How to fill out an Application:


1. What do I do first?

The first thing you do before you can submit an application, is speak to an OOC lead (which you can find that information out in the region forums - Go to the community forms tab at the top and click it, scroll down until you get to a section called Regions & Groups and click through the regions to find the OOC lead contact info.) of what roles are available for your preferred region.You can message them through the website or in Secondlife.

2. Where do I submit my application?

The ( website. Once you have conferred with the OOC leads of your desired region and you have a character that you are prepared to submit for review, visit ( and find the applications tab on the top of the site. (applications -- ROIAF character application). You must be logged into the website in order to access this feature.


3. Wait, I can't add notes to my application?

You can; once you have completed and submitted an application, you can go back into your application (applications -- ROIAF character application --  your open or approved character application) and add player notes at the bottom.



4. If I log-out of the website while filling out an application does it save my information?

No; you will need to input all of your information and submit an application before logging out of the website or navigating away from the application page. Otherwise, you would have to start over from the beginning.



5. If I hit the back button while filling out my application, does all of my information disappear?

No; all of your information will remain and you can go back through your application as much as you desire as long as you do not log-out of the website or navigate away from the application page.



6. How long do I have to wait to hear back?

48 hours from the OOC leads and 48 hours from the App Handlers.  It is a two step process that can be a total of 96 hours before you hear back. (Though many will contact you well before their 48 hours)



7. What if I have a question while I'm filling out my application that isn't on this FAQ?

Questions are always welcome and your OOC lead(s) or App Handlers (Which you can locate through the Home tab - go to Member Directory and search for the following: Dog, Lady of Spears, The Wight Bear, and Nagga the Sea Dragon.) they would be more than happy to answer them for you.