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Lots of Application tweaks this week!

As people start to apply we keep finding little tweaks that need to be made and small bugs that need squashing.  This week we've added a little more guidance on the form itself, limited the number of merits and skills that you can choose on first entry to the amount actually allowed and enabled a warning if you've chosen a stat less than 3 to include a flaw to coorespond with it. We continue to update the website and we are approving applications as quickly as we can.  We've already recieved 56...
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Busy Week!

Its been a crazy week.  Wishes is down and the owner is unresponsive, so we're very glad we have the new sim and that we own it!   Applications are coming in. In the interest of transparency, we've implemented a new report that will always be visible to anyone at  We will be starting to discuss them with applicants beginning Sunday, and are going to be doing a round of advertising this weekend. Profiles are also fixed! You can now update yours by clicking on you...
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Hello ROIAF Community!

We're well on our way to our new story and sim!  We've got great story, lore and mentor teams started, have a brand new KLMail and are seeking new people to do PR and keep a sim Timeline on the site for us.  The build is coming along and there's plenty of great community input pushing it all along. I've never seen a sim community come together like this before.  Its a great honor to be working with you all. Thank you all for your input, ideas and support.  I can't wait for the post that says "P...
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