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#1 Posted : Tuesday, November 29, 2016 8:14:55 PM(UTC)
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family echo here: http://www.familyecho.co...amp;f=737255308263168069

It all began with Lord Haryld. Another son in the long line of the Tyrell family. Haryld, was the second son of his father which left him so far from the focus that he grew bitter. He was nothing more than a wilting flower in a garden of gorgeous variety, a second rate knight who would place at Tourney's only for the folly of the smallest of houses. As time went on he was outpaced by his older and younger brothers in all that he did, which left him to grow into a truly twisted man. He was the son that no Lord wanted to see sit the chair of the house, cruel and stupid; a dangerous mix. So when his older brother fell from a prized Destrier during a ride in the woods along the Mander, only to be trampled by those behind him, it was a true pity for the house.

Haryld's son Garridan suffered his uncles death the way a young man would, in solemn silence while his Father suffered it with feasts and debauchery 'in celebration of his brothers life.' Lady Bella decided that she and her children should not have to endure such a disgusting display and took Garridan and his siblings to the visit her family at Harvest Hall. It was here Garridan learned how to be a man.

Tutored beside the men of house Selmy, Garridan learned what it was to be temperate, how to be mild despite overwhelming force. A man of ten and four Garridan spent that summer soaking up everything he possibly could chasing more the intellectual side of being a man than a way with sword and shield. When Lady Bella returned to Highgarden she found her husband a drunken and angry mess. The next few moons would see that Garridan leaned little of the temperance he had found such love for and was subjected to ride out with his father to watch the man make an absolute fool of himself as the Heir to Highgarden.

While Lord Haryld rode South, Lord Tyrell himself set out North to see how House Caswell would deal with banditry along the Mander near Bitterbridge. It was near Honeyholt on a visit to house Beesbury, just shy of Old town, that Garridan and his father Haryld learned of the incident along the Mander. Garridan would never forget how his father took the news that he was the new Lord Tyrell. "Well I guess we have to return so we can bees-bury the old man. Hah! Haha.. Gods damn you boy laugh!"

The next ten years Garridan spent most of that time traveling with Tyrell men to ensure his fathers interests were seen to, simple things that kept The Reach together. For all his faults Haryld placed capable men in charge which ensured enough stability in the reach that nobody really questioned where their Lord truly was. It wasn't until the Blackfyre rebellion that people began to question where Lord Tyrell had hidden. Men began to choose sides and looked to their Lord to guide them.

The safe bet was to side with the Crown, so that is what Haryld did. Ever the Loyal subject he called his banners and began to march north to meet with the Targaryen not expecting to see scorched farmland and Dragons banners pressed toward the south. When the Tyrell forces stepped forward to the retreating Targaryen line it was immediately folly. The soldiers of the Reach were not prepared for what the Blackfyres had in store for them and it was mere hours until the Tyrell forces moved backward mingling with Targaryen forces in retreat.

Haryld and his men struck out to return home to Highgarden, leaving Garridan and his cousin Farwyn in charge of the routed Tyrell forces. To this day nobody is quite sure what happened between Haryld making a break for Highgarden and when the Blackfyre forces set fire to the seat itself, only that Haryld's body was found near the Mander somewhere between Cider Hall and Highgarden torn to pieces and crisp around what edges were left. Many blamed not Haryld for what happened to the Reach, but Garridan. He was after all, it seemed, the one in charge of the forces assembled. Some even dared to whisper the late Lord's death was planned by his own son. It was here that the 'Curse of the Rose' first was whispered, for what else could happen when a son kills his father? It was said a curse fell upon the blood of Garridan Tyrell that day. Still, while Garridan tried to hold a line where the Mander split to either side of the Rose road, the Blackfyre forces continued to press west. Garridan's folly was not keeping on the tail of the Blackfyre forces and leaving Old Oak to be caught in their path but he had his own matters to attend to, a dead father and a home set aflame.

Some say this is the moment that broke him. He'd been a typical Lord until this point but the next ten years would be marked by this sobering defeat. He, like his father became secluded. He put men in positions of power to make sure things continued on but this go around it did not work in the same manner as it had for his father. This was not a time of simple peace and fine summer as his fathers reign had been. Garridan had to content with a hard winter coming in from the north, a seat in ruin and a pittance of crops in comparison to what the Reach usually had to store and sell. To repair the Reach taxes went up, to feed the people of the Northern Reach who had little with which to feed themselves, Garridan offered what little he had. With Highgarden being the center of the Reach it made sense to distribute from there, but what Garridan did and what the Lords around him saw were two different things. It seemed to them that Highgarden was helping itself. The scaffolds that went up to repair the Castle, that the bulbs put into the ground to heal the gardens were what the tax money paid for and nothing else. Garridan still struck by the inhumanity of the war that had found Highgarden kept silent, some would say too tired or too meek to defend himself. When the rebellion rose once again those closest to Garridan would say that he wished to just stay home and not see the last harvest of the reach before winter watered with blood.

