In order to create the finest roleplay environment that we can, ROIAF has high standards for those we place in Lord Paramount and Feature Role positions. Please find below the guidelines for what we are looking for in those positions:

Does the role break from canon?
ROIAF follows canon as closely as we can.  As our sources, we use the George RR Martin books, the website and the World Book.  That doesn't mean that because something is noted as happening a few times in one of those sources, it is considered common in our environment. We do our best to provide an environment that represents how that society at large might look. For instance, though women warriors do exist in the ASOIAF world, we allow them only in limited numbers in ROIAF to reflect the rarity in the lore. The same is true of the difficulty bastards face in important positions, the differing nature and standards of various families and the relative rarity (though not exclusion) of women in positions of authority. Exceptions are possible, but rare and those roles may be capped to a limited number of characters to preserve the realism of the environment. 

Does the role allow for multiple main line characters going forward?  
In our years running ROIAF, we have discovered that having multiple players in the main line of any family is important for not just the enjoyment of the players in that family, but to create a depth of plotlines and generate either conflict or cooperation depending on the characters in question. Having multiple players in any one family this way helps to pull new players into the story and to provide a strong foundation for creating community for even the newest of players. 

Has the applicant abandoned any important roles in the recent past and are they inclusive in their interactions?
While at times, everyone feels a disconnect with a character or has an illness or a real life event that takes them away from the sim, it is important to choose those who are reliable and consistent when it comes to our Lord Paramount and Feature roles.  Those players who take such roles are not just responsible for their own enjoyment, but can impact the play of everyone in their regions and all those of other regions who must interact with them for their stories. Lord Paramounts and Feature players must be present on sim on a regular basis. They must find ways to meet and interact with new players and those who are playing smallfolk or banner nobles. They should be active with the court even if they don't hold an official position beyond their title. While we can appreciate the wish to play one of these roles with a personality that doesn't lead to interaction, the player must recognize that these roles come with an OOC responsibility and engage, even if the engagement is negative ICly.  Any interesting roleplay is good roleplay.