde hair, brown eyes, medium skin

■ Lord Ambrose Beesbury OPEN
■ Lady Beesbury OPEN
    ■ Son of Lord Beesbury, Imry Beesbury, (22+) OPEN
    ■ Younger Daughter of Lord Beesbury, Elys Beesbury, (19) [Player: medea.imari]    
    ■ Son of Lord Beesbury, Thisby Beesbury, (18) [Player: WhatOnceWeFeared]

■ Cousin of Beesbury, Lady (or Lord) X Beesbury, (18 - 25) OPEN

  House Oakheart of Old Oak

NOTE: Features of a Natural Born Oakheart: dark brown to black hair, medium skin, golden/hazel eyes

■ Lord Oakheart OPEN
■ Lady Oakheart OPEN
    ■ Eldest Son of Oakheart, Heir, (25-30) OPEN
    ■ Second Son of Oakheart Alester [NPC]
    ■ Wife of Alester, Danelle Oakheart (nee Tarly), (20) [NPC]
    ■ Third Son of Oakheart (24) OPEN
    ■ Eldest Daughter of Oakheart, Alyson (26)  [Player: tatjana.muircastle]
    ■ Second Daughter of Oakheart, Caimbria (21) [NPC]
    ■ Third Daughter of Oakheart, (19) OPEN

  House Webber of Coldmoat

NOTE: Features of a Natural Born Webber: black hair, medium to light skin, gray eyes, freckles

■ Lady Webber, Myrcella (52) [NPC]

■  Cousin to Lady of Webber, Eleyna (21) [Player: aksana.michalak]

■ Eldest Son of Webber, Heir, Rolland (25) *OPEN FEATURE ROLE*

■ Youngest Son of Webber, Simon (23) *OPEN FEATURE ROLE*

■ Aron Webber, cousin to Myrcella and personal guard (40-50) OPEN 

 House Florent of Brightwater Keep

NOTE: Features of Natural Born Florent: To Be Decided

■ Lord Dietrich Florent (late 40s-50s) OPEN - FEATURE ROLE
■ Lady Florent OPEN
    ■ Eldest Daughter of Lord Florent, (24) OPEN
    ■ Eldest Son of Lord Florent, a ward of Hightower, (20) OPEN
    ■ Second daughter of Florent, (19) OPEN
    ■ Youngest daughter of Florent, (18) OPEN


 House Ambrose

NOTE: Features of Natural Born Ambrose: Sandy brown to deep brown hair, green and brown eyes, fair to sun-kissed skin.

■ Lord Aubrey Ambrose (late 40s-50s) OPEN
■ Lady Elenna Ambrose (née Rowan) (mid 40's) OPEN
    ■ Eldest Daughter X of Ambrose, (late 20's) OPEN
    ■ Eldest Son X of Ambrose (late 20's) OPEN
    ■ Second daughter of Ambrose, (mid 20's) OPEN
■ Third daughter of Ambrose, (early 20's) OPEN
    ■ Youngest daughter, Mia Ambrose, (19) [Player: iloesander

■ Bastard son to Lord Aubrey Ambrose (late 20's) , OPEN



Banners featured in our Lore:
Addition Banners are currently: OPEN

‣ Crane of Red Lake
‣ Rowan of Goldengrove
‣ Cordwayner of Hammerhal
‣ Graceford of Holyhall
‣ Ashford of Ashford
‣ Merryweather of Long Table
‣ Fossoway of Cider Hall
‣ Fossoway of New Barrel


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