In the end House Fossoway forced his hand. Lord Tyrell called to those loyal to him to come stand beside him and his forces and march forth to meet Lord Fossoway. He half expected to meet the rebellion with little more than his forces and those of the Oakheart beside him but a few minor houses would have found their way to the field of battle. some say they stumbled to the wrong side by accident but it seemed no matter to Lord Tyrell. There were two or three small skirmishes to the north east of High Garden before the Tyrell Loyalist forces split, the Oakhearts leading the northern battle against House Fossoway and their many friends along the Mander while Lord Tyrell himself road with the larger part of his army south to Brightwater Keep. He expected a long drawn out seige that would see the keep starved and on the morning before the assault Lord Tyrell watched in hesitation as the Hightower rode to meet him.

With the combined forces of Highgarden and Old Town, Brightwater took a knee swiftly and was put in the ground just as quickly. As soon as the battle was done Lord Tyrell would staff the keep with men and ride home. As Steffon Hightower took the fame and focus of it all by butchering House Leygood, Garridan set to work more subtly calling small lords to Highgarden to speak with them about their dismissal of his additional taxes. It was assumed that he saw most jailed, and some killed but one thing was for certain, very few returned home to see their stead slowly being coated in the white lady's frost.

During the winter Highgarden sat still, slowly collecting what was being sent, and leaving those who sent little or nothing to do as they pleased. What little Arbor wine sat in the cellars of Highgarden after the last few years of trouble were gifted to House Oakheart and Hightower in the early years of winter. The reconstruction of the Great seat of the reach stopped as winter set in with many claiming that the craftsmen of the south could not contend with the cold, but others said that Lord Tyrell wished for his seat to match his rule which was one that had been burned and battered, forced to showing its age and weakness. It was during this winter that the Lady Tyrell's end came simply and quietly, a death from sickness brought on by the long winter in Highgarden, she was taken by the stranger in the third year of the winter, early all things considered and it was a great motivation for Garridan's escalated seclusion through the winter. She was interred in the Crypt beneath Highgarden. House Vyrwel at first wished to bury her at home but after winter broke and she was truly able to be moved they decided to leave her at rest where she'd lived the majority of her life; close to her Lord husband and her children.

As winter broke many sought to see just what Lord Tyrell had been doing with Highgarden as he had done little and less for those around him leaving the Lords to tend to their own steads. When the frost melted many were shocked to see caravans leaving the still marred Castle at Highgarden, these caravans set out for Lord Tyrells dearest friends in one direction, and the weakest houses of the Reach in another; those who had suffered more than any other long before the cold even set in.

Old Oak and Old town being supporters of the ancestral House of the Reach were repaid a considerable amount of the charity they had seen fit to bestow upon House Tyrell. Black Crown and Red Lake, the keep at Uplands and the hall of Grassy Vale, Golden Grove, Bitter Bridge and a smattering of settlements and small houses along the Mander were returned the additions to their standard tithe over the long years of winter. Behind those caravans were young men who'd been drilled with sword and shield during Highgardens winter, men who had been raised upon Highgardens scorched parapets. Tyrell Soldiers struck out north to ensure that the crime that plagued the Crownlands did not see itself spread to the Reach as it had so many other neighboring regions.

Lord Florent's captive son was returned home living but thin and quiet which was more than could be said for the Lords who had been summoned before winter; they were sent home little more than cloaks and bones, a final answer to the question of what had happened to the many Lords that had never been seen again ten years ago. Stories began to leave Highgarden as well, servants stories of the wailing of men that came from where casks were stored beneath the house. Tales of dogs gnawing on bones that were too small to be from a Horse and too large to be from any animal they had to sustain the people through winter. Stories of portions of Lord Tyrell's library needing blood removed from the covers and pages by the skilled hands of his Maester. Stories...

The gold that left High Garden was hardly a kings ransom, House Tyrell still held something to support itself, but it was surely not enough to hire men to raise new stone along the walls, or to cloak a Lord in a Kings finery. The dispersion of this wealth was to Highgardens true friends, Nothing saw its way south to Brightwater or across the Redwyne straits, Cider Hall and its friends were given nothing but a long look as Tyrell soldiers marched north to ensure the safety of the Reach. Lord Tyrell had left the Reach to rule itself, and this was a continuation of that theme a way for the houses who had before winter to pull themselves up as the cold broke while the houses who'd paid no mind to the security of the reach would be left to care for themselves as they had before. Weather the 'gift' was needed or not it might still seem to serve as a reminder to those who had thought the Rose just a flower; that it too had thorns.

(credit to Lord Garridan's former player)

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