Below, please find compiled results from most of the open ended survey questions. We would have liked to share them all with you, but last year we found that we were unable to keep them all anonymous when the actual answers were shown. This year, we've used algorithms based on keywords from the individual answers to compile trends, instead.

You will find the questions & answers that weren't open ended here: ROIAF Survey Results

The rest of the fields that we haven't gotten to yet will be added this week.

How can we make it easier to get involved?

What would make it less hard to get involved politically?

How proactive should admins be?

How can we avoid Favoritism?

What's your least favorite thing about ROIAF?

What's your favorite thing about ROIAF?

What's your favorite thing about Game of Thrones?

Players with magical ability?

Does the sim need magical elements?

Is it hard to get involved in politics in ROIAF?

How should we add magic?

Do you like regional mini plots?

Should OOC leads respond to story requests